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  1. drunk folks =trouble..big venue or small they spoil it.. spilled beer on the dancefloor can ruin your night..
  2. souldjer 1

    Northernsoul Fisticuffs

    fred n rose wests ofsprings ???
  3. souldjer 1

    Features: Who are the Great Soul Deejays?

    any that dont harp on
  4. souldjer 1

    Worst Soul Numberplate Ever ?

    i got NSOUUL...not shit hot but i like it..
  5. southway youth club plymouth.1976...
  6. it was a great all round piece of work...if it touched your soul then it worked...simplles
  7. souldjer 1

    Please Say It Isn't So!?

    treat a dancefloor as a dancefloor.not a walk way ,a place to talk or ta practice the dark art of okey cokeyness nail em up i say.. deano
  8. souldjer 1

    Please Say It Isn't So!?

    HOPE THERES NONE OF THEM SHINANIGANS AT STOKE.... any sign of a okeey or a drop of cokey and im outa there... did i say that??? deano
  9. souldjer 1

    Northern Soul Clapping

    theres a great video of a lad getting it so wrong that he just stops dancing and walks of the floor.. its on a video of 30th wigan anniversary at kings hall... cant remember the song but its worth looking at..
  10. souldjer 1

    Calling All Southern/south Coast Soulies

    plymouth soulie through and through.id rather drive to new century or kings hall than drive from plymouth to bournemouth/southampton.terrible roads thats all. we still travel all them miles for the so many reasons...the banter on the way up,meeting friends in far away places,wondering whos gonna be there we havnt seen for ages..our soul family scattered along the M5/M6. LIVING THE DREAM(STILL) nowadays we will be very picky in where we go..fuel prices killing us. the old J11/9 lads do a great weekender every year in torquay. gloucester allniter superb pete n cathy lyster at bridgewater 10yrs newquay weekenders,superb all round except the dancefloor is pants. exeter is sadly missing weston s/mare barnstable just had a weekender/superb. handbaggers have had a very negative effect on us/plymouth from attending events on south coast. maybe we just love going up north...better vibe all round..dont f****n know what they sayin to us most of the time but we love it... ohh bugger janner... dicky(rich) has been going with us and friends from up north lately. best nighter in the southwest in years was the YATE REUNION.. southwest djs a MUST for anything planned for me would be pete lyster ady heaney Dr pickles. also the right venue..not nightclub.they are to flashy. the right security helps to..dont have southern bouncers.. great topic russ. deano
  11. souldjer 1

    2011-08-26: Weston Union Weekender

    cant wait for this.have been to the niters by the j11 crew many years ago,superb venue,but sound system has to be top notch. looking forward to dave thorleys set,(yate memories i hope) hopefully mark Heaney will be home for this one. cya all soon deano n yvette
  12. souldjer 1

    2011-07-16: Kings Hall Stoke All Nighter

    was it noddy holder or a very young stan bowles..
  13. souldjer 1

    2011-07-16: Kings Hall Stoke All Nighter

    does what it says on the tin.superb. THANKS TO ALL FOR SUCH A SUPERB,WELL ORGINIZED LONG RUNNING TOP EVENT...reminder of how it was for the 30th aniversary many moons ago..except for the lack of manners /respect for dancers and others around them of quite a few rude folk standing infront of dancing soulies,either taking the piss or just taking up valued dancing space for true soulies. MAYBE A BARRIER STOPPING FOLK WALKING FROM THE BAR,DOWN THE SIDES OF THE DANCEFLOOR WITH DRINKS SPILLING EVERYWHERE, COULD BE AN IDEA.AS THERE IARE CORRIDORS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE MAIN ROOM.
  14. souldjer 1

    2011-07-16: Burnley Allnighter. The Kestrel Suite

    hope it goes well for dr pickles,and the lovely mrs DR.great taste in soul.thanks for the offer of lifts and from shane n bev too. CYA ALL SOON.
  15. souldjer 1

    2011-07-16: Kings Hall Stoke All Nighter

    cant wait.travelling from plymouth,picking big tony up from bridgewater then up to dudley for a few hrs warm up at megsys. tickets on the doo,r thanks to the lovely sarah n dave. hope the heating will not be on as the last few have. deano n yvette


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