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    Val (Chunky) got a reaction from Will in The Best Record Ever Played By Soul Sam   
    lots of good 'uns over the years....liked it when he played Art Gentry - 'This Is My Chance' at the Cleethorpes weekender
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    Val (Chunky) got a reaction from Chris Barr in Soul Twins - Quick Change Artist @ Karen   
    .........so that's 3 different demo designs then.
    Mine is on vinyl and I much prefer the other side

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    Val (Chunky) got a reaction from solidsoul in Mystic Moods - Astral Trip   
    I like it......when you heard that intro' when you were in the zone shall we say, the hairs on the back of your head used to stand up.....so atmospheric.....big tune back in the day
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    Val (Chunky) got a reaction from solidsoul in st.ives allnighters   
    St Ives for me was one of the great allnighters it had great atmosphere and heard many a great choon played there, started going in about 75/6

    we used to catch a bus from Northampton to Kettering then get the coach outside Kettering police station about 11ish I think the pubs used to shut about 10:30 in them days. The coach used to be chocker....people would be sitting on the floor....

    even queuing up to get in the atmosphere was fantastic, I can still smell the juicy fruit chewing gum,.. polo mints,...brute.......and benzedrex inhalers ....aaahhh them was good times .... loved it

    Here's a picture taken 75/6 outside on the morning after....me on the left....rubbish picture...we only had them crappy 110 cameras back then

    usualy ended up going to notts palais alldayer on the sunday which used to have a more laid back feel then

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    Val (Chunky) reacted to Dave Thorley in Holy Grail- 45- "angel Baby" - Garland Green - Mca -Australian Issue   
    I'm sorry am I missing the point. It's just a rare foreign issue of a common U.S. 45. Stunning it maybe as a song, but you can buy it today on the web for £25 from many buyers on U.S. Uni. Steve is right, 'horses for courses', but I have never fully understood collecting the rarest pressing over the original first pressing. At that point, to me you no long are soul collectors, but stamp, coin etc collectors. But in the realm of those sort of collectors, still can't see it being worth more than say £150 for it's novelty.
    Only my view, many other views available
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    Val (Chunky) reacted to LiamGP in Sales Pricing?   
    'Seen it go for a lot more' = on my last list where it didn't sell
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    Val (Chunky) reacted to John Everard in Bobby Cutchins I Did It Again   
    I feel privileged to have Bobby Cutchins amongst my Facebook friends. When I read the original Facebook thread, as mentioned in my original post, I messaged him, saying how much I loved, and appreciated the track and how it helped to shape both my musical taste and the transition between Northern and Modern soul of the late '70's early '80's imho.
    Here is Bobby's reply which I thought it would be nice to share on here:
    That is just awesome, John. I appreciate your support of my music. When john Edwards and I wrote "I Did It Again" we knew it was a good song but we had no idea it would be accepted like it has been and enjoy the longevity that it has enjoyed. I'm amazed and I feel extremely blessed that God chose me to be the messenger of such an awesome song. I never put a dollar amount on my musical gifts. God gave it to me to share with the world and for as long as I can, I will do just that. It's nice to make a living doing something that you love to do, but it's more important to me to share what I've been blessed to have with others. I'm just glad that there are people like you who can appreciate it.
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    Val (Chunky) reacted to adam leaver in 2011 Finds   
    Blake H, regarding cover-ups,

    I use them because they afford me the privilege of picking up the same record again at a lower price if another turns up.

