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  1. hi

    need a new email via pm for your account 



    An excellent new build village hall in the middle of nowhere. Well attended by local soulies and local residents. The dancefloor was busy all night. The lady who lives next door had come along and was having a great time, dancing with a huge grin, that's the best reward for any new soulnight. It's never going to be an allnighter because the hall has a midnight curfew. Everyone out and door locked by 12:00, I don't think it quite happened because the above mentioned lady from next door was still enthusing to everyone how good a night it had been. I do hope there's another.
  2. Please be aware we may not be able to start until 8:30pm due to football on the TV.
  3. Simon Stevenson

    Cutting Edge

    We weren't sure if this would go ahead, as usual football threatened further postponement. We can now confirm the next installment of Cutting Edge with the Northern Soul living legend that is Mr Ian Levine and myself at the decks is ON, Saturday June 10th 2017 at The Windmill Acton. Playing the best and rarest Northern Soul and Crossover.
  4. Simon Stevenson

    Cutting Edge

    Cutting Edge. At The Windmill, 50 High Street, Acton. London. W3 6LG. Saturday 22nd April 2017.
  5. I've had a couple of soul packs off Ian in the past. Both great value. As he always says, they're not all Northern Soul classics but on both occaisions there have been a good scattering of them with lots of 60's and 70's stuff Ive never seen anywhere. The new batch he's got in from Detroit, 10,000 records is going to be even better. As soon as I can scrape together the money I will be getting more from Ian. Of course there's going to be some duff ones, but taking into consideration the bargain price and the great ones that'll be in there it's well worth it if you can afford it. Oh and by the w
  6. I don't care what you think of him personally, as an individual, and I'm even less interested in others opinions about him. Ian Levine, (there you go, I've typed the name) currently has an amazing stock of across the board 60's and 70's soul records available in various conditions, styles, labels, etc. I took delivery of my latest 500 records from him and I'm blown away by the variety and quality, I've only listened to the first 40 or so and checked thier guide prices. Without any selection there was not a single record with a Manship Guide price of less than £20. Admitedly you'd never
  7. Back by popular demand, another night of 60's R'n'B, 60's and 70's Northern Soul and Crossover. This is a bar event not a dance. there is a small dance area and the floor is concrete.
  8. Simon Stevenson

    Soul in Shoreditch

    Bethnal Green Northern Soul Club presents it's second night, invited back by popular demand, at Brewdog Bar in Shoreditch, East London. This is a pub / bar event and we will be playing across the board Northern Soul, a bit of Crossover and 70's soul. The current plan evening will start in the bar on the ground floor playing Classics and popular Northern. Then later in the evening, after a short break and re-set in the Basement cocktail bar Underdog where we will continue to closing time at 02:00am playing rare and underplayed and never played before Northern, RnB, popcorn and doo-wop. All
  9. I've been following Ian Levine's Podcasts since the first one. The mix of music in my opinion is spot on. A generous helping of the less commonly played oldies from the 60's and 70's with super rare and not so rare beautiful soul music I don't think Ian makes any pretention that these are sets that would be played at a nighter, or are all Northern Soul. But then again how many DJs ever get to play 3 hour sets. I have heard may great tracks that are now on my wants list, some I've already been lucky enough to get hold of. Some, yeh, not to my taste but per-son-aly I can't stand some of the
  10. Hi, Is this the Boiler Room, Brick lane in Bethnal Green or somewhere in Enfield? Simon I have a large rare, ultra rare, classic and modern-ish Northern Soul collection that I'd be willing to play for you as long as it's Brick Lane, Bethnal Green, because I live about 1/3 of a mile from there.
  11. Here's one from the other side of the decks. Every Blackpool Tower November weekender since the first one Richard Searling or Kev Roberts always asks for requests for what we used to listen to when we first found NS. Every single time I ask for Nine Times Out of Ten and they never have it. I know it's cheesey but when I was a kid growing up in Blackpool everywhere played it. I will continue to ask for it. so there!!!
  12. I recently payed : US $7.50(approx. £4.75) - USPS First Class Mail International perfectly packed from Portland OR. Good value for a $500 record. I now recycle mailer boxes to cut down on costs for those who buy from me, usually estimated postage / recorded delivery There's no excuse for rip off prices
  13. I've scrolled through all of this and there's one that nobody has mentioned. Pissed blokes staggering around the dancefloor thinking they can dance, when they probably can't even when sober. Another is, why do all the dj's play the same handful of tunes, especially at allnighters where yo end up with the the same thing being played 5 or 6 times by different dj's. Come on dj's you've got a box of a hundred or so records with you, for gods sake mix 'em up a bit. p.s. to all who took the piss when I asked about soul-bags some time ago, I've got them, wear them and enjoy dancing in them.

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