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  1. Tranmere Tranent early eighties we pulled great dj's from all over the UK who were welcomed to "The Village of Beers" Too many stories and no tales out of school loads of memories of friends lost and still with us, and great sounds in the company of life long mates.
  2. Hi Guys, Can anyone provide me with contact details for Jim Sim of the Hibs Soul Club all-dayers Thanks Roddy
  3. Roddy


  4. I was thinking of applying for a job as cider administrator !
  5. Don't remember the patch god my memory is mince now sign me up to the retirement home preferably in the twilight zone !
  6. Some turds should be laid by the fireside with some honey and some milk
  7. Jolly I will be at the 100 club on Saturday sorry mate
  8. Surprised the Williams Brothers Ghetto Boy only went for £200
  9. as always Byrney you take it too far I don't mind the gaffer tape and the wings but I draw the line at Roxy threads !
  10. I would like to be a flying monkey I have always fancied a tail
  11. Just package me up and call me Paddington !!
  12. Yeah I've got the Gloria take and I also think it is better but i do have very fond memories of "and the Lord said" somebody told me that you could send him lyrics and he would set them to music usually to the tune of and the lord said

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