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  1. Mine hopefully arriving today as ordered directly from the label about a month ago https://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/product/slay-all-i-need-is-you-7-vinyl-picture-sleeve-limited-edition-in-stock-mid-may-2020/?mc_cid=eb9a2e072c&mc_eid=099fb020e3
  2. Seems like a lovely young fella and great that he has found an interest he is really enjoying - best of luck to him
  3. Due to land in the next couple of days on a 7”
  4. Great shout Are You Ready is a tip-top track as well
  5. Mint and unplayed £20 & £1.50 1st class post. PayPal f&f
  6. Yes, understand what you mean but the problem you have is trying to circumnavigate it getting taken down from Soundcloud etc. As soon as you post up the artist you get busted with a strike against you. At one point I had about 25 taken down just in one day that originally they let me post up over a number of months before hand. Soundcloud in particular got really strict. You’ll find nearly all the edits you come across on sites like Soundcloud are via people doing it just for fun and no money involved at all apart of course from the Joey Negro’s and Opolopo’s of the world. Some are awesome when you consider they are done by what you can term as just enthusiasts. Btw you don’t get paid by Soundcloud, hearthis.at etc. if you post up an edit. In fact it actually costs you if have a premium account on there. Also the companies pay nothing to the artists as in effect they don’t want re edits on there as they could end up liable. The way sort of around this is some allow you to post up under a Creative Commons licence which is basically you agreeing it’s not for profit. And as you’re not paying for the stream the host site also makes nothing so no royalties to share out.
  7. No money in releasing Music anymore to be honest. An artist would be lucky if they get 10p per download if with a label and 0.001p for a stream. Can you imagine splitting that if it’s a band The money for the one doing the edit is getting paid for Dj spots. If a major label is releasing they normally get a flat fee (eg £250/£500/£1,000) for the re edit. It’s also the kudos of getting it out there.
  8. Boom https://www.phonicarecords.com/product/opolopo-if-it-aint-jazz-volume-2-pre-order-if-it-aint-jazz/167001
  9. What era Benji? Aretha Franklin? Nicole C Mullen?
  10. Hi Does anyone have a copy of this cheapie for sale in the UK at all? US post charges make it not so cheapie
  11. https://www.iziphosoul.com/mark-johnson---daydream-out-8-may-97-p.asp Pre order went up yesterday, and yes I did pre order
  12. Didn’t realise had been released on vinyl Loved the film

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