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  1. Why thank you for asking me. Absolute pleasure
  2. Can anyone please tell him to message me it's important. I can't find him on here. Tar
  3. Had a great time. Had a good dance. Top club. No waiting around everybody is up for it. Packed out. Suburb nite mick H brilliant woodys also but I'm biased lol. Top banana. ( ted ) ha ha hope to see at the all dayer
  4. Ted your the navigater I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag. And Woody has a knack of going round roundabouts two or three times ? So see you all tonight for a good old dance ?
  5. Excellent , see you sat with ... ?
  6. mrs soul

    Rugby Allnighter

    Just the absolute dogs bollocks. We had the most amazing time. Fabtastic through and through. Plento gin lol suburb
  7. And I'm also looking forwards to having a dance to some great music on the suburb dancefloor such a great place , such great people. Always enjoy when I can attend bring it on ???
  8. Sorry I forgot if anyone wants to visit teddy I think he will be in for 7 days. The Queen Elizabeth hospital Birmingham. At the moment in ICU but will be in this ward shortly ward 306 best phone to make sure this is the number 01213713199
  9. Just a quick update he's awake today and has been sitting up in a chair telling the nurses all about northern soul. He's doing really well and the surgery was not as evasive has they thought it would be. What that means I'm not sure. He should have his phone Wednesday so I dare say he will be here thanking you all for your best wishes. I personally have been worried sick about the old codger and will be glad when he's up and about again. All we will need is someone to carry his records lol.
  10. He's at the queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham
  11. mrs soul

    Rugby Allnighter

    Another momentous occasion to look forwards too
  12. Not sure where to post but just to let everyone know ted has had his open heart surgery. He not quite awake yet and is in ITU the op has gone well as far as we know. So just need him to make a good recovery now with no infections. Im sure Ted as soon as he can will post up and let you all know how he's doing. Many thanks
  13. mrs soul

    Rugby Allnighter

    Can't believe how fast this is coming round which ever room you choose it will bloody perfect ! Lets bring it on I say

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