    On a cultural note, it also allows me to display publicly my manifest digging prowess whilst sending the confused hoard of internet scavengers, tailcoat hangers, bandwagon jumpers, petty, instrumentalist arbitrageur 'only buy it if I can sell it in 6 months for a profit' collectors into a frenzy of disbelief and outrage when they realise they can't google search or ebay said titles. It is this dark thought that keeps me warm at night.
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    Val (Chunky) reacted to sunnysoul in Donnell Pitman 'love Explosion'   
    Donnell Pitman's "Love Explosion" was originally released on 7" only on the Arpco label in 1980 and utilises the same backing track of Ripple's largely instrumental "The Beat Goes On" which was issued on Salsoul  in 1977.
    The Ripple release reached #13 on the Billboard Dance Chart in 1978.
    Both records were produced by Chicago producer Floyd Smith who at one time was married to Loleatta Holloway.
    An "unofficial" 12" of Donnell Pitman was released last year.  
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    Val (Chunky) reacted to Russ Vickers in Up Front?   
    I'm hearing new things every single day, because I am actively seeking them out every single day (pretty much)...I actually like some, if not all of most genres played....wouldnt want a whole night 100% of anything, I want it mixed up, shook up, shaken about a bit & then poured out by a DJ who can manage to put a needle on a record & played to an open minded audience/dance floor, who go & have a fag, go to the record bar, when summat is played thats not to their personal taste....oh yea & I want the whole lot on one dance floor....lol
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    Val (Chunky) reacted to Russ Vickers in Up Front?   
    I'll tell it like it is, a good 85% at least, of so called Northern Soul Nights/Nighters are a waste of f*cking oxygen, not keen on tags really, but any venue or DJ who is at least trying to be original or innovative has my vote, the irony is, that most of the 'Oldies' only freaks would argue until theyre blue in the face that the oldies scene 'is' the NS scene....absolute bollox, it was, is & although even harder than ever to find, will always be about the new discoveries, re activations of great forgotten oldies & a few rareities....& as for 6ts only, the scene has always played records from all decades & cherry picked from every genre....what most venues & DJ's lack these days is any kinda originality & that pathetic KTF attitude...
    Back on thread...agree, for 'Upfront' read innovative, we're not all ready for a SAGA home yet, living off our rose tinted memories of Nighters past, I wanna go down kickin the crap outta it, dancing, listening to & collecting music that inspires me, with a feeling of anticipation for the next record....Im sure most on these threads are arm chair charlies anyway, who would soil em selves if they ever went to a proper Nighter again.... stand fast anyone I know ;-)
    Rant over, all peace n love now, so can we get back to proper Nighters where 'Upfront' was the norm please.
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    Val (Chunky) reacted to Matt Male in Newbies And The Current Scene   
    I don't know who told you have to 'earn your way onto the floor'. That's rubbish. Just get on and have a go and do what you want. I know plenty of people who have come on recently, and they started dancing and got better and better the more they did and the more venues they attended.
    It's never been about learning steps, it's always been about feeling and enjoying moving to the music in whatever way you want. Which is something all these jokers running dance classes fail to understand.
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    Val (Chunky) reacted to SoulStu in Empty Dancefloor - Dj Reactions   
    ooooh Steve - that's just a jukebox!...
    As a DJ you've been hired to play the great records in your box - as a punter I want to hear what the DJ has got....hopefully something a bit different and unexpected - they're the best nights   
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    Val (Chunky) reacted to chalky in John Manship Auction Results 25-2-2015   
    It is the only way to get bookings and get on on this scene Pete, buy trophy records and spend 1000's in the process......pay way over tne odds and get talked about even more, even better. Not many promoters are interested nor have the balls to put someone behind the decks who uses his or her imagination and who put a well thought out set together irrespective of the price. 
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    Val (Chunky) reacted to andybellwood in The Female Connoisseurs Of The Soul Scene   
    Pat Bleasdale - always plays stunning sets from her magnificent collection
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    Val (Chunky) reacted to Aaron Darcy in The Female Connoisseurs Of The Soul Scene   
    I do think we should praise the girls , JumpinJoan, shes knowledgeable shes covered most of the top venues over the years she has good collections of records and she knows every bugger on the scene    
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    Val (Chunky) reacted to corbett80 in Articles: Soulbowl   
    I actually can't wait for the Soul bowl special at Prestat. I'm going to cut the proverbial rug right there in the corner.
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    Val (Chunky) got a reaction from tfk in Articles: Soulbowl   
    Great read Mark love these tales of old. I've still got quite a few old 'Soul Bowl' lists somewhere (find them quite depressing these days seeing what I missed) interesting how times have changed eg you could get 4 copies of Two People for 1 Wynder K Frog
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    Val (Chunky) reacted to tfk in Articles: Soulbowl   
    "Some relaxing reading for a Sunday afternoon " a few more from Those amazing John Anderson Soul Bowl lists ....
    Make sure you check the office opening times before you do call    Lol 
    Joe Coleman , Nightchill and The 4 Sonics ,hastily marked up on the last sheet - not sure why I put a Qmark next to The 4 Sonics - I guess that was ma full weeks wage blown just in one phone call , ah well who needs to eat and pay the bills when you've just nailed some cool tunes down !!  always ready for next weeks wages and looking fast forward to the Soul Bowl list arriving ...
    more to follow ...

