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  1. Buying lots of Roots reggae, some Boss, and a bit of Classic House. oh and the odd Classic Northern
  2. I am listing everything on 45cat.com which is easy and can then be downloaded or printed off with values which can then be presented as a comprehensive individual list and total value for insurance purposes which I am told some Insurance companies want. I find it a good way to total up your collection if required. It takes an average of anyone who has bothered to value and you can put separate ones in for demos though it values at mint or you can put in your own at where you grade your own.
  3. Ambitious to get Tyrone under £20 I guess but seen buy it nows for £25, I have always thought it a record of value!!!
  4. Leon Collins I just wanna say I love you (elf) Betty Semper A love I believe in (Record shack) Dooley Silverspoon Game Players (Seville) Tyrone Barkley Man of Value ( midsong)
  5. Endlessly Four mints according to Shazam
  6. PS I did try cataloging everything on 45cat which is quite good until I sell things which I don't necessarily always make a record of. I use cardboard white sleeves and use black pen to title everything with a little green sticker on the right with the price it's roughly valued at.
  7. This sounds exactly like my system!! No order whatsoever.all in white cardboard boxes so at least when they are put away they look tidy. British and US all in together.the only labels I have kept separate and in numerical order are British Tamla Motown and British Sue as I specifically collect the label. Other than that it's a free for all.
  8. I think they played "its gonna be a big thing The Yum Yums" Heard it all now!! I mean ..on Home under the Hammer?!!!
  9. My Destination Johnny Mae Matthews on Northern records. Vg or better please ..clean labels if poss.

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