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  1. Glawsters Best


    YATE THE REUNION #2 ALLNIGHTER 9pm-6am 24th May 2015 Elevation Bruton Way Gloucester GL1 1EP £10 otd DJ'S TONY ELLIS, DAVE THORLEY, ADE POUNTAIN, NIK MAK, JERRY HIPKISS, MARK SERGEANT, AND MARC MOYSE all ex yate dj's "‹After the fantastic night we had last year we do it all again fun frolic's and great music if you missed it last year then don't miss this one just as last year it WILL will be a packer so come earlier to avoid disappointment.
  2. Glawsters Best

    Chris King

    Can some one pm me his phone number please mod if in the wrong place sorry I'll move it the correct place
  3. Glawsters Best


  4. Glawsters Best

    Yate Reunion - When Is It?

    Like I said one rule for you and another for everybody else you should be setting an example as a moderator whats the the point of me commenting I've said my piece but I would advise you in future to get your own house in order first JUST SAY MIND END OF
  5. Glawsters Best

    Yate Reunion - When Is It?

    somebody asked a question I was relying to that question I wasn't promoting the event I have put the event up in events But i see you have your event as your signature isn't that promoting just saying sound to me like pot , kettle and black
  6. Glawsters Best

    Yate Reunion - When Is It?

    The date Friday 23rd May 9.00pm to 6.00am £10 on the door no ticket needed DJ's Tony Ellis,Dave Thorley,Ade Pountain,Nik Mak,Jerry Hipkiss,Steve Smith,and Marc Moyse at Elevation Bruton WAY Gloucester GL1 1EP see flyer below
  7. Glawsters Best


    YATE THE REUNION AT ELEVATION GLOUCESTER BRUTON WAY GLOUCESTER GL1 1EP 23/05/2014 £10 OTD DJs TONY ELLIS, DAVE THORLEY, ADE POUNTAIN,NIK MAK.JERRY HIPKISS,STEVE SMITH AND MARC MOYSE INFO LEON 07972786510 DAVE 07971141858 come and enjoy the memories of what at one time was classed as the best ALLNIGTER in the country
  8. Could well be but surely rhino was more popular
  9. Mike Post Coalition - Don't need ask title, Afternoon of the Rhino
  10. Back in 1972 Tempos - Countdown here I come sold it and really regret it, second was Dotty Cambridge - Cry your eyes out still got this never get rid of it
  11. Glawsters Best

    What Makes A Tune 'rare'

    little bit here on from wikipedia Shrine Records was an American soul and R&B record label based in Washington, D.C. The label was cofounded in 1964 by the label's primary songwriter Eddie Singleton along with wife, Raynoma Gordy Singleton (who also previously cofounded the legendary Motown Records label with ex-husband, Berry Gordy). Its headquarters was a townhouse located at 3 Thomas Circle NW within Washington, D.C. From 1964 to 1967, Shrine released a total of twenty vinyl 45 singles comprising forty different tracks. However, none of the Shrine singles were significant hits, and the label ceased operations in 1967. Shrine's stock of unsold records was destroyed in a warehouse fire in the 1968 Martin Luther King riots. As a result, very few Shrine records remain today and are highly sought-after by collectors. In addition to the released material, a small catalog of tracks from various artists was recorded by Shrine but never issued. Fortunately, much of this previously unreleased material has been rediscovered and released on various modern-era labels such as Horace's Records, Kent Records, and Ace Records. Notable artists involved with Shrine included Ray Pollard (who later released material on Decca), Linda Tate, Eddie Daye & The Four Bars, and The Cavaliers. The Shrine Records logo was a line drawing of an eternal flame. [edit]
  12. Glawsters Best

    2011-09-02: Gloucester Allnighter

    yep Des it does my Playlist for Main Room The majestic's - I love so much it hurt's me Larry Davis - I been hurt so many times Make Jackson- I'll never forget you Singing Sam - Move it baby Wade Flemons- Jeanette The Youngheart's - Little togetherness Joe Tex- I wanna be free Dean Parrish - Determination Chuch Jackson-Hand It over Brother's of soul - I'd be greatful Mel Trome - comin- baby Bill bush - I'm waiting Eddie Bishop - Call Me Phillip Mictchell - Free for all Dee Dee sharpe - what kind of lady Valentino's - Sweet than the day before The Showmen - our Love will grow Jesse johnson - left out Tangeers - let your heart and soul be free Montclair's - Hey You Howard Tate - Baby I love you Frankie and Johnny - I'll hold you The wonderette's - I feel strange Sam Dee's Lonely you'll be Jackie Lee - Darkest Day's
  13. Glawsters Best

    2011-09-02: Gloucester Allnighter

    it sure was DAD x
  14. Glawsters Best

    2011-09-02: Gloucester Allnighter

    pity Mike don't worry I'll have a drink on you
  15. Glawsters Best

    Looking For Soul Songs About Having A Baby

    he might always be this Chosen Few - Birth of a playboy


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