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  1. Dale


  2. Dale

    3 to move on

    Id have thought the same Johnno..........Masqueraders still available...
  3. Dale

    3 to move on

    The Masqueraders - I Aint Gonna Stop..(AGP)...mint copy but for bubbling on label...£30 Lorraine Rudolph - Keep Coming Back For More.... (Jet Stream)..vinyl mint very slight stain on label lovely example...£65...SOLD Johnny Dixon - Where Are You....(Boss Records)...not the best of nick wol plenty light scuffs on vinyl..vg+ but plays ok...£15...SOLD All include p+p.UK only....not entirely happy with your purchess full refund not a problem Thanks for looking Dale...
  4. Dale

    Super league 2016

    Just looking forward to another great season of SL ...some fine games last year, hoping for the same this time. Good luck to all.....Rhinos for me...
  5. Fabulous Four - If I Knew...(Saintmo)....£25....Stunning condition for this great 45..SOLD The Sounds Four - Keep On Lovin...(Saintmo)..£25...Another stunning example in great nick....SOLD Winstons -Aint Nothing Like A Little Lovin'...(Curtom)...£45.... Mike James Kirkland - Give it To Me...(Bryan)....£15..SOLD. Dale Darby - Lets Got Together...(Wesgate).......£20.. Millionaires - Aint No Achievement..(Speciality).....£10. Thanks for looking and questions on the above please pm Paypal please £2.00 p+p
  6. Dale


    Have a great night Roy.....very happy new year to both you and Wendy....Dale an Maz..
  7. Dale

    Morley Sunday Soul - Leeds

    Looking like a great afternoon and certainly looking forward to seeing our hosts who do a fabulous job at Calverly Soul Club...(steve and di)..
  8. Dale

    Reggie soul - I feel so bad

    Hi ya Ian.. gotta nice one here if your not sorted...pmd you with details Dale
  9. All to go if intrested pm for more info...paypal please £2.00 P+P Young hearts - Get Yourself Together...(Minit)..vg++..£15 Manhattans - I Bet'cha Couldn't love me...(Carnival)...vg++...£15 Viola Wills - I got Love....(Bronco)....vg++....£15...100mph stormer....SOLD The Auditions - Get Set Be Ready...(Freckles)...vg++....£20...another 100mph stormer.....SOLD Marva Whitney - Ball of Fire...(King).vg++...£10 Oscar Weathers - Just to Prove...(Top and Bottom)...vg..£10..but does play loud and clear. Silky Hargreaves - Hurt By Love...(D-Town)...vg..£10 plays tho ok hence price The Winstons - Aint Nothing like a Little lovin...(Curtom)...ex...£55 nice flip to.. The Topics - Try a Little Love...(Heavy Duty Records)...ex....£25... The Enchanted Five - Try a Little Love...(CVS Records)..vg++....£70..fabulous d/s Thanks for looking full refund if not entirely happy with your purchess Dale...
  10. Dale

    Sandy Chapin - Breath Taking Guy (Empire)

    No sorry Andy.....took me a while to find it but a couple came up then seemed to dry up since...
  11. Dale

    Sandy Chapin - Breath Taking Guy (Empire)

    Good luck with this one Andy...
  12. Dale

    Few nice 45s to go

    A few to go if any more info required pm please, and if intrested pm... Paypal only plus £2.00 postage..grading all VG++ Richard Cook - Someone Got'a help me...(Tragar)..superb uptempo an old Rob Marriot spin i belive...£150..seen twice this recently on another site The Winstons - Ain't Nothing Like ALittle Lovin'...(Curtom)....£75....nice double sider..... The Paramount Four - Sorry Aint The Word..(Kent 31st Ann)..£65..No comment needed regards this little stunner....classsss...SOLD Willie Mason + Fred Martin Revue - I loved You Once/Go On Back...(Rujac)....£50....nice D/S Dale Darby - Let's Got it Together...(Wesgate)...£30.. Thanks for looking Dale....
  13. Dale


    What a great night... Many thanks to all that came Saturday was fabulous to see the old place bouncing again brought back some very fond memories. We set the ball rolling at 7.00 by 7.30 there was already a steady flow and already a few on the floor 8.15 floor was filling up very nicely. Had my eye on the main hall most of the night in and out from upstairs and all Dj's did a fantasic job, floor was well a go-go not going to pick anyone out but needless to say Harry put a very impressive line up together and deserves a pat on the back for that....(.well done mate).... Upstairs room was my pick of Dj's and boy did they deliver...from the start Andy Hudson started us off with his own style of upbeat funk edged soul 45s, followed by Di Crosby. Unfortunatly didnt get to hear much of Di because of a few very minor issues downstairs but was told it was impressive. Enter me old Taddy stalwarts in Mick and Mo, always a real pleasure having these two over and never fail imo great people and a real passion for their soul and did it show tonight some fabulous tunes...(that good i had to have a bit more saw and listened to them Sunday at Horse an Groom)...thankyou so much you two.. Another i very rarely see out and about but always great to bump into is Chic..heard this fella playing out a few times and another i just had to ask over to Tadcaster and well pleased he accepted. Two very fine sets from Chic the last few records played on the night he was playing and dancing along with myself and Jane....just great, thanks so much Chic.... The young un....Azza well absolutely loved these two sets he played, another with a stunning collection and put together very very well Azza another one i was highly delighted to have over never fails,just hope you never lost to much sleep putting those great 45s together as i didnt intentionally put you between Mick and Mo and Carl and Maria.... honest..Thanks Azz..fantastic.. We talk about stalwarts of Tadcaster here's two more....whenever i get involved in an event these two my first call up as most will have guessed by now... Carl and Maria..these very good friends gave me some of the best times at the original Middleton and ill be forever grateful something we often talk about and discuss..(miss that place). ... Carl and Maria never fail, some very fine rare soul 45s and what we expect from C+M, plenty played myself and others not heard before which sent a few up to the decks for a nosey which is always a great sign and great to see...two great sets from two of the very best... A massive thankyou to you both for coming over and for ALL my requests.lol..especially the acetate... Dale.....
  14. Dale


    Nice one H....GREAT .....
  15. Dale


    Dj times for Rare Room : 7.00pm - 7.45pm....Dale 7.45pm - 8.45pm....Di Crosby 8.45pm - 9.30pm ....Mick & Mo 9.30pm - 10.15pm ...Azza 10.15pm - 11.00pm ....Carl & Maria 11.00pm - 11.45pm ...Chic 11.45pm - 12.15pm ...Mick & Mo 12.15 - 12.45am ...Azza 12.45am - 1.15am ...Carl & Maria 1.15am - 1.50am ...Chic Cracking line up for you all .....looking forward to a great night and seeing lots of you there Dale


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