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  1. My thanks to all the interest shown in these...I had no idea how many wanted them!!!! Blue Jays, Calvin Grayson now sold...
  2. For sale, Vondells - Hey Girl - Airtown.....Mint....£1000 Calvin Grayson - Love Just begun - IN.....Vg+++/M-.....£800 Cashmeres - Finally waking up - Ninandy WD.....M-.....£250 Blue Jays - Point of View - Jay....Vg++...£450 Master 4 -...
  3. Pete has hit the nail on the head here ....Trust me as I've just sold up.Records are a commodity.I enjoyed collecting when I did but in my case, life moves on and I've sold for a reason. I'm not about to reveal to whom they went nor the amount I got/percentag...
  4. My apologies if this has been recently covered but what is this worth in M- condition? Oh and yes, we are talking original here. Thanks in advance....Steve O
  5. Just a few Duplicates that I have for sale. God knows how or why it happens...booze could be a major factor! P&P is free on all items. Cash preferred or UK cheque. 1. JJ Caillier - Pusherman - JayCee......EX....£150 2. Marge Dodson -...
  6. Pinkertones

    Picked one of these up in the States when I was working out there 2001/2002. Couldnt believe my luck as been after one since the 80s/Stafford. Sure I heard this pre-Stafford on a set of 20 tapes of rarities..I think by Rob Wigley..and it was on those...
  7. Ebay Bootleggers 84 Items Now

    Kev, I had dealings with this specimin about 9 months ago re one of these white lable things.Arranged to send him cash/cheque as I dont do the paypal thing (scumbags)...then he went back on the deal and blamed me!! Ask pete s as he mailed me too about ne...
  8. Ducky & The Glolighters

    Cant seem to PM you...can you drop me a line pse
  9. Anyone have a spare/unwanted copy of this? Be appreciated. BR....Steve O
  10. Totally agree Ted...."Lonely man" the official A side is in my all time top 10. An absolute belter of a side with some driving brass.....which always reminds me of the brass section in the "Pinkertones - It's not the way you walk" on Queen G records. Sides li...
  11. Empress Sat 25th

    Another s yorks dump. People with big trousers with big pockets for their own trumpets...sad!
  12. Caesers,jimmy Ricks,steinways

    Hi, Deffo want Little John Heartbreakin time steve1_owen@hotmail.com cash/cheque can be in post asap Cheers...Steve O
  13. Yes...some Of Us Have Balls

    End of yearcompany results show a profit and after the grabbing non elected buffoons efforts to bankrupt me, I'm up by 6 matches and 8 pins...so any one want to part with an Anita Anderson - Secretly - Contact......pity its not milage, put against tax....or f...
  14. Apologies if these questions have been asked before but....... I was playing some old tapes from, I think Peterboro 78ish???....and this came on...soulsam??? Difficult to make out...but the "Wait for it, wait for it", ...might be a give away...or could i...
  15. Want: Tammy Wayne

    Hi, yes I have...pm me ...Steve O

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