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    Likes mixture of Northern, Modern, R&B, rare. Also Old Skool Ska etc. Dance toons. Dislikes mid to slow tempo stuff that is too slow to dance to. Weekends mostly taken up with travelling to various events around the country and dancing my feet off. Also loves books, friends, films, food, great outdoors, fresh air (hooray for the smoking ban) grandchildren.
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    barbara mason - you better stop it (not top ever but current fave)

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  1. souldivawax

    Sunday Anniversary Chillout

    Lynn n Trev Davison are celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary on Sunday. We decided (at the last minute) to hire a room and invite people to celebrate with us. Very informal but the music will be ace. Cordwainer pub on Bath Road Kettering 4pm start and finish about 10 or earlier / later depending how it goes. Could be the start of a regular Sunday session!
  2. coming!!!!!!!!!!
  3. 5th New Year Bash This year at the Royal Hotel, Kettering close to town centre with plenty of free parking dj's Bob ArmstrongTrev Davison Nige Michiali Paul Panton Smiggy and Dave Vanner see flyer for details
  4. I am one of the 'vets' who did go to Wigan regularly right up until the end so I went through the Lenny Gamble phase when they played pop music in the big hall and people wore 'Levine must go' t shirts. Some of us went to the Mecca first then Wigan and liked a bit of everything. I'm still like that in that I just LOVE SOUL MUSIC be it oldies (underplayed perleese), R&B, popcorn, modern, Motown (again underplayed), rare (as long as it's not too slow). Went to the Stafford reunion (having never been as was bringing up kids) and enjoyed that, love to have a dance in all the different rooms at Prestatyn, Cleethorpes etc. Love the London scene, Crossfire, 100 Club, VaVaVoom. If we didn't have new toons the scene would die and we would all be at home listening to Little Anthony on a compilation CD from Asda......
  5. The Rocket was Levine not Roberts. I went to all of them, except the one that clashed. Music was good but floor too hard. Not as good as Crossfire!!!!
  6. I can't remember a time when I have gone to an allniter with more than one room and just been completely unable to leave the main room just in case I missed yet another inspired choice from a brilliant bunch of DJ's. Loved the way it all seemed to flow with noone seeming to do a whole hour. Just so casual and brilliant!!!! Some drunken divvies on the dancefloor with bags and drinks the only downside.
  7. Crispin Club tonight Upstairs. Was a gentlemans club so well furnished and good aircon. It's Lynn n Trev but it's been 'organised' by the club not us. It's only £3 OTD and it's on 'til 3am. Come along if you're not doin owt.
  8. Just checked out the room. Nice, decent sized, wooden floor and nice seating (semi circular booths) and tables. Cheap bar selling a good range of draft beers, lagers and cider. Sold 50 tickets already so should be good.
  9. One year on and still the same Tshirt. LOL. See u Saturday. XX
  10. Ginger Taylor should have been there. Keb Liam and Jo are not Wigan DJ's but I enjoyed what they played. Dave Evison did the best spot I have heard him play for years unfortunately there were not enough people there to apprciate it. When I went to Wigan we got new stuff all the time, plugged by DJ's who thought we needed educating. Why pander constantly to people who only want to hear a limited amount of records? If they don't hear anything new (or new to them) how will they ever appreciate whats out there. I once went to a venue where the main DJ made a point of saying which of his records were 'massive' at Wigan - even tho he'd never attended. Later when 'House for Sale' was played all his affecionados sat out!! Because they didn't know!! :-)
  11. I agree that it should have started later, and that Nige and Ginger would have been great additions and I think that Soda are not too good at organising events but there are so many great old underplayed records that there is no need for Epitome of Sound, Frankie Beverley, Frank Wilson, etc, etc at every single event. Thank goodness for Soul Sam and Colin Curtis!!!!! :-)
  12. I meant you! Once I'd listened to 15 mins of your spot I knew how it would pan out and got sick of all the talking over the intros so went out for a walk. Wherever we go, Whitby, Blackpool, Stoke etc we hear the same records over and over in the big rooms. It was nice to hear oldies from Wigan which are UNDERplayed.
  13. I must admit we would not have gone unless we had free tickets, but we did have a good evening. Very few people followed the dress code of 1974ish except people who dress like that anyway. We go all over the country most weekends but knew very few people there so I don't know where they all came from. The night was remeniscent of Wigan days because they made everyone queue up so the venue was full from the off. We went to the left side of the room at the front near the stage because thats where we used to stand at Wigan. Everyone was dancing and the floor was full right from the start. Yes, there were cameramen there but we've had that before. We were invited to bring our chairs onto the floor to watch the film, which we did. It was funny and cheesy and fitted with most peoples first taste of the northern soul scene. Yes I have danced to Tiger Feet before becoming enlightened. Yes I did wear divvi clothes and on my second visit to Wigan when asked 'what gear have you brought?' answered quite seriously 'a spare skirt and top' as I had no experience of the drug scene. Most of the cast looked true to life as did the general neglect of the area and the era. Go and see it (if you can find out where its on) and make up your own mind. On the downside, because it started so early many people were ready to go home by 2pm and the place was empty by 5am but I remember going to the Saturday after the Friday oldies at Wigan when DJ's tried out wierd stuff and the floor was empty so quite authentic. If I'm going to listen to oldies all night I'd rather listen to what Keb Darge and Dave Evison played on Saturday than the same old same old that is trotted out at venues around the country by Kev Roberts and the Goldsoul crew.
  14. Cars defo broke but we still gonna try and make it in trevs heap. will probly be wearin pit clothes so just right for a miners welfare eh? LOL

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