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    Never one to wish my life away but REALLY looking forward to a GoGo night with you all ...Roll on December 2nd !
  2. Jimmie Raye - That'll Get It - Moonshot

    I'm such a greenhorn, Tony, but i was tired of looking at that 175 quid one on discogs as my only resort ... (slumps shoulders disconsolately)
  3. Jimmie Raye - That'll Get It - Moonshot

    boohoo .. a fella on fb just kindly alerted me to one for 100 dollars on ebay ..by the time i got his message it was gone .. this is the downside of posting a want!!!
  4. Jimmie Raye - That'll Get It - Moonshot

    Hah ! So true ..give it up , buddies
  5. Jimmie Raye - That'll Get It - Moonshot

    cheers Dylan that's just what the fellas on Fb RSW's are saying too .. I can see its tough but that price guide sounds very fair
  6. Looking for a good clean copy of Jimmie Raye 'That'll Get It' on Moonshot .. seen the Discogs one... £175 seems a bit stout for a vg+ and sure enough its been there a while Anyone feeling competitive ?
  7. Hi pals, Looking for Randy Brown - I'm Always In The Mood on Parachute -in tasty condition please Cheers
  8. WILLIAM PATTON - DON'T BE SO MEAN Looking for a nice clean copy of this divine thumper .. pm with details please. Cheers m'dears
  9. Indemander in excellent condition . What a tune! £175 plus £2.50 UK postage
  10. THE SUPERLATIVES - I STILL LOVE YOU- UPTITE Lovely first issue of this northern classic double-sider. A heart racer from the first note and a very reluctant sale. Yellow label with some wear and marks. Shiny vinyl with a noticeable mark NAP.. but otherwis...
  11. Tommy giving his gritty, gutsy all in 1968 . Excellent condition. £95 plus £2.50 UK postage .
  12. Thanks Rudzy but not looking to spend that much
  13. Long felt want alert...anyone got a nice clean copy of U.S. Warren and the Genghis Pea ' Hard Headed Woman' on Chytowns please? Fading away without one. Cheers.
  14. On the want again....looking for a nice clean copy of Chuck Bridges Don't You Make Me Cry on Scoop. Go on, please make my day. ?