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  1. Rare Soul Deejay Butch 1991 Yarmouth

    Tony Troutman - 'What's the Use'
  2. Advice On Selling My Record Collection

    Rubin, Velvets, Doni Burdick, Ivories, high keys, ----------------- If these are the records I'm thinking of, then they're not insignificant in terms of value.
  3. Advice On Selling My Record Collection

    Richard Caiton - 'I like to get near you' - Up Tight 151 - £300 Hmmm?
  4. Original Vinyl Only Do..not Quite

    Sam has been considering moving to a laptop - he's just now trying to work out where the slot is to push the 45 into
  5. Save These 45's For A Rainy Day

    Some great records at excellent prices: Contributors of Soul Chuck Ray Ben Monroe Grover Mitchell Affordable class.
  6. Save These 45's For A Rainy Day

    Is no one taking Melvin Davis - You Made Me Over? £30 - £5 = £25. A third of its value. Northern Soul icon visits crossover. Sublime record.
  7. A Few Top Classics And Hard To Find Gems

    Here you go mate, try this: http://www.rarenorthernsoul.com/ Loads here, fill ya boots. Let us know which ones you got and the knockdown price you got them for. Be interesting reading
  8. Very moving and beautifully articulate tribute Ian. Having lost my first wife at 37 to the scourge that is cancer, I have some idea of your loss, your feelings, your emptiness. Brings tears to my eyes so easily. Thinking about you and hoping you ...
  9. Doh! Why Did I Sell That?

    Doh....... Like a dog with a bone once he's on to something PS - is John Weston still on your Christmas card list?
  10. Doh! Why Did I Sell That?

    Am I right in thinking you traded your Joseph Webster for Andy Fisher with Sam a few years ago, Ted?
  11. Philip Mitcell = Im So Happy

    Original or boot?
  12. Another Big Collection With Very Little Info

    Each record listed as having 'slight H2O damage - OK for DJing' (anywhere in the country)
  13. Another Big Collection With Very Little Info

    Lots of similar sentences used to describe the collections in both eBay listings. Although one collection (apparently) based in Stockton, the other (apparently) in the Channel Islands? Similarities might raise one or two questions perhaps?
  14. Andy Dysons Podcast

    Also for a tenner on Grapevine 2000 7" G2K-122
  15. Worst Soul Numberplate Ever ?

    Chris King's Bentley numberplate is S600TER

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