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  1. Barrino Brothers mentioned but not the storming “Trapped in a love”
  2. La Jolla sea life just chilling
  3. Searching for the ghost of Bullitt
  4. Jaco


    Steve, I would recommend the experience of booking a trip with srprs.me, if the surprise element is what people are looking for. As to Hanoi - it's a crazy place - so busy, noisy, dirty ( but charming at the same time) and the people as so friendly. I think it's a place to spend 2 or 3 days there, passing through. It's a backpacker's place although Halong Bay, which I didn't go to, is stunning and would please anybody of any age. Food was great, even for a veggie like me and the places to see were of real interest. Definitely not disappointed in the choice of destination.
  5. Powerful, sobering tale of a brutal miscarriage of justice. Unmissable.
  6. Not for some time, unfortunately
  7. Musicians in the Water Puppet Theatre. Photos of show poor due to either the limitations of my iPhone or a lack of understanding on my part as to how to get the best out of it
  8. The 4.15 from Ho Chi Minh city will arrive at at your front door on time
  9. Jaco


    I’m off to Hanoi. Well chuffed.
  10. Jaco


    Noted and appreciated.
  11. Jaco


    Happy to go there. Will find out in 19 or so hours

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