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    pookie hudson. this gets to me
  1. charnley


  2. charnley


    Just back from daft lads well done to everyone for putting on a excellent alldayer djs kept the floor busy and everyone i talked to enjoyed the day, A big thank you for making my day watching friends having a great time many thanks for the warm welcome from the couple running the door and enjoy your wine looking forward to the next one Andy c
  3. charnley

    Nottingham Palais All- Nighter

    hope to see you soon steve andy c see you soon you old git andy c
  4. charnley

    Nottingham Palais All- Nighter

    does not really matter about the floors inside of a the venue , now days does it this ones for everyone how ever went to the palais plus alot of soulies who and have now sadly left us r.i.p miss them like yesterday always in my mind means a lot to me just to go back to the venue where mike khight kicked me to the back of the queue after running over from the new market every time he seen me near the front of the queue plus the big bear a few of us tryed to smuggle in plus the suit of amrour downstairs in bali hi cafe we tryed to have away tommo lol hope hes not turning up the woodern bear i mean lol after the brit cant wait to see who turns up, all a little older but still have lots of fond memories regarding the palais gail . p xx please put a couple of them old pictures on please to give us all a laugh its about time they had a showing lol i hope everyone as a merry christmas and happy new year if i dont see you before the 27th hope this doesnt offend anyone missing alot of loved ones this time of year
  5. charnley


    Thank you for a excellent night out as always was in by 10 30 was packed didnt want it to end but all good things do, no more to be said
  6. charnley

    Southside soul club

    Will come and have a look never been in the cottage before and living only 2 miles away see you later
  7. charnley

    Federation Soul Club New Years Eve

    Hi mal in scotland at the mo but hoping to get back for new year will text kyp and will attend mate need a good night out happy xmas and new year to all see you soon andy c
  8. charnley

    Soul Survivors Nottingham Bank Holiday Alldayer

    See you monday mal ready and up for the dayer, enjoyed last saturday night c u soon andy c
  9. charnley

    2011-02-12: Derby, Assembly Rooms Allnighter

    If i remember they had a ban on chewing gum but not talc
  10. charnley

    New Nighters?

    , OJAYS,
  11. charnley

    2011-02-12: Derby, Assembly Rooms Allnighter

    Hi Ph1lly, Always enjoyed any derby nigthers / alldayers been to afew over the years, tiffanys, kingshall, assembly rooms, of course cleos get place to warm up for any local nigther within 100 miles like wigan , etc, just need a little help from getting a bus from the train station to the assembly rooms can you tell me the numbers to catch , Many thanks Andy. c
  12. Hi Kev hope u r well just been out with kyp all the best andy

  13. charnley

    Just Found This Poster

    Hi phil had been to ST IVES ALLDAYER As well i think it was there, did about 8 or 9 gigs that weekend well mashed up was with nev wherry dj and 3 other guys wont last one now days
  14. charnley

    Just Found This Poster

  15. Best night in ages AND ALL THE BEST TOMMO cant wait for your next one all the best andy c


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