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  1. Mike72


  2. Mike72

    Obese People And Dementia

    Awww, months behind the pace again, but brilliant thread. Canned worms, lovely..... Fat does actually physically prevent brain cell deterioration as well - CSE grade 2 level scientific fact! Wake up! Decreased physical activity has far more positives than drawbacks. In the old days 20p would buy you a truck full of biscuits; we need a war plus subsequent rationing to stay healthy and trim. Just requires a little bit of human sacrifice is all. Fat folk just need a bloody good hiding
  3. Mike72

    League Two.that Was Close

    Yeh - Rovers aren't proper bin-dippers, fair's fair. However, they were indeed perennial candidates for re-election prior to the good days of the nineties....and I mean EVERY YEAR (sod what the record books say). I'm horrified at the plight of Stockport County, the other 'friday night' league club (who also enjoyed gravity defying success in the nineties) - proper shameful situation they're in now... God knows how this enormous country sustains a 92-club league/100-odd full time pro clubs - it's amazing. But we NEED it, we need all the fixture pileups/chaos, or the sodding national side will come good, and then where will we be? inter club empathy is vomit-inducing I know, but all the best TRFC - they have to beat massive odds if they're to bounce back
  4. Mike72

    E Cigarette Advice Please

    Right, off to show this post to some e-cig companies and demand promo commission fees for my uncommissioned, unwelcome, but sterling freelance work.
  5. Mike72

    E Cigarette Advice Please

    Bit late in the day advicewise Steve - but if you haven't already done so, shell out fifty quid or so on a decent 'mod' (the bottom bit that provides the power) - see UK vapers site for opinions on suitable devices.. A 'self coiling' atomiser (the top bit that you fill with juice) might set you back 30quid - I found the Kayfun lite design to be dead easy to work out and maintain - aka 'Russian 91%') - the wire is like 4quid for 10metres, and you can use ordinary cotton wool for the wick - that'll last forever - this as opposed to the atomisers that require new coils already manufactured by same company - hideously expensive.... If the mod is powered by lithium '18650' batteries, they're anything between 5 and 10quid a pop, and you'll need a charger (massive price variation) So call it a oner for the lot - but seriously, this'll kick the shit out of them clearomiser type things - even though there's nothing wrong with 'em for what they cost... Weight control wise - if you have this going from hand to mouth it neutralises the hand to mouth part of the habit's absent-minded tendency to go via the biscuit tin.... Hope you're off the cigarettes/baccy mate; horrible nasty, sneaky addiction - if you are still struggling inbox me and I'll try to answer any more questions you might have 100quid sounds extortionate I know, but y'know, relative value, compare v cost of 200 cigarettes, it's a bargain. Biggest negative of 'vaping' (esp. using an obviously well-engineered device) is totally blowing your style points all in one go by producing such an anorakky, dweeb-orientated object when out in public. Star Trekkies and trainspotters will pour scorn on your abysmal stylo from way on high. I have no style at all, and appalling dress sense, but even so, I am still reluctant to use my Hana DNA30 chipset box mod/Aspire sub-ohm setup, even when I'm wearing my knitted pullover with 'TWAT' crocheted across the front. Good thing is that I could outrun/jump over any lynch mob cos my chest is great now.
  6. Mike72


    That's a cracker Philippe!
  7. Mike72

    Soft Tone Needles

    Great stuff....can you post back here how the night went, as well as any clips you might record?? as a slight deviation from the topic, have you seen any clips or reports of the recent Finlay Quaye 'show' that got pulled bout 5mins in? Unbelievable! However, the promoter seemed a bit novicey despite his claims to the contrary (gig promoters when I were in shitpot groups were ALL sharks who never budged) - I was on nodding terms with FQ before and after his rise to prominence; he's a rum cat who's well able to pull low stunts with no apparent shame; common knowledge...WAYYY off the subject i know, point being I bet the STN won't do this to you....(oh, what a very good example of my positive thinking) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hWOk9gL1Mk Got to say, not much sympathy for the promoter - 20quid a ticket, the ch**ky F****r!!
  8. Mike72

    Soft Tone Needles

    I haven't got a garden....or any curtains for that matter. But if I did have I'd do the same However, good luck mate with your charity event, am sure it will be a success as not everyone is as miserable as me
  9. Mike72

    Non soul play

    I sometimes hear the Fifth Dimension played; they're a top drawer pop group!
  10. Mike72

    Mid Tempo, Will It Ever Return?

    What a top-drawer thread this is!
  11. Mike72

    Are You Addicted To Soul?

    It's still really funny !
  12. Mike72

    Are You Addicted To Soul?

    Gene, I'm sorry...my idea of a joke. Silly, immature etc. Less funny for them as is fed up t'back teeth of it. " I am a psychologist at the University of Glamorgan" though... I laughed out loud! You try saying it with a straight face, hahahaha Try saying it to someone else in conversation next time they ask you what you do for a living. With a straight face mind.... There's no way on this earth I could remain composed whilst telling such an enornous whopper... y'need Spike Milligan to pull off that sort of stunt....
  13. Peter, how right your instincts were what a splendid thread! My thanks to all of you, some of your tastes in music in here are right out of the very top drawer. I know next to nothing about modern soul, other than I really like it... what a brilliant way in to it you've all come up with though.
  14. Mike72

    Are You Addicted To Soul?

    Hey guys...chill out and remember he's an academic - if we all suspend our judgement, we might learn something about ourselves and our soul problems. Come on all you people who are claiming to have done this already! We've all drawn flip chart diagrams before..so why don't we all 'brainstorm' and really start to link those different states of mind up with the correct genre of pop music. I think it's dead correlative and clever


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