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  1. drunk folks =trouble..big venue or small they spoil it.. spilled beer on the dancefloor can ruin your night..
  2. Barnstaple Soul Weekender 2012


  3. Soul Nights @ Bridgwater

    cant wait for saturday...making a day of it @ steve n kerries 1st... wish this could go on until 2 3 or even 6am. its that good cya all there deano
  4. Northernsoul Fisticuffs

    fred n rose wests ofsprings ???
  5. Plymouth's Too Darn Soulful

    great venue great DJS
  6. Wellingborough All Dayer 2012 SOLD OUT

    will always be known as the "dads army dayer" superb all round. will be up from plymouth again next year. great company,venue,sounds. well promoted..thank you
  7. Wellingborough All Dayer 2012 SOLD OUT

    1 spare ticket needed please folks.. pm me please deano
  8. Features: Who are the Great Soul Deejays?

    any that dont harp on
  9. The World's No.1 All Nighter(Kings Hall Stoke)

    c,mon the week end.. looking forward to a bit of both rooms. me n yvette travelling with dundee ron & bev(bunty) be kind to us ohh M5 M6 GODS !!!
  10. Soul Nights Bridgwater

    cant wait for this.rooms booked...bit gutted we cant do the friday but saturday & sunday full on.. thanks for all the information guys. queen? jubilee? F T. CYA ALL AT GLOS
  11. Soul Nights Bridgwater

    what are the start and finish times please
  12. Soul Nights Bridgwater

    yeh all good in the hood. 8quid...cant knock that.. any ideas on saturday timetables please we can only do the saturday,but cant wait for a good 10-12 hours of bridgey quality cya all there deano n yvette
  13. Soul Nights Bridgwater

    any more info on tickets /passes please deano.

    not long to go polishing the shoes and sorting my soul bags out... cya all on the floor.gonna claim my place on the floor early doors deano

    big 1 for the plymouth soulies...andy harbins big 50.... cya all on the floor.. deano n yvette

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