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  1. Wow.....what a great party. A big thanks to all my dj friends, great music in both rooms. Can't thank you enough. Also thank you to everyone who came and for all the lovely cards and presents. Hope you all had a great time. Thank you to Marija too, not only for providing the equipment upstairs but also for setting it up.
  2. Yes it is, all welcome!
  3. Only 2 days to go. Looking forward to hearing and dancing to my favourite sounds!
  4. Getting excited now, less than 2 weeks to go. Wow....what a dj line up, couldn't get better than this! Looks like none stop dancing. Looking forward to seeing you all there.
  5. Can't wait for this. Great music, good friends, lots of dances and red wine. What more could I ask for. Looking forward to seeing you all there!
  6. Really looking forward to this after the 3 months break. Let's all celebrate Stuart's birthday, with great music and lots of dancing. Can't wait!
  7. Off to set the room up soon. Not long to wait now for some great music and lots of dances. Looking forward to seeing everyone too!
  8. Can't wait either, only a week to go. Looking forward to lots of dances and plenty of red wine! See you all soon!
  9. If you are looking for somewhere to go tomorrow, why not call in!
  10. Can't wait for tomorrow. It seems such a long time since our last one which was 5 weeks ago. Definitely lots of dances and a few red wines. See you tomorrow!
  11. Really looking forward to this afternoon. It's 5 weeks since our last one and seems like years, lol. Anyway lots of dances for me this afternoon. See you there, on this lovely sunny Sunday!
  12. I really enjoyed Stuart's birthday alldayer. Here are some of the records from Stuart's playlist, can't remember them all so may add some more when they come to mind. Cookie Scott - I Don't Care Cookie Scott - Misled Victoria Williams & J B Ledbetter - We're So Satisfied Sharon Scott - Putting My Heart Under Lock and Key Gil Blanding - Rules Paul Sindab - Do Whatcha Wanna Do The True Tones - He's Got The Nerve Derek Martin - Shy Girl Johnny Howard - The Chase Is On Tyrone Davis - Can I Change My Mind Maime Lee - I Can Feel Him Slipping Him Away The Debanairs - Feel All Right Deep Sensation - Somehow Somewhere Barrabas - Checkmate Freddy Butler - That's When I Need You Ethics - Look At Me Now Cheryl Berdell - Giving It All To You Vincent Montana Jr. - That's What Love Does Joanne Morgan - Just How Loud The Eruptions - Price Of Love Carl Burnett & The Hustlers - Jerk Baby Jerk
  13. Looking forward to Oxcroft as usual, celebrating our 2nd anniversary. I've enjoyed everyone as the music is always good, therefore giving me chance to have plenty of dances. Hope to see you all there tomorrow night and many more to come!
  14. Really enjoyed last night at the Quantum Of Soul. The music here is always topnotch but last night Stuart, Neil and guest dj Danny completely excelled. It's really good to hear so many underplayed and rare sounds, looking forward to next month now!

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