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  1. souljer6

    Dave Box RIP

    Top collector, organiser and promoter. A real gentleman. Our thoughts go out to Val. Rich & Gill
  2. souljer6

    Dave Clegg

    A great friend of ours from the good ole days....and nights. R. I. P. Dave R & G
  3. souljer6

    Dave Owen - Funeral Details

    Dave was a proper northern soul man. He was there when virtually all of us first started and never wavered. He had a real love for the music and dug deep. He helped me out of a pile of shit at Sale Mecca 1974 and I am just so sorry that I never made it over to see him like I promised him I would in his last few months. R.I.P Dave. Rich
  4. souljer6

    Candy & The Kisses

    which is very desirable!
  5. souljer6

    Ukrainian Club - Ashton Under Lyne - 1st Anniversary

    Fast becoming the North West's premier soul night. Proper soul people and great cutting edge music....in the spirit of Hyde Botanical and Hyde United. Well Done Brian and Chris! Now lets get it extended to 2am. That would make it perfect!! (actually 3 or 4am would be even more perfect!!!
  6. souljer6

    Don Charles The Drifter

    UK Parlophone issue just sold for £334. Discuss.
  7. souljer6

    Cleethorpes Northern & Rare Soul 6TS 25th Event


    We have missed the odd one or two ...but not many. We won't miss this one. It is the BEST and Ady has been the perfect promoter. Can our scene find a promoter with his dedication and integrity to carry it on? Let's hope so. Rich & Gill
  8. Clare's busy on HER allotment, Rod's retired to concentrate on his crosswords! Someone should start a petition to get him back here!
  9. OK all you other dodgy dealers, now's our chance!
  10. souljer6

    R.I.P Steve Aldo

    Better than the original. Never let it go. R.I.P. Steve
  11. souljer6


    Not allowed out too often Brent on the premise that I don't go back home the next day..... can you believe??!! So I must choose my venues carefully...Swinton is with the fairy..AT THE TOP OF THE TREE!!!!! LOVE IT
  12. souljer6


    Great Niter!! Can't wait!!!!
  13. We now have the details of our Dodger's funeral. 'You are invited to a celebration of Roger Taylor's life. We will be holding a service at Bitchfield Church at 1.30pm on Friday 18th March. Weather permitting and as an optional choice for family and friends we will be meeting at The Crown Inn pub (postcode NG33 4DY) here we will be following Roger by walking behind him all the way to Bitchfield church (approx 10 mins walk downhill) meet at 1.00pm just to give enough time. Following the service we will be holding a party in memory of Roger at the Recruiting Sergeant at Gonerby, Grantham (10 High St, Great Gonerby, Grantham NG31 8JP) feel free to stay here as little or as long as you want, there will be a light buffet, a toast to Roger with a cup of tea! Photos, memorabilia and northern soul music all things that Roger would love. We are asking people to not bring flowers and in place of this give a donation, we will be collecting for Macmillan and also donations for a special headstone to be placed at Bitchfield Church. We also ask that if you have a photo of Roger please bring this along (or a copy) so that you can place it in a memory book alongside a special story/memory or kind words. And remember, come as you are comfortable and casual (don't feel you have drag that funeral suit out!) We hope we can hold a day that would make Roger proud, a lasting legacy that he was and will forever be. We hope to see you there. From Katie his daughter X
  14. souljer6

    R.I.P. Melv Kaye

    Matchy told me today about "Speedy's" passing. Told him I didn't know him but Matchbox assures me that I will have and that he was a great guy, been around a long, long time. Well, whether or not I did know him I am sad another soulboy is gone and wish his loved ones the best. On the basis of how few posts Dodger has received on here on his passing, one of the scene's greatest characters and headcases, I thought I should make this post. R.I.P with respect, Rich
  15. We have been bracing ourselves and yesterday we received the news that we were dreading that our great friend, the best man at our wedding and one of the real characters and jokers from the northern scene has also lost his battle with his illness. Always happy with his lot in life right up to the end. Dodger (Roger Taylor) thank you for being a great friend. This comes so soon after Alf Hockaday and Stephen Cassiday, it seems that our generation is fading away. Our love goes out to his sister Trudy, his daughter Katie and Pauline his ex partner. R.I.P. from Gill and Richard xxxxxxxx


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