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  1. Andy, Could you please let me know how to access the BMI information. Thanks
  2. On the “modern” side - Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway - “Back together again” That would work for me.
  3. Toss up between No Country and Fargo as the best of the Coen brothers films
  4. Just catching up with the show, Chris. That Leroy Hutson track could be in everybody's top 7. Just magnificent.
  5. If you haven't already checked it out, the BBC 4 Classic Albums series features the making of "The Band" Great stuff and has input from, what at that time were, the 4 remaining members of the group, although by then the acrimony between Levon Helm and Robbie Robertson is clear to see as Helm barely mentions Robertson by name, if at all, in his parts of the documentary. This followed Helm's autobiography - "This wheel's on fire : Levon Helm and the story of The Band" in which he accuse Robertson, amongst other things, of stealing song-writing credits.
  6. “The last waltz” directed by Martin Scorsese. The eponymously title “The Band” is one of my favourite albums
  7. And of course it's Duane Allman's lead and slide guitar that feature so prominently on "Layla" He was an amazing inventive player and was only 24 when he died.
  8. A Soussan "production" no less. Obviously pitched up and it would appear to be Patti Brookes according to an old SS thread who worked under the name of Adrienne Williams. That name features on the Del-Satins track mentioned earlier.
  9. Each to their own but that is beyond words. How in the name of God did they come out the studio and think "You know what, that vocal sounds great. We'll go with that take"
  10. "Afternoon of the Rhino" was from a 1969 album so not sure how this would be considered to be tailor made. First played around 1973/4 from memory.
  11. It’s on the Goodway label. Big ticket item. Seems to go for around £1k
  12. I agree with Kev. My experience of going mainly to the Mecca, was that tracks were dropped from the playlist once they were booted. Levine, in particular, had enough sounds to keep the playlist fresh without having to resort to playing tracks that everybody could have for £1. Just my memory of things at that time.
  13. Listened to this today. Bloody fantastic!
  14. I think I fell lucky. I couldn't learn enough once I started working as a trainee accountant. For whatever reason it just seemed to suit my ability to deal with numbers etc. The downside is I am completely rubbish with manual tasks, changing a plug is a real challenge!

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