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  1. until

    Looks like i may come and lower the tone eh Ann & Les you know the Scruffy scooterboy Looking forward to it and its gonna be a good'un Ktf
  2. pip

    The Rhyl Weekender


    Yes Boys & Girls its that time of year where Soul hits Rhyl in a big way again Always Privilidged to spin my vinyl at this weekender as always a great venue crowd and atmosphere A great DJ line up as ever and looking forward to seeing old and new faces again Sees ya all there Ktf
  3. pip


  4. Coming up to the smoke as im doing a set at Tuffnell Park dayer on sunday! But coming up early camping in the Volkswagen! so anything special doo wise happening tube distance from tuffnell park fri or sat also?
  5. are you going so can pick ticket up off you outside friday etc?
  6. Ta dave! yes cath lyster just told me its Kev Roberts etc just as i put it up lol! great news tho as keele was a old haunt when i wasnt at The Fleet! Missied it so realy chuffed! Ktf
  7. Forget post just got the conformation i needed! 2 mins after posting doh! 2013 Presty back & Now Keele ooohhh! Soulheaven bring it on! Can a Mod delete this now please! Ktf
  8. Brilliant news! just rung to book but i need to either have 4 more people sharing with me and ann to get the £29 each deal or 2 more sharing with us to get it at £49 per person else just me and missis in 1 bed apartment is £198 So anyone wanna share?
  9. we are sort of sorted for digs but looking for 2 cheap passes if you get desperate
  10. Can you confirm we can pay for tickets on door 5pm friday please? As me the missis trying to get up but babysitter is still a prob etc at mo so thats why not booked in advance like usual! Ktf Pip
  11. I would just like to say i love it when ethan and other younguns are on the floor! Our sam always wants to come with us and does when his allowed entry! But ethan made our sams weekend taking him under his wing and once he did sam was relaxed and not wanting to come off the floor! The younguns are the future i went to my first niter when i was 12 sam went to his 1st presty at 8 so hopefully if he keeps knicking my records and going barmy if he cant come then theres another soulie keeping the faith! Thanks everyone who does support the younguns cos as said above once we are arthritis bound on the edge off the floor theyll be keeping the floor buzzing with moves that we could do in our younger working joints age! Thanks again Ethan! Sams getting on facebook to keep in contact matey and well done again for dance comp and no doubt we will be on the floor again with you soon! Ktf Pip
  12. Well the morning after the morning after! Popped me blisters voice starting to come back and im starting to get the feeling back in my legs! Yes indeed that means ive come back from presty! Amazing weekend as usual! Great to see some old faces and meet some realy nice new friends! Dean and lynn from notts specialy helping us out with a wristband for our sam! Sarah evison for making the missis feel at home! Ethan also for taking our sam under his wing and getting his confidence to dance going! The live acts well just pure class as usual at presty! Absolutely awesome weekend through and through just wish i could dance like i used to be able to before my scooter accident but the way my feet kill i aint done to bad! I hope everyone got home safely and no doubt youl see me ann and sam on the floor somewhere soon! Thanks jp also mate! Alot of work to make us all happy hats off! Keep on keeping on presty! Ktf 'PsychoSoulie' Pip and Ann and our Sam South West Soul Club Troglodytes Scooter Club
  13. Well got here 9.30pm last night! And wow! The turnout already is awesome the floor was full already so for those traveling up down across today! Get excited very excited because is gonna be cracker!
  14. Leaving at 5pm cant wait! Safe journey to all the soulies going up down across the country to dance ya socks off! See you tonight! Presty here i come! Ktf 'PsychoSoulie' Pip South West Soul Club Troglodytes Scooter Club

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