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  1. I'll take the New Wanderes please if you can email me your paypal details thanks
  2. Great write up Dave. I went to the Amsterdam soul club a couple of years ago, really good night out!
  3. Mace are you having a bubble? Remember having a laugh is no lauging matter, it's clear Rod is not the original Rod the Mod so behave yourself!!!!!
  4. Coming again this Saturday 10 October at 5.00pm we have another Guest selection from the 81 Soul Club with a 1 hour 20 minute Radio Show hosted by Jim Watson, Siy Aylott and Chris Redman spinning their finest blend of Class Northern Soul. Then at 6.20pm we have the very first Soul Class 66 Mod Hour hosted by Colin Inncoenti spinning Mod, Soul, Latin and R&B Classics. Track listings for both shows will be found on the soulclass66 website. KTF Colin www.soulclass66.com Soul Class 66 24/7 Rhythm & Soul Radio
  5. Also by bringing in the latest 'Pin up' Northern Soul dancing fame hunting Fanatics 2008 why Didn't Whinstanley (is that how you spell the geezers name who we have to fank so bleeding much for as he created, moulded and unfortunately expoited the coined term Northern Soul) Mind you when was the last time your 'Local' Face true hard core life devoted DJ danced for the whole night when they wearnt have their 15 minutes of local fame behind the decks????????????? Ie. How many reguarly playing DJ's on todays scene do you know who reguarly dance every week?
  6. Soulclass66 Rhythm & Soul Radio New Update now uploaded. 50 New Songs now added to the Station including Classics, Lesser Knowns, Album tracks and A+B sides. Also revamped Cool Videos section. KTF Innocenti
  7. Just had a look at soulbid, If you are selling records priced £24.99 and below, which is mostly what I do, it is actually more expensive than Ebay and certainly has less exposure, also the limitations of just a soul market, can't see myself moving quite yet
  8. The Coins - Love Power/You Can't Get away from it. UK Toast 1968 TT 513 Anybody got an idea of value or any other information. Thanks in Advance
  9. Got a few nice TMG500 series, none of the impossible ones though. Something of interest though is The Coins - Love Power/You Can't get Away From It - TOAST TT513 1968 Quite clearly white Soul, not bad though. Anybody shed any light, Value, info. Thanks in advance
  10. Hiya, New Videos uploaded on the Cool Videos section of www.soulclass6.com KTF Col
  11. Thanks for the Info Dave, There is some Lovely Scans of stuff you would have thought would never got a release over there, Did notice that the same sample sticker has been used on one the featured scans so I suppose my one is genuine, would have been nice to get a Black 'n Blue but can't grumble for £18 including shipping
  12. Glad you enjoy the Station, new songs are being uploaded this weekend. Soul Class 66 Radio is Windows Media player based streaming. If you go into into the following in WMP:- play=lyrics,captions and subtitles=on if available. The song titles should be displayed throughout each track KTF Col Soul Class 66
  13. Hi, Do you still have the copy of Mickey Denton 'One more chance' for sale? Cheers Colin

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