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  1. Blue-eyed Soul?

    A vote of thanks for the blue-eyed soulsters. This was printed in Billboard some time in the late 60s
  2. Blue-eyed Soul?

    It looks as if the term Blue-eyed Soul first entered the public conciousness at the very end of 1964 - with the release of the Righteous Brothers second LP. Supposedly the term had been used by a Philadelphia DJ to describe their music and it became a na...
  3. Further to the video posted a couple of days ago here is RCA's 4-page ad from Billboard magazine dated 2nd April 1949. It announces the new 45 RPM format and a range of new compatible equipment. I'm not 100% sure that Fran in the video got the different ...
  4. " . . . Honey I saw you there last night Another man's arms holding you tight Nobody knows what I feel inside All I know I walked away and cried . . . " Aaaaaaargh!!!
  5. I stand accused . . . . . of loving you too much . . . . . No don't! I'm in pain!!
  6. Stax at the Proms

    Sometimes I'm glad I live n my "glass half full" world. I thought Tom was great.
  7. Stax at the Proms

    Available on iPlayer. If you only want to watch a few minutes try Beverley Knight duetting with William Bell at 27:40. Soul chemistry fizzing between them. That lady is such a talent! And James Morrison at 37.05. Wow! http://www.bbc.co.uk/...
  8. Stax at the Proms

    Part of the 50th anniversary celebrations - to commemorate the first Stax tour of the UK in 1967. May not be everyone's cup of tea but I am confident that TJ, Jools Holland, Beverley Knight et al will all be very respectful of the Stax legacy. Looks...
  9. I've got a folder on my PC which contains a mixture of subfolders and different types of file. I would like to view everything (subfolders and files) ALL sorted together by Name. But FE insists on grouping the subfolders at the top of the list. Does...
  10. BBC Pay List

    Yes agreed Steve. It is David Dimbleby that my gripe is with. I suppose some people must like him - but not me. P.S. Just shocked myself. Richard Dimbleby died aged 52! He never seemed anything other than an OLD man when I was a kid!!
  11. BBC Pay List

    It doesn't even tell the whole story. Notice no David Dimbleby on the list - as Question Time has been made by a private production company for nigh on 20 years I believe. I bet if you added up the £££'s that the Dimbleby family have made from the B...
  12. Company Tax Return Software

    Absolutely Steve. You can download the spreadsheet and see if you like what you see. If you don't just forget it and it hasn't cost you a penny.
  13. Company Tax Return Software

    Steve I had similar problem to you i.e. some income that the HMRC system couldn't handle - so I found this website and have used for about 10 years now. For me it is just Personal Tax Return but I see that they have procedures for Company Tax Return...
  14. Blue-eyed Soul?

  15. International Kissing Day

    They did a brief feature on International Kissing Day at the end of Newsnight. Used this Beach Boys number as the backing track. Oo what a great band they were!