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  1. Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    What about a simple chemical analysis of the ink? Solvents, resins and pigments will surely all have changed over the last 50+ years. I'm not a chemist but would have thought it was a doddle to check that out.
  2. I recently came across this snippet which was a bit on an eyeopener! "Until 1967, musical performers (in NY) had to be fingerprinted and carry "cabaret cards". Artists with criminal records, such as Ray Charles or Billie Holiday, couldn't perform. ...
  3. Marvin Gaye-Too Busy G/W Demo for £530!!!!

    Could it be 2 overseas bidders who had forgotten what currency they were bidding in? Or miscalculated the currency conversion? e***s inadvertently put on a "way too high" max bid. g***8 kept manually increasing his bid until suddenly had an OMG mome...
  4. You Can't Choose Your Relatives!

    I just heard on the radio this morning that Mel Torme's mother-in-law (for a while at least) was Thora Hird. And Margaret Rutherford's cousin (once removed) was politician Tony Benn. Any other odd or interesting relationships - esp. within the soul ...
  5. Very nice too

    I was astonished to read that one bee only produces one twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in it's whole life cycle. Quoted quite often so I assume it is true? PS I put some dahlias in my garden a couple of years ago. The bees seem to love them.
  6. My non music YouTube favourites thread

    I find this channel weirdly addictive. All sorts of retro electronics plus some vinyl and other stuff. The link looks a bit odd, but it's genuine. Honest! So here we go. Hey. It's Fran. Again. In the lab . . . . . . . . . . . https://www.y...
  7. Wheel out the polygraph machine!
  8. UK Pirate Radio Stns -- 1960's

    I'm not sure about Dave Simmons but one of Mike Raven's later shows here - courtesy of Pete Smith. https://www.mixcloud.com/mayfairmenthol/mike-raven-r-b-show-bbc-radio-one-1971/
  9. UK Pirate Radio Stns -- 1960's

    I had a random thought come into my head of one of the pirates heavily promoting one of the Equals first LPs. It was done as an advertising feature with 20 sec (approx) clips of several tracks. OK not "rare soul" by any means but It all seemed so up...
  10. UK Pirate Radio Stns -- 1960's

    There is a great set of Radio London (Big L) charts and other info. here. Obviously mostly "pop" but soul/R&B tracks almost always did better than in the mainstream charts and all sorts of soul/R&B was played that you wouldn't hear elsewhere. For...
  11. BBC 4 tonight...artists being short changed!

    I enjoyed it. It's ironic. The music has enriched so many people's lives. But just inches below the surface so much ugly stuff going on.
  12. Days in the old cafe

    I grew up in a seaside town in the 1960s and we were spoilt with rows of pinball machines in the arcades. Some of the local kids got really good! I remember one day one of our mates was really on fire. There were about 20 of us crowded round one of ...
  13. Days in the old cafe

    Very nice but quite old skool with no flippers. My all time fave. Without exception. Buckaroo
  14. UK Pirate Radio Stns -- 1960's

    And for me THE MOST ICONIC RECORD of the whole Pirate Radio era. Warm and Tender Love by Percy Sedge. Played every night at 11 pm for ages by Johnnie Walker. Plus JW's take on the record. Imagine hearing this every night - full of teenage angst - to...
  15. UK Pirate Radio Stns -- 1960's

    Some photos from a "Free Radio Demo" in 1970. Ronan O'Rahilly the boss of Radio Caroline there with Simon Dee who was one of the first DJs on RC. One of the placards says RNI which was Radio North Sea International. They managed to struggle on until the ...