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  1. That's the rumour that was going around back then and ever since. It was said that some of the gangster's thugs held him by his legs out a window of a high building, just to persuade him that they were serious. We've already had a few threads about this. There was an extensive thread about this on Soulful Detroit Forum.
  2. I just mentioned the possibility. For 60 years we've been wondering who Velvet was. And, if you listen to the mid-tempo version of "Angel", and "When I Needed You" you can hear a certain level of similarity in the voices. Many times singers have been said to have "retired" at a certain point, and then we found later records sung by them, which failed to sell, so no one knew about them, or the artist went by another name, and no one knew about them. Sometimes, a different producer got a hold of old tapes of songs even the artist forgot he or she recorded, and released them under a different
  3. Just like I always thought, James Velvet sounds like a Black man to me. Also, he sounds like he could possibly be James Ellis, who might well have been brought to Correc-Tone by his ex-groupmate, Robert Bateman, and his other ex-groupmates, Sonny Sanders, and Sammy Mack wrote these songs, along with Bateman. I remember comparing Jimmy Velvet's and Jimmy Velvit's voices to James', and realising that they were both Caucasian C&W singers, whose voices were very different from his. Unlike Berry Gordy and Ed Wingate, both of whom had a handful of Caucasian singing artists, songwriters, and o
  4. Thanks for that information. I've always wondered about that Jimmy Velvet coincidence.
  5. No, Earl Van Dyke wasn't playing piano on "Let Me Be Your Boy".. That was Correc-Tone's on-house pianist/arranger, Willie Harbert. I don't have any confirmation that Martha and The Vandellas were on "Lonely No More", but was told by Ron Murphy that that worked for Freddy Brown on both Mickay's and Ring, as well as on Kable (as The Dell Fi's). I know they were on "Just One More Time". I'll take another listen to "Lonely No More". Afer listening, I can say that Martha and The Vandellas were NOT on "Lonely No More, even as secondary backups. All I hear is a male group. Maybe it was Th
  6. I talked to people from Detroit, connected with Motown, or knowing people there, and being in the business themselves about Correc-Tone, and The Supremes' involvement. Yes, they were moonlighting there in early 1962. Their recordings were made during spring 1962, backing Wilson Pickett, and probably James Velvet (ex-Satintone James Ellis?). I don't believe they were the backing group of Gino Washington on "I'm a Coward" (or any other song of his). I had always heard that The Rochelles (who backed him with credits on his 1964 Amon and Wand releases), who were his friends in high school, and
  7. The Netherlands only has 150 people, and only one of them is named "Russell", with no last name? Having a frontal lobotomy is not a good thing for a record dealer to have. The post office in USA should have sent it back to the sender, with a note: "Please list a complete address, when shipping items to countries with more than 14 million people, and where their convention is to use both given and family names! We want to keep decent relationships with cooperative foreign post offices. We also suggest you seek medical help!"
  8. Yes,I remember the Hitsville sleeves still in use in 1966, but I also remember the LP sleeves before 1967 (at least starting in 1966. I remember when they were only the navy blue version, with earlier LPs than those on this black one, and for many months before the branched out into the other colours (black, red, green, and brown, in addition to newer blue versions, with newer LPs. I'll see if I can find the earliest blue version. I'm sure there was a fairly long overlap period of the different sleeves, because the distributors got whatever sleeves were used by the pressing plants, and just
  9. I was around in 1961, in The Chicago Metro Area, and periodically looking for records also in Milwaukee and Indianapolis, and on trips to Los Angeles and San Francisco. I saw NO Motown or Tamla company covers of ANY kind until 1963. The Blue Motown covers were first in just 1963. The red ones in both 1963 and 1964. The Black Tamlas were out at the same time as both colours of Motown. The Hitsville covers started in mid 1964, and lasted into 1965. The LP festooned covers started in 1966, and lasted into the late 1960s. I'd bet BigBoppa wasn't even alive back then. The red Motowns were a
  10. The pink Motowns all came in generic brown sleeves. The Blue Motown sleeves didn't start until late 1963, if I remember correctly. But, I admit to keeping my earliest Motowns in them, and then those directly after them in the red Motowns, because, I want all my records in company sleeves, if it is possible. Same goes for my Tamla records. My early Gordy records, Miracle, Mel-O-dy, Soul, and VIP are all in 1962-64 Hitsville covers, until they run out, then in the LP photos on white background design 1965-67 Motown Corp. sleeves, as are the later Motowns and Tamlas.
  11. Is it MY fault that Red Bird made no company sleeves for their US issues? I think US Red Bird records look better in British Rec Bird sleeves than in generic, blank white ones. What is much funnier, is that I keep my 1949-1955 Chicago Al Benson Parrot label records in London Parrot sleeves.
  12. I can just hear them singing: "El Señor Creador............... " Is it sung in Spanish or English?
  13. Here are a few more: I wish I had this Revelaires' record to fill my Burgundy sleeve (1954 Detroit R&B Group ballad):

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