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    rupert got a reaction from marshman in Motown 7's Box Set   
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    rupert got a reaction from jimmy clitheroe in 45's for sale   
    the dream team - there he is / I'm not saisfied - Gregory m-  £80
    brown sugar - the game is over - Capitol ex £40
    roy hamilton - you shook me up - rca  w/d  vg++  £100on hold
    the deVONS - grooving with my thing - Mr G  m-  £60 sold
    the foundations - hange my life - uk psycho  ex 50
    postage is £2.50 recorded delivery  
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    rupert got a reaction from SWIFTY in john manship auction results 5/7/15   
    With the sad passing of joe who put this up week in week out , I thought I'd post it, but as you can see I did a very poor job,  
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    rupert reacted to FickleFingers in Johnny Hampton Dotty's   
    Depends which hand though, surely.. If it's my left then 3 - but if my right hand then only two!?!      
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    rupert reacted to Ivor Jones in Willie Tee - First Taste Of Hurt   
    . I certainly don't remember anyone touching this at Stafford eitherIt just wasn't on the "Northern" radar….I don't really think you can pinpoint where this was first spun, it definitely got plays from the Modern scene at London and NorthWest venues like the Norfolk Village, Parkers hotel in Manchester and all of the other unsung functions which championed these type of records at the time. A truly great record to be proud of. I can distinctly remember Dean Johnson bigging this up as well in his reviews column Rod Dearlove's Voices[at least I think it was Voices] mag around the time too.
     Regarding the different versions of FTOH, the earlier Blue label version is undoubtedly rarer than the oft seen green one[with Funky Funky Twist on the flip] but its inferior musically. The earlier green version with Im Having So Much Fun on the flip is probably the rarer of the three and without doubt the best one to have. Funky Funky Twist is pretty good too, much better than the title would suggest. 
      I met Willie Tee with his family when he played Londons Jazz Cafe,they were really nice,very warm and genuine. I was gutted to hear after how they lost everything in the Katrina New Orleans disaster and Willie's passing sometime soon after…..One of Soul Music's greats for sure and sadly missed.
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    rupert got a reaction from Steve Plumb in Grapevine 2000 Series   
    Have ya tried Steve plumbs site. Soulmusic.co.uk 
    he did have a a few grapevine 45s 
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    rupert reacted to hullsoul in Vynil Collection Rip   
    Me & my wife have discussed this on a few occasions & I've a bit of a theory?I think peoples top end stuff in there collection will probably go without to much problem via e-bay or dealers etc.It's when you get down to those £3,5,7,10 tunes that are great but everyone has them & dealer have stacks of them.So I've told her rather then have a box of 200/300 records stuck in the bottom of a wardrobe never seeing the light of day she's as well flogging them at a quid each or 3 for a fiver,think most would go then & she's as well with a couple of hundred quid in her purse???
    The only thing I find a bit worrying when I have this conversation with her is there's no thought of her going first & what I should do with all her shoes & handbags
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    rupert reacted to HARRY CROSBY in C/u   
    Personally I think you`ve got to be very brave, to cover things up nowadays, especially with the amount of info out there . Different years ago, no one had Shazzam  . Seriously I would of thought unless it`s a very rare record, it`s probably known, and if it is a very rare record, why bother covering it up.
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    rupert reacted to Winsford Soul in Here He Goes Again...the Continuing Adventures Of Il   
    Denny. How very dare you. You know you will upset all his friends and followers with this post. ...ha ha..
    Hope your well mate.

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    rupert reacted to sunnysoul in Simon Soussan Found   
    Soussan obviously had an uncanny ability to win a person's confidence ... even that of Soul Train's Don Cornelius who deemed Soussan important enough to interview him on stage following Arpeggio's performance on Soul Train on 17 March 1979.