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    Val (Chunky) reacted to tfk in Articles: Soulbowl   
    This write up by Mark and John got me thinking back to those easy flowing 1970s? 
    Get this :-  
    Aged about 13//14  years circa 1975/1976ish and  already getting the soul/ rare soul DNA. bug  imprinted into my head ( my older brother and sisters were already heavily into the music and scene and their odd looking girlfriends and boyfriends too , could never understand why they kept rolling up at my parents all hours of the day with hold-all bags full of 45s  ) very strange '?  so the record player in our house was always turned on 24//7 music blasting out and piles of records laying around (bet we were like the neighbours from hell) lol , also loads of mags / Black Echoes/Blues and Soul etc,once I was up to speed with my reading (haha ) and stumbling across an advert for sales lists of Soul and Northern Soul records ( Soul Bowl 7 Portland  Street Kings Lynn) also my paper round money was beginning to pile up and getting stashed around the house ,  it was 7 day working back then non of this "35 hour week carry on" that also including a double paper round plus supplements on a Sunday too just to boost my average earnings to about a quid (a old pound note)  a week ... hey they were a tough old crowd from the Manton estate in Worksop - it was no place for sissys or the faint hearted .... Always being a case of first up in a morning best fed and dressed etc and your  reflexes had to be pretty sharp  - the only way to survive was work ....so what did I do with my hard earned stash of money ( go and buy some  barley wine,beers n fags etc) no way I did what all sensible 13/14 year olds did back then with their money and purchased a PO from the PO and subscribed to weekly issues of the Soul Bowl sales lists - after spending clueless months reading the lists I decided the sensible thing to do was buy a soul pack ( 100 records for £6 inc postage ) 
    So a couple of days after sending for my soul pack - I had confirmed with John (via the public phone box at the top of our street - this phone box later becoming an integral part of my record collecting ) that the Soul Pack parcel had been dispatched and  he assured me that it was due to arrive tomorrow - tell you what it was all very exciting stuff back then . so I was up bright and early that morning 4am and ready for some action ( paper round and school ? don't make me laugh no way ' I had lot bigger fish to fry) ... So I invented a mystery overnight illness to validate  a day off  my work and schooling , so that's the house all to myself and the Soul Pack arrives -very strangely I was suddenly feeling a whole lot better !!! Soul Pack now in my possession and the record player already turned on ready for some proper action - I open the cardboard box and along with 100 new to me 45s was a covering of American warehouse dust ' so I start pulling the records out I got a face full of this dust which started a 24 hour sneezing bout from hell lol ..which was just the right cue to skank another 2 days off school , just sufficient time to play both sides of these new records - I can still remember not knowing about 100 of the 100 records - fabulous looking labels from around America ( various titles on labels like Capri/Instant/Phil la /Nola /Note ) it just blew me and my schooling away ( nothing else then mattered )  - more Soul Packs were soon heading my way - fabulous times !!! Mispent youth defo !!! 
    And thanking John Anderson and Soul Bowl records for sewing those magic seeds for  a life time obsession with records and our music !! 
    More to follow ' 
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    Val (Chunky) got a reaction from souljazera in Articles: Soulbowl   
    List No:125

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    Val (Chunky) got a reaction from souljazera in Articles: Soulbowl   
    list No: 212 

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    Val (Chunky) got a reaction from souljazera in Articles: Soulbowl   
    Great read Mark love these tales of old. I've still got quite a few old 'Soul Bowl' lists somewhere (find them quite depressing these days seeing what I missed) interesting how times have changed eg you could get 4 copies of Two People for 1 Wynder K Frog
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    Val (Chunky) got a reaction from docfish in Articles: Soulbowl   
    list No: 212 

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    Val (Chunky) got a reaction from rupert in Articles: Soulbowl   
    Great read Mark love these tales of old. I've still got quite a few old 'Soul Bowl' lists somewhere (find them quite depressing these days seeing what I missed) interesting how times have changed eg you could get 4 copies of Two People for 1 Wynder K Frog

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