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  1. Fantastic effort. Well done to you and Nicola
  2. Mine arrived at the weekend and have got through some early pages. Kudos to you, Gilly, for what looks like a really labour of love.
  3. Have a good one Steve. Should be top of the pile again on your birthday. Quite fitting.
  4. So true, Kev Simply an amazing piece of music
  5. And whilst we’re at it Tavares “Let me heal the bruises” Dramatics “And I panicked”
  6. I’ve probably tired of a lot of classic northern so of late on repeat play mode has been Brothers of Soul “I guess that don’t make me loser” and Leroy Hutson “I’ll be there, I still care”
  7. Wow 34 times a month! Some going that. Prostate cancer that hasn't spread beyond the prostate wall is very treatable.
  8. Difficult Stephen because in my case it was only a little bit of extra tiredness but more frequency of going to the toilet in the night. There are more obvious signs such as pain when peeing, pains in the hips, lower back and upper thighs, problems having or maintaining an erection, blood in the semen or urine. The blood in the semen or urine ought not to be ignored but frequency of peeing and pains in the hips etc, could be dismissed as being of a certain age. When I told my friends about going to the toilet a lot more during the night they said "welcome to the club" as if this would be
  9. There is no national screening for prostate cancer but I am aware that GP's will do the blood test if there are concerns about the condition. I think after the publicity about the disease, most GP's ought to feel there is an obligation to undertake the tests more frequently.
  10. Ha ha. The implement up the backside can either be in the form of a physical examination by a doctor with his finger or in my case via a biopsy which I had to have twice due to equipment failure the first time around.
  11. Michael, I was Gleason 4 + 4 with a PSA of 348 so the outcome was always likely to be an issue even before scans and a biopsy. I have also had radiation despite still having my prostate as trials revealed that it was still beneficial to do so even after the cancer had metastatic. Thanks for you kind words. I have hormone treatment for life and it has some side effects which I can cope with. I'm approaching 66 and still working full time so I couldn't have hoped for more when i started on this journey.
  12. I remember you telling me about your Dad, Steve. It's a grim situation for anybody losing their relatives and friends to this bastard of a disease. Thanks for your kind words Steve - it's much appreciated.
  13. I put up a post nearly 4 years ago, promoting the need for awareness for men of age similar to mine, about how prostate cancer was a potentially lurking disease which could be identified by a simple blood test measuring PSA. Significant awareness was achieved by heavy promotion in the media and numerous campaigns involving TV celebs. Typically like most health campaigns it’s less prominent now but the need for vigilance still remains with prostate cancer being the number one cause of death by cancer in the UK. As my cancer is incurable I’m aware of current developments in treatment wh
  14. I’m behind the curve again so belated birthday wishes to a fellow sweet soul aficionado. Mike

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