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    Getting spins again
  • Birthday 25/04/1966

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    Loved Soul since I was about 12/13 after seeing a dancefloor full, all dancing too MVP's Turning My Heartbeat Up. I've now grown up ;-)
    Early 60s soul and group soul.Some rare stuff, good 70's crossover.Belting big voiced full orchestral production beat ballads knock me off my feet. 60's blue eyed soul, Righteous Brothers, Walker Brothers etc, great stuff.Dislikes:MODERN SOUL/FUNK and tailor made soul.SPEWY.
    Dislikes -DJ's with no balls to play a record wether it be£5 or£500 ;-) Don't get out and about as much lately although there's plenty of soul nights on locally, I just can't be ARSED!.My enthusiasm has dwindled, nothing refreshing being played.Once promoters vere off the BORING repetetive same old 20 records a night, I may venture back out a bit more :-)
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    Ray Pollard - It's A Sad Thing

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  1. Postage – Signed for £2.50 (up to £50)£50+ will be sent Special Delivery £6.50Overseas: £9.00Sound clips availableSee scans for label condition PM for more info :-) Roe-o-tation – Special Category/Old Love – Gerim - Vg - £80 Dick Jordan – I Want Her Back – Picadilly – Ex - £125 Magic Night – If You And I Had Never Met – Roulette Ex – a couple of scuffs – plays perfect SOLD Kenny Lynch – Movin Away ..
  2. Fatius Bumius

    Big List Of Cheapies

    Condensed list of what's left All originals and vinyl condition is graded fairly. If you want a scan of the label, please ask. Payment: Pay Pal, cheque, postal order, bank transfer. If using Pay Pal buyer pays the fees or send as Gift please. P&P : 1 record £1.25 if valued at under £20. Over £20 then p&p is £2.25 for 1 record sent recorded delivery. Please ask for postage rate for more than 1 record and I..
  3. Fatius Bumius

    Big List Of Cheapies

    thanks for your comments folks, much appreciated....scary stuff selling on here I can tell ya haha.
  4. Fatius Bumius

    Big List Of Cheapies

    Been playing hide and seek Steve for 2 years, Jim said he'd count to 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 then come and find me, shhhh, don't tell him where I am
  5. Fatius Bumius

    Big List Of Cheapies

    Hiya Kev, Long time no see, hope u and the Attic Lads are all fine and well :-) Ginger one...he's fine mate ta, still ginger ;-) Di x
  6. Fatius Bumius

    Big List Of Cheapies

    Hiya, What a mad hour of selling that turned into ... phew, and breathe. If I've missed any messages just give me another knock :-) Will update sold/hold stuff now i've got a minute :-) Thanks to all so far :-)
  7. Fatius Bumius

    Big List Of Cheapies

    Massive clear out time Some bargains to be had These are all listed very cheap, I won't be accepting offers on records this list, sorry. All originals and graded fairly. Priced in UK £. Will provide a scan of the record if you want one, just ask Prophets - Talk Don’t Bother Me - Jubilee Issue Mint Minus 25 Impressions - Talking About My Baby - ABC Issue Mint Minus 15 De..
  8. Fatius Bumius

    Sale - A Few Cheap Oldies To Go

    A few cheapies up for sale:- All originals Dave Newman - Make Up Your Mind Look Vg+ £55 Manhattans - Love Is Breaking Out Ex £15 Continental 4 - That Way I Love You Vg+ £15 Precisions - If This Is Love Ex++ £20 Joe Valentine - I Lost The Only Love I Had Mint - £80 on hold SOLD Eddie Hill - I Can Hear You Crying Ex+ £35 John Lucien - What A Difference Love Makes Ex Demo £35 Johnny & The Expression..
  9. 4 years eh, Tempes Fujit as they say Oh, did Jim tell ya all, he's got man flu...oh yeah he did...twice Bam, if Mandy thinks she's got it bad with a vinyl collecting beer drinking addict, she wants to think herself lucky she's not got a vinyl collecting beer drinking fella with man flu A request from me if any Dj's got it, just for Jim......Mike Pedicin - Burnt Toast and Black Cough-ee I'm really sympathetic when it com..
  10. Fatius Bumius

    Bestwood Soul Nottingham Saturday 24Th July 2010

    Are you taking requets Jim ? Ay Up John ....ya welcome to a swag of the olive's the real deal and it won't give you an hangover See ya all later Di
  11. Fatius Bumius

    Federation Soul Club Nottingham, Saturday June 5Th

    You'll be missed Gaz...but do what the lady says, you know it makes sense Happy Birthday Caz Suppose i'll have to go to Tescos for my eggs...AGAIN! It's a bit too hot for this dancing malarky stuff, help me god. Point me in the direction of the secret garden if I start to melt! C u all later x
  12. Fatius Bumius

    Notts,alldayer ,at The Amici Bar,

    Quite looking forward to this £1.90 a pint swayed me Music for all, can't be bad....i'm up for owt these days. You wanna be careful Mick.....sounds like "Across The Board" with music to cater for all tastes....shhhh don't mention it, don't want to be scaring everyone way now do we with those 3 little swear words
  13. Fatius Bumius

    Bestwood Soul Club Nottingham

    Hello everyone, nice to finally meet up with some of you too Really enjoyed Saturday, always good to put soul source names to real faces and say a quick hello I guarded Teds record box with my life, although at one point I was really tempted to leg it out the back door and thought better of it so I'm having to write this Lookback from smelly Hucknall and not the Bahamas as planned Both guests played some really nice s..
  14. Fatius Bumius

    Bestwood Soul, Nottingham.saturday 22Nd May 2010

    Who from ? Who's intelligent ? ermm...anyway, not seen you Attic fellas for just over a year, that's a lot of bollox to catch up on Paul my dear Let's go for it