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    rupert reacted to SHEFFSOUL in Simon Soussan Found   
    here i am...
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    rupert reacted to tobytyke in Simon Soussan Found   
    First a london issue of Darrell Banks .......Now Simon Soussans been found........just needs Elvis to turn up and my lifes complete
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    rupert reacted to Steve G in Solar Radio Tune Played   
    I think that's a good bit of detective work there John. Can hear Nick Ashford and Valerie on backing vocals.
    If it's an acetate why wouldn't we believe who it is I wonder? Those three did loads and loads of acetates.
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    rupert reacted to Raresoul45s in Rita & The Tiaras Original On E-Bay $3,850 And Still 5 Days To Go,   
    He's also the bloke who said theres no money in soul 7s
    I reckon he's changed his opinion, good straight forward guy to deal with though
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    rupert reacted to dave pinch in Wanted Sonny Turner - Now That You're Gone   
    sounded great out at the horse and groom yesterday..good luck in your quest
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    rupert reacted to Derek Pearson in Kiki Dee - Magic Carpet Ride   
    Every now and then I go visit a lad (a well known Leeds fan and Adam Ant devotee) called Jonah at his house in town and we try and swop/buy/sell some records between us mainly punk, reggae and soul 45s.
    He’s got records all over the place, piles here piles there, mainly from many years of DJing on the punk scene and active searching through charity shops, car boots etc etc. Anyway one day as I’m wading through this pile I happens by chance to fall on a wedge of about half a dozen Kiki Dee 45s all on uk Fontana and all mint.
    In conversation Jonah tells me one of his best mates was somehow related to Kiki Dee (Auntie or something?) that’s how he acquired all her Fontana singles. 
    Unfortunately the title everybody wants to sell on wasn’t there, so I casually asked “You haven’t got.......” I didn’t even need to finish the sentence, he knew what I was on about, he cut me short and said “Nah sold it years ago for alot of money”. We both laughed and it still makes me chuckle to this day.
    Kiki Dee was born in Bradford and was the first white British female to be signed to Motown in 1970.
    Over her lengthy career she’s released 40 singles and 12 albums according to Wikipedia.
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    rupert reacted to Flynny in Steve Phillis Skegness Weekender   
    Such an incredible track...overlooked for too long...killer harmonies...a fave on my home deck!
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    rupert reacted to glynthornhill in Comedy Sale Of The Day   
    A touch optimistic don't you think on this 70 's emi disc cut  .  
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    rupert reacted to Sutty in Wrong Record, (Right Title)   
    a good mate of mine bought a UK Jackie Lee issue on Pye after a going down the local boot fair straight off the train from an allnighter. Then promptly arrived round mine and slung it on the deck, "never seen one of his on Pye!" he proclaims enthusiastically, then looked very confused. It didn't sound much like what we thought it should, bit high pitched, so we tried it on 33. Nope, no good, I took it off and turned it over to check the other side.
    Jackie Lee - Rupert The Bear theme tune...
    and if the guilty party reads this, give us a bell m8
    cheers Sutty
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    rupert reacted to Steve L in 90T's Nighter Tunes   
    Just skip straight past it Jim, thats what i do….
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    rupert reacted to Steve G in 90T's Nighter Tunes   
    I've cut the rest of the quote from your post out to save some memory space for the site. I have rarely read such a load of self inflated egoist b/s in my life. Well I have actually, but only from one or two of the "heroes" you tell us we should listen to on "the doc". National DJ - do you make these terms up? 
    I must be living in a completely different world to you, but your post is SO NOT what it's all about.
    Best wishes etc...
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    rupert reacted to Sutty in £25 And Under Dj Sets   
    The moment any scene judges what music should be played based on the value of a record is a miserable day. I see events with people saying 'OVO from £5 to £1000'. Wtf is that all about, are you meant to take a calculator with you? Having said that, there was a guy at a do I used to attend some years back that refused to dance to anything 'worth' less than £100, and would leave the dancefloor uttering 'cheap shit', which was a source of great hilarity, so it has it's advantages I suppose
    cheers Sutty
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    rupert reacted to Steve G in Wrong Record, (Right Title)   
    Back in the late 70s, I'd just started work and stumbled across a Motown demo of Willie Hutch Get ready for the get down. I thought I had stumbled across Z Z & Co which was at the time covered up and a big spin. Oh how disappointed I was when the needle hit the vinyl.
    My first visit at the Casino I heard Russ play Willie Hutch Love games. Went to the record bar and bought Royal Jokers Love games A-Z. Oh how disappointed I was when the needle hit the styrene.
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    rupert reacted to PhilT in Jimmy Wensiora   
    When I think about it, give or take, what JW had and played at that time, plus much of the stuff he moved on and which got played subsequently, just about sums up my collecting aspirations over a thirty odd year period.

    So, for the fact that I've never had, haven't got and will never have any bloody money, thanks a bundle Jimmy lol.
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    rupert reacted to Gene-R in Cleaning Records   
    I actually find that baby wipes (yes, I'm serious) are excellent for cleaning records.  Something in them seems to get rid of the ingrained crap in the grooves.
    Clean them in a circular motion, and dry them off thoroughly using a sheet of non-abrasive kitchen towel.


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