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  1. MBarrett

    Best live performance

    Were you at the R&R Show at Wembley in 1972? I was at that. Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bo Diddley all on the same bill. I don't know if those 5 artists would have been on the same bill before or since. A great day...
  2. MBarrett

    The Belgium Popcorn Oldies Top 100 for 2018

    Obviously the slight swing to the beat is essential. But I wonder what are the minimum and maximum bpm for a tune to be acceptable as Popcorn My guess is it's somewhere around 115-120 bpm. But I could be way off.
  3. MBarrett

    The Belgium Popcorn Oldies Top 100 for 2018

    Obviously a very different "groove" to the NS and Popcorn scenes. But this video highlights some interesting parallels.
  4. MBarrett

    The Belgium Popcorn Oldies Top 100 for 2018

    Most of the sounds in the Popcorn genre have what I would call a gentle swing beat. Which as said above goes with the specific dance style. I wondered a while back if anyone has ever tried to put on a popcorn event in the UK. Or even just a Popcorn ...
  5. MBarrett

    Sunday Mag article on Stafford TOTW

    OB 11/11/84 I'm not sure that is an expiry date as it is just an enquiry coupon. 11th November 1984 was a a Sunday. So maybe it means it was the OBserver magazine for 11th November 1984. Food for thought anyway!
  6. MBarrett

    UK Southern Soul

    Screen grab from You Tube. So I would say that for Southern Soul you can just read Jazz Funk. There must be people on here who were on both scenes or defected from one to the other!
  7. MBarrett

    UK Southern Soul

    I'm no expert on this but I think the Goldmine, Canvey Isand was up and running by 1974 wasn't it? From what I can remember from around that time - what Wigan Casino was to Northern Soul the Goldmine was to Southern Soul. Although it looks like the use o...
  8. MBarrett

    UK Southern Soul

    This got mentioned in another thread but I thought might be worth its own thread. As I mentioned over there a small handful of local newspapers for the 1970s are starting to become available online. At the moment just Coventry, Newcastle etc. Therefore n...
  9. . . . but joyous IMHO. Makes me feel good to be alive on this beautiful Spring day!
  10. MBarrett

    If the term northern soul had not come about ?

    A few local newspapers are starting to become available on line. It's only a few so this is far from scientific - but this is the first mention I could find of the term "Northern Soul." Coventry Evening Telegraph. August 1974 If it was used in an ad...
  11. MBarrett

    Wigan Casino-'live acts'?

    According to Russ Winstanley's book the Detroit Emeralds appeared "not at an all-nighter but, unusually, at a Sunday all-dayer," and "they stunned the audience with an entire show of songs with a 60s stomping feel." If anyone disagrees don't shoot me - I...
  12. MBarrett

    Wigan Casino-'live acts'?

    Not from Wigan Steve but here is a personal recollection of Freddie Mack. I first started seeing live bands in 1965 when I was 13 years old. ( honest! ). One Saturday night around 1966 I saw a band which I think at the time was called the Freddie Mack R...
  13. MBarrett

    Were There Any Older Guys At Wigan?

    Made me laugh but soooooooo true. I was born in 1952 so first got into soul music in the second half of the 60s. Everything I did and everywhere I went was with my own peer group - plus or minus maybe a couple of years. The artists were the age...
  14. MBarrett

    Were There Any Older Guys At Wigan?

    Keep it fun. Don't turn it into an apprenticeship or a degree course. LOL!
  15. MBarrett


    You're obviously not seeing what I am. We'll have to agree to differ. I so want to get to that gig. My prediction it will be a sell-out and the joint will be absolutely rocking!

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