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  1. Sorry would do it myself but Membership FAQs doesn't explain how to do it.
  2. She went to my school Peter. And that was not in some exotic clime - but Clacton-on-Sea in Essex. Honest! Her Mum was a nurse (possibly midwife) in the town for a while. Sade was a few years younger so I didn't know her personally but I believe my sister did in passing. Please everyone be kind about her - she's the only claim to fame our school ever had!
  3. This is a really neat little video majoring on the origins of the "Popcorn" scene
  4. It got me out of the biggest darkest blackest hole I have ever been in my life. But josh away. You're cool.
  5. I love Abba's Voulez Vous album. It was all an extreme "time and place" thing. But hey-ho - it's now hard-coded into my DNA. With me for life.
  6. Steve Interesting to read your thoughts and opinions but the one above worries me. Can I ask what age you were say 1963 thru 67 when the Beatles were at the top of their game? I lived those years as a young to mid teenager and for me the Beatles were absolutely huge - beyond anything else in the musical world. OK I was of an impressionable age but the Beatles were everything I wanted to be. Beyond swinging and beyond groovy. LOL! And trust me I wasn't alone!
  7. I'd love to see an age-category dance off. Swing/R&R v N Soul. Who would win? LOL!
  8. Yes that's exactly one of the tracks I was thinking about. I was listening to the Beatles version the other day and I thought "That sounds like a nice Popcorn beat" - although I know very little about the Popcorn scene. Thanks
  9. I really do like a lot of these "Popcorn" records. Have any Merseybeat tracks inc. early Beatles been played on the Popcorn scene. There seems to be a few tracks there that fit the Popcorn vibe. Or maybe not!
  10. This is the way it's done. Esp. 3:40 on. A credit to their sex - they really are!
  11. Miss Stronghearted A gentle swing to the beat - so I think another one that the Popcorn folk would go for. All in all a nice track. IMHO.
  12. I think this is the live version of the Dramatics "What You See . . . . " from the Wattstax concert. And even then might be slowed down just a bit. I don't think you see their performance in the film (though not 100% certain) just a part of this track used in the soundtrack. This is a screen grab from the credits of the film.
  13. Were you at the R&R Show at Wembley in 1972? I was at that. Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bo Diddley all on the same bill. I don't know if those 5 artists would have been on the same bill before or since. A great day out. I love having broad musical tastes.
  14. Obviously the slight swing to the beat is essential. But I wonder what are the minimum and maximum bpm for a tune to be acceptable as Popcorn My guess is it's somewhere around 115-120 bpm. But I could be way off.

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