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  1. I've got a folder on my PC which contains a mixture of subfolders and different types of file. I would like to view everything (subfolders and files) ALL sorted together by Name. But FE insists on grouping the subfolders at the top of the list. Does anyone know if there is an alternative File Manager program that would do what I am after? ( Please don't wind me up by mentioning Apple - as I believe Finder on a Mac will do what I am after! )
  2. BBC Pay List

    Yes agreed Steve. It is David Dimbleby that my gripe is with. I suppose some people must like him - but not me. P.S. Just shocked myself. Richard Dimbleby died aged 52! He never seemed anything other than an OLD man when I was a kid!!
  3. BBC Pay List

    It doesn't even tell the whole story. Notice no David Dimbleby on the list - as Question Time has been made by a private production company for nigh on 20 years I believe. I bet if you added up the £££'s that the Dimbleby family have made from the BBC over the years (Richard, David & Jonathan) it would make your eyes water!
  4. Company Tax Return Software

    Absolutely Steve. You can download the spreadsheet and see if you like what you see. If you don't just forget it and it hasn't cost you a penny.
  5. Company Tax Return Software

    Steve I had similar problem to you i.e. some income that the HMRC system couldn't handle - so I found this website and have used for about 10 years now. For me it is just Personal Tax Return but I see that they have procedures for Company Tax Returns as well. It was a bit of a learning curve (as most things are) but now it is just a case of putting numbers in the right boxes on a spreadsheet pressing a button and shortly after that I get email confirmation of receipt by HMRC. Never had any comeback and years when I have been due a rebate it has been in my bank account in 3/4 days. Not saying it is right for you but one that I am happy with and will continue to use. Cost this year was £12.99 which for me is money well spent. Mark http://www.sa2000.co.uk/
  6. Blue-eyed Soul?

  7. International Kissing Day

    They did a brief feature on International Kissing Day at the end of Newsnight. Used this Beach Boys number as the backing track. Oo what a great band they were!
  8. International Kissing Day

    We're in Freebasing so can we have a bit of fun please. This may appear to be some people's worst nightmare. But see through the over-the-top hair and costumes (mostly done tongue-in-cheek) and you will find a beautiful song beautifully performed. See if I'm not right . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  9. International Kissing Day

    It's a bit mainstream, but if I had written, sung or produced this record I would feel my life's work was done!
  10. International Kissing Day

  11. Which Artist is / was the best dancer ?

    As are Tina & the Ikettes Knowing smile at 1:54 then BAAAAAAAAAAAANG . . . . . . . . . . . . !
  12. Which Artist is / was the best dancer ?

    The Contours are right up there.
  13. Did I mishear this? (Greek law)

    I happened to turn on Radio 4 earlier. There was some kind of discussion going on about an "out of control" teenager. When asked how bad it got the interviewee said "Oh fighting, a court case and a prosecution. But because it was Greek law his father had to serve the prison sentence." Could that be correct?
  14. Soul Source : The begining??

    Well I apologise for trying to help. Had you thought that people can use Wayback Machine for snapshots of other websites other than this one. When I first saw it I went wow! Everyone else I have ever shown it to went wow! And here I get "ffs" for my trouble.
  15. Soul Source : The begining??

    Not sure if anyone on here knows about the "Wayback Machine". I think it is run by a US University and claims to have 286 billion webpages saved since the early days of the net. I tried Soul Source and there is quite a lot of stuff on there. The very earliest snapshot they have is March 2000. Some formatting, images etc. gets lost - but you can't have everything!! Click at the bottom here for the earliest Home Page they have. Several of the links seem to work. i.e. Interview with Irish Greg in the middle column, event reviews down the left etc. etc. If anyone is interested I can explain how to get to all the stuff they have for Soul Source since 2000. Please can somebody at least confirm that the link works for you. It does for me. https://web.archive.org/web/20000302134125/http://www.soul-source.co.uk:80/soulsource.htm