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  1. Did this project ever get completed or has it been permanently canned? Shame if it never sees the light of day
  2. Between the Stax and Atlantic contracts the boys saw a gap in the market......
  3. Fantastic. Imagine this with full studio production, but still retaining that rawness especially the (kind of) ad lib phrasing. Special talent for sure
  4. "You don't mean it" - Towanda Barnes. The response to every manifesto and promise
  5. Jaco


    Equally belated wishes Kev. Hope it was a good one. Mike
  6. Not sure how the duplicates happened but these are from Neist Point lighthouse, the most westerly point of Skye
  7. Some from my first day’s trip to Skye
  8. "Love is missing from our lives" "In the rain" "And I panicked" Stone cold classics from a master
  9. Barrino Brothers mentioned but not the storming “Trapped in a love”

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