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    Chelmsford, Essex, UK
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    Nancy Wilcox - Gambler's Blues
  1. James Trouble

    Oh Dear! Wigan Celebrate Soul

    I feel sick.
  2. James Trouble

    News: Soulcast Jim Demetriou with Rob Holmes

    Thanks, Mike. Was way before you had sound capability here, wasn't it? When did you start refosoul?
  3. James Trouble

    News: Soulcast Jim Demetriou with Rob Holmes

    I have the Soulcast shows on mini disc somewhere. They were such an inspiration for many of us at the time and led to me doing the Deepfunk Radio shows (which I still have and should probably upload somewhere). This was before the days of soul-source audio, youtube, smart phones etc. I'm sure I've seen Jim out of the corner of my eye at The 100 Cub many times since his passing, dancing away. Gone but not forgotten.
  4. James Trouble

    Too Much Choice?

    There but seemingly not paying attention.
  5. James Trouble

    Too Much Choice?

    Maybe get your wits about you and ponder what would happen if everybody was like you. Think about what drives the scene, what keeps it alive and fresh, what excites the dancers, what it is that obsesses the best DJs and puts the magic into the best venues. Have a think, then be thankful that your opinion has nothing to do with what Northern Soul is and means. "Limits Northern Soul". Dear oh dear.
  6. James Trouble

    Too Much Choice?

    Hopefully you are.
  7. James Trouble

    Too Much Choice?

    Richo, this post and your avatar picture are an oxymoron. I think you're missing the point of what 'Northern Soul' is and means. It's all about the music? You and your type surely need to realise that it transcends the music. Limiting Northern Soul? Dear or dear.
  8. James Trouble

    Northern Soul The Film - See It At The Cinema

    Oh dear, nothing ever changes. Having not seen the film yet it's hard to judge but it seems to me that it captures what makes the Northern 'thing' so special/fabulous/religious/awesome/incredible/powerful/life affirming/important (list could go on). There is nobody better than Elaine to have done this, nobody. Skills, knowledge, passion for the scene and clearly mad enough to have risked bankruptcy and to pile enough pressure on herself to push her to the edge of break down. Be thankful, enjoy it. And in the same way you show respect to other 'soulies' who sacrifice to be a part of the soul scene show Elaine the respect she deserves for putting everything on the line to make something special and that will do the Northern Soul scene justice. I agree with Jocko's sentiment. Some of you lot need to pull yourselves together + get a grip.
  9. James Trouble

    Trailer For Northern Soul The Film

    The folks who are slagging it before seeing it should, frankly, bore off, judge it after you've watched it. Blue-water, Showcase - 18/10/2014 for me...
  10. James Trouble

    6T'S 100 Club ALLNIGHTER

    Shame you couldn't get a better DJ line up for tonight If my motor starts I'll swing by. Essex notes still accepted on the door?
  11. James Trouble

    John Manship's Tease Auction

    GoGate "If it's not on Gogate, it's not a hit..." GoGate? Would you mind sticking a scan up?
  12. James Trouble

    John Manship's Tease Auction

    I know of three. Keb's old one in not great condition, my old one (which used to be Mr Fortnum's) which is near mint and one that was recently for sale in Europe. Maybe someone can throw light on other copies? There are a few more Trent Sisters kicking about. The unseen Little John has to be the Northern Soul 'holy grail'? It's going to be a great record, how can it not be? But does it even exist any more?
  13. James Trouble

    John Manship's Tease Auction

    There is an unheard Little John on Go Gate, the release papers have been seen but no sign of the 45.
  14. Turn over of new records (discoveries) won't happen as it did, for obvious reasons. However, it's not so obvious why a rapid turn over of sounds doesn't happen now? We could assume that either the vast majority of people at nighters these days are low brow sheep and demand the same sounds and vote with their feet and/or DJs don't have the balls or influence over the sheep to turn over records quick enough to keep things interesting for the regulars who go out most weekends, who are probably in the minority. I'm not convinced that's the case, but it might be. Given that there is a much larger selection of tunes to choose from than ever before. It seems oxymoronic to say in one sentence that turn over of sounds at Wigan was rapid but the next sentence say that people want to hear what they heard at Wigan. That doesn't make total sense and can't be right. Maybe some only want to hear the good stuff from the era they were on the scene in the 70s or 80s and even though there was a high turn over of tunes a lot of it wasn't up to standard? I'm not sure that's the case from the recordings I've heard from Wigan, Stafford et al. But it might be. It could be as simple as the vast majority of folk don't go out every week, not even every month. Maybe only a couple of times a year and all they want to hear are some good sounds that they know and can dance to and that generates a feeling of nostalgia. People like nostalgia, it makes them feel good. As people get older they usually stop being hungry for the new and want to be cuddled by what they know and love. This is not unique to the soul scene, it's the same for most things humans get passionate about. It doesn't stop them being stranded sheep, it's just human nature.


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