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  1. My thanks to all the interest shown in these...I had no idea how many wanted them!!!! Blue Jays, Calvin Grayson now sold...
  2. For sale, Vondells - Hey Girl - Airtown.....Mint....£1000 Calvin Grayson - Love Just begun - IN.....Vg+++/M-.....£800 Cashmeres - Finally waking up - Ninandy WD.....M-.....£250 Blue Jays - Point of View - Jay....Vg++...£450 Master 4 - Love from the far East - Tayster WD......M-....£100 PM or
  3. Pete has hit the nail on the head here ....Trust me as I've just sold up.Records are a commodity.I enjoyed collecting when I did but in my case, life moves on and I've sold for a reason. I'm not about to reveal to whom they went nor the amount I got/percentage wise on a collection valued seriously into 6 figures as thats confidential, but I was happy with how much I got. Like I said, I didnt buy for personal gain and maybe if this op..
  4. My apologies if this has been recently covered but what is this worth in M- condition? Oh and yes, we are talking original here. Thanks in advance....Steve O
  5. Just a few Duplicates that I have for sale. God knows how or why it happens...booze could be a major factor! P&P is free on all items. Cash preferred or UK cheque. 1. JJ Caillier - Pusherman - JayCee......EX....£150 2. Marge Dodson - Be your baby - Decca Demo....Ex....£100 3. June Jackson - Its whats underneath that counts - IR demo...Ex....£40 4. New Yorkers - Aint that news - Tacful...Ex....£..
  6. SteveO


    Picked one of these up in the States when I was working out there 2001/2002. Couldnt believe my luck as been after one since the 80s/Stafford. Sure I heard this pre-Stafford on a set of 20 tapes of rarities..I think by Rob Wigley..and it was on those as the Pinkertones. Top record! Any idea of value these days?
  7. SteveO

    Ebay Bootleggers 84 Items Now

    Kev, I had dealings with this specimin about 9 months ago re one of these white lable things.Arranged to send him cash/cheque as I dont do the paypal thing (scumbags)...then he went back on the deal and blamed me!! Ask pete s as he mailed me too about negative feedback from this joker. Next thing I know, my password was changed and I had problems with ebay.Coincidence? No, this git is a prime rip off merchant and is lucky I pe..
  8. SteveO

    Ducky & The Glolighters

    Cant seem to PM you...can you drop me a line pse
  9. Anyone have a spare/unwanted copy of this? Be appreciated. BR....Steve O
  10. Totally agree Ted...."Lonely man" the official A side is in my all time top 10. An absolute belter of a side with some driving brass.....which always reminds me of the brass section in the "Pinkertones - It's not the way you walk" on Queen G records. Sides like "lonely man" are the essence of northern. This and The Pinkertones are never far from my great for someone to play these out again...
  11. SteveO

    Empress Sat 25th

    Another s yorks dump. People with big trousers with big pockets for their own trumpets...sad!
  12. SteveO

    Caesers,jimmy Ricks,steinways

    Hi, Deffo want Little John Heartbreakin time cash/cheque can be in post asap Cheers...Steve O
  13. SteveO

    Yes...some Of Us Have Balls

    End of yearcompany results show a profit and after the grabbing non elected buffoons efforts to bankrupt me, I'm up by 6 matches and 8 any one want to part with an Anita Anderson - Secretly - Contact......pity its not milage, put against tax....or food but be feasting for years! Oh and no offers etc...if genuine...we can strike drop moi a line....and info if you got one... Oh and Soul Set - Will you eve..
  14. Apologies if these questions have been asked before but....... I was playing some old tapes from, I think Peterboro 78ish???....and this came on...soulsam??? Difficult to make out...but the "Wait for it, wait for it", ...might be a give away...or could it be the Rev Mr Clayton??...echo and teens girlie chatter makes it difficult to make out. The Inmates - This is the day on Kopit.......Any info opn this group? Memory tells ..
  15. SteveO

    Want: Tammy Wayne

    Hi, yes I me ...Steve O