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  1. Jaco

    Living Room DJ

    Good to hear Kev. I'm in good nick and enjoying some great sweet and deep at the moment.
  2. Jaco

    Living Room DJ

    Nice one Kev. I see you’ve been a bit quiet recently.
  3. Aside from the valid comments about the release format, number of pressed copies etc, this is a fabulous piece of music. The whole structure of the song, music, lyrics, vocals etc is a reminder of how good soul music can be without sounding as if it’s a pastiche of something from a previous era. Just brilliant.
  4. Essential listening. Will listen in when I get chance
  5. Jaco

    Mourinho Gone

    I've been a red all of my life having been born into a family of die hard reds. I've watched them since the age of 7 and probably full time since the age of 12. That's now 51 years and in that time I've been privileged to watch some of the best football and footballers that this country has had on offer. I've also seen some pretty dire football and unfortunately the Mourinho era will fall into this latter camp. United fans hoped for the Mourinho that first arrived at Chelsea, unfortunately we ended up with the one that last left Chelsea. Miserable, tactically inept, critical of players in public, arguing with the media. He had created a toxic environment and although the players will share responsibility, ultimately his manner and footballing methods ensured that those players would be less than happy in their roles despite the mega pay packets. There are questions about the board and it is clear that they would not back Mourinho with more funds given the amounts he has lavished on average players. I'm not convinced it was his decision to buy Pogba but he may at least show some signs of the undoubted talent he has now that his nemesis has gone. There is the outline of a good, but not great team, at present but trust needs to be given to players who can demonstrate that they have a viable future at the club. That will not include the likes of Young, Valencia, Rojo, Smalling, Jones who are either coming to the end of their careers or are simply not good enough at the level expected of being a United player. Maybe Matic could be added into that group as well. There some very promising youth players ready to step up and for the rest of the season, which in reality is now a write off, I would like to see the temporary manager give them a chance. Either way I can see a much happier group of players and supporters from this day on. Mourinho's time at the top level of European football is wel and truly over.
  6. Jaco

    Favorite two-step tracks/artists?

    Absolutely fantastic track
  7. Jaco

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    After doing 5 series of Power in rapid time, just done the 2 series to date of Ozark. Netflix certainly delivering some pretty cool stuff.
  8. Jaco

    Prostate cancer

    I’ve been taking Abirterone for 19 months so PSA undetectable for that length of time. Just had radiotherapy every day for 4 weeks where trials have proved it to be beneficial for oligometastatic prostate cancer which I have - less than 5 mets. All going in the right direction. Good luck with the ongoing treatment. Hopefully it’s s long journey.
  9. Jaco

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Not worked my way through all 41 pages but I would imagine that “Power” may have been mentioned. I’ve only got to this recently despite it being around for a number of years. Maybe a little cliched in parts but still enough intrigue from episode to episode to keep me interested. Proves however, that 50 Cent might be a better musician than actor even if he’s involved as a producer. To say his acting is wooden is an insult to trees.
  10. Kitch, a man with impeccable taste and totally devoid of ego.
  11. Don’t know how many radio shows are out there, but this takes some beating. Essential listening.
  12. Jaco

    News: Record Digging Stories.. Book..

    Update please on any progress on this much anticipated tome
  13. Jaco

    Youth Club Soul

    Chambers youth club, Rochdale. In a cellar in the Town Hall. About 1968/9 heard a lot of Motown and the early imports some of which would have been playing at the Wheel. Motown Club in Royton (maybe Shaw) similar set up and sounds. Great introduction to the music and the scene
  14. Jaco

    What interesting vinyl do you have ?

    Not soul but I, along with lots of 16 year olds of the day, would have owned Monty Python’s “ Matching tie and handkerchief” which had a double groove on one side of the LP and therefore played a different set of recordings depending on where the needle dropped. Mind boggling the first time I became aware of it
  15. Jaco

    Happiest and most uplifting records..

    Randy Brown - Always in the mood. That intro kicks everything into gear every time


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