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    Originally from Brighton - 50s, 60s fashion/music, mainly northern soul/rock n roll and all music, dancing, scooters, classic cars, art, architecture, photography, holistic therapy, having a good time, meeting friends new and old
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    Deep Dark Secret - Dee Dee Sharp

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  1. Joleene


    Out n about
  2. Looking forward to this Gaily! We can celebrate your birthday in soulful style! xxxxxxxxxx
  3. Ive seen them and they're pretty good live too Barry
  4. Ive seen them and they're pretty good live too Barry
  5. Well, what can I say? absolutely fan-bloody-tastic nite, had many options of where to go but glad I made the right choice - spot on guys, top sounds, there they were, one after the other, hardly got a a minute off the dance floor, thanks Dr Pickles, Yogi, Lorraine and Reg superb - i will be sleeping with a soulful smile and aching ankles (not summat i get v often!) keep on KTF - Jolene *****
  6. I couldnt make this nite this year and looking at your play list, I missed some of my fave R n B tunes - gutting
  7. I agree with you Pete n Susan in respect to the taking part, I was there the first Saturday morn and even though it was only a few hours filming and dancin i really enjoyed it and have met new friends through the experience, it warmed me up for the niter I went to in Brighton the next night nicely - Jo
  8. Looking forward to starting my holiday with a bang in my hometown, see ya there
  9. Presume as Im at 7am its same meet point? (plus, Ive also done extras work in the past - so Ive no illusions on this or the amount of waiting around time - just gonna do me bit and look forward to Brighton on Sunday Eve!)
  10. Oh, well, a chance for the little people to shine, just as well I prefer my spins to me back drops, i'd be disappearing completely - see you Friday xx
  11. that's so funny, can you imagine, im so small at 5'2" you probably wont even notice me! lol - will wear my bright spotty head scarf (if they let me?) and you may get a flash of colour xx
  12. Ive found out that my friend Karen Bedford is also filming Saturday morning, is anyone else going from Middlesex/Herts way that may want to share our car on the Friday, will be goin up in the evening and looking to book digs as we speak
  13. I just got the call too to go on Saturday and they still want more people
  14. Ive applied to be an extra, all thanks to a friend who frequently compliments me on my dancing (thankyou Moddy Simon) if I get chosen, I shall make the most of it and dance my arse off like ive been doing for the past 25 years. Whether the film is a success or not, I will be proud to have taken part - as they say, there's no such thing as bad publicity..

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