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  1. Jaco

    News: Record Digging Stories.. Book..

    Update please on any progress on this much anticipated tome
  2. Jaco

    Youth Club Soul

    Chambers youth club, Rochdale. In a cellar in the Town Hall. About 1968/9 heard a lot of Motown and the early imports some of which would have been playing at the Wheel. Motown Club in Royton (maybe Shaw) similar set up and sounds. Great introduction to the music and the scene
  3. Jaco

    What interesting vinyl do you have ?

    Not soul but I, along with lots of 16 year olds of the day, would have owned Monty Python’s “ Matching tie and handkerchief” which had a double groove on one side of the LP and therefore played a different set of recordings depending on where the needle dropped. Mind boggling the first time I became aware of it
  4. Jaco

    Happiest and most uplifting records..

    Randy Brown - Always in the mood. That intro kicks everything into gear every time
  5. Jaco

    World cup 2018 underway

    I have £10 each way on Croatia at 16/1 after they beat Argentina. Win win for me tonight
  6. Jaco

    World Cup humour

    Unusual trivia about the England squad, part 3 Did you know that Danny Welbeck’s dad is a bomb disposal expert? Stan..............
  7. What an absolute stunning trio. All 3 in my top tracks of all time.
  8. Jaco

    Buen Camino!

    Great effort. What’s your expected daily tally, Mal?
  9. There is a God. United could have won the Premier League, the FA Cup, the Carabao Cup, the Boat Race, the Grand National, the Super Bowl, the entire Olympic Games, the Ashes and had Fellainii as the first Belgian on the moon and I would still have wanted the bin dippers to lose. That bank holiday is looking so much better now.
  10. Jaco

    John Cooper Clarke-Mad man or sheer genius

    Surprised to hear one of his tracks was used in an episode of the Sopranos. Eccentric Manc.
  11. Jaco

    Best live performance

    Every time this topic comes up my reply is always the same. Bobby Womack at the International, Manchester, mid 90’s. Think he was on stage for 3 hours and he only finished when they threatened to turn the lights off. Magical
  12. Did you mean “nameless”? For the record my name is Hugh. Hugh Jarce.
  13. I’m not sure what the relevance of my name is to this or any other debate. I said I didn’t have a view one way or another. People have questioned the validity of the ownership of this amazing collection and how he came to own them. The E Williams track is identical to other postings on YouTube right down to the jumping in exactly the same place. Fair play to the guy if all the tracks are his but why throw your toys out just because a few anonymous “keyboard warriors” take issue with him.
  14. Curiosity I guess and possibly a sense of admiration. Who knows. If he was a member on here perhaps folk would engage with him as tends to happen on forums.
  15. If you know him, are you slightly embarrassed if he didn't own the tracks and was suggesting that he did? I know I would be if it was one of my mates. I don't have a view one way or another but it's hardly a witch hunt, is it, if some people doubt his stories. If it was all about the music, which most appear to be upset about no longer being on YouTube, then why all the bollocks - if it is bollocks. This started out about people wanting to identify a guy who, on the face of it, had an amazing collection. If it turns out he hasn't then you can hardly blame people for having a bit of a pop.


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