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  1. Marv Johnson The Man Who Don't Believe UA

    Hi Ady Sent you a 300 dpi of the white DJ to your Soul-Source message box. Hope you can use it. Robb
  2. Vic Marcel Info ?

    From what I remember, there was only one 4 Bars group, who sang in The Baltimore/D.C. Area, and that was Eddie Daye's group, which sang during most of the 1950s and 1960s. I always thought that Eddie was their lead singer. They DID have member changes in tr...
  3. Johnnie on the spot, Dennis Edwards.

    So, Frank Brown was the financier, executive producer and owner of the record label (Soulville International). He owned a few small Detroit Soul labels during the 1960s. No relation to Kable, Mickay's and Ring's Fred Brown, Frank had his own label, Valtone (...
  4. Johnnie on the spot, Dennis Edwards.

    I was not able to play the Dennis Edwards interview, because that video is restricted where I am now. Can someone please paraphrase for me what Dennis said about how he came to record it? I am very curious, as the recording sounds