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  1. miff

  2. Dont know about you but i come across more and more 12 inchers of Jazz Funk and Disco 12s then anything else nowadays when looking in car boots etc, and just wondering if theres anything that is worth looking out for I must admit to overlooking this side of S...
  3. As a side note have you heared Shilly Bassys version of this
  4. Wigans Ovation

    No yesterday which is why I was looking them up
  5. Wigans Ovation

    Found this web page by accident and started reading it, found it mildley intresting, Like them or lothe them they happened and it must of been an introduction to the Northerern Scene for many Wigans Ovation Web Page

    Is there one ? Thorght it was a UK only on 45
  7. Jerry Butler

    Got a nice demo £40 all in with rec delivery
  8. Sounds - To Each His Own

    Sunglow 129, flip to Brown eyed soul man
  9. Song Artist Lable Info Please

    Thanks for that, wont be getting one of them in a hurry then
  10. Song Artist Lable Info Please

    Ok Kev i will have it
  11. Chitown Boogaloo, same backing as my baby likes to boogaloo, female singer? Lable? And is it hard to get/ price please
  12. Bobby Garrett"my Little Girl"

    On my 3rd copy of this album now worn the other 2 out, my little girl has got to be in my top 5 tunes, used to sing to my daughter when she was little
  13. Fcuk me I've been doing all wrong for the last 40 years
  14. Got a demo of this if your interested make me an offer

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