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  1. few to go

    Sent you a message Kev..
  2. Some funds needed

    For new buys - Paypal gift please or add %4....its free post in the UK - outside will be at cost.Just PM if you want any of these..Cheers. 45s.... 1 - Finished Touch - The Down Sound pts 1 & 2 - Motown white demo.. vg+ £10 2 - Sidney,George and Jackie...
  3. An alternative way to own/play a Northern classic floorfiller - MARY SAXTON - SAD EYES - BIRCHMOUNT LP - EX COND wonderful clean vinyl and sleeve - contains LOSING CONTROL..... plus...... TAKE MY HEART Payment by paypal gift please - Free post in the UK....ou...
  4. R.I.P Joe Torquay

    Very,very sad news.......an absolute fountain of knowledge,if I had a question - ask Joe. I think every "soulie" in North Wales will find this hard to take,because he was one of those people that was "always there". Rest easy fella coz we know you will be pas...
  5. Looking for a few values

    To be honest Chris - I wasn't looking to buy.....I was considering selling.. But many thanks for the info mate,i will bear it in mind.
  6. Looking for a few values

    Ok..cheers for the info chaps...............its appreciated.
  7. 2 for sale = 1 LP....1 x 45

    Cheaper alternative in very nice EX cond = MARY SAXTON - SAD EYES - BIRCHMOUNT (Canadian) LP....HAS LOSING CONTROL and TAKE MY HEART on it - £80****on hold****on hold**** RUFUS WOOD - BEFORE 2001 - ESPANOLA - EX legal 2nd press - £65******reduced to £55 *...
  8. Looking for a few values

    Can any one give me a rough value on the following please. 1 - Norman Johnson - Our Love etc - Action 4529 2 - Dee Dee Sharp - What Kind Of Lady - Action 4522 3 - Gene Chandler - I Can Take Care Of Myself - Action 4551 Thanks....Russ
  9. 4 little things

    All are very near to EX cond so no worries about that - also for sale on "hassle free" and "northern soul records" on FB (piccy,s on both those) Paypal gift please or add 4%.. 1 - TONY CLARKE - LANDSLIDE - CHESS One very slight tear on the S in Chess otherwis...
  10. 3 uptempo things

    Just for today (sunday),if they don't go,its back in the box....Free p/p in the UK only - outside will be at cost.....Paypal gift is preferred,but well hidden cash and P/O is ok too.. 1 - MARVA WHITNEY - DADDY DONT KNOW ABOUT SUGAR BEAR - FORTE - Nr EX - £1...
  11. 8 nice clean bits

    In the UK its free postage,outside will be at cost.........Paypal gift ,concealed cash or P/O as payment please..if you want normal paypal add 4% for fees - thanks. 1 - Luther Ingram & the G-Men - I Spy For The F B I - Smash W/Demo - you,ll struggle to fi...
  12. 3 Demo,s Today Only

    If they don't sell today...then its back in the box they go.......Paypal f/f as payment please - in the UK I will cover the postage.Outside the UK will be at cost...Thanks. 1 - LITTLE CHARLES & THE SINDWINDERS - TALKIN ABOUT YOU BABE - DECCA DEMO (p...
  13. A Few Sales

    Morning,.......just a few for sale.PM if your interested in any and i,m always up for decent swaps of any uptempo stuff. Paypal gift would be good or if you cant then P/O or very well hidden cash is the alternative..Add £1.20 p/p in the UK - outside is...
  14. Love the way you,ve put "Still Water - Four Tops" into the playlist...plus a few others....Magic that mate,just great fun.
  15. 3 Reluctant Sales

    Hope your weekend has gone well so far....................In the UK P n P is free,outside the UK postage will be £4.20 to Europe,elsewhere will be more. Paypal gift as payment please = 1 - BILLY BASS - I,M COMING TO - PAMA (in Pama orig bag)- EX.....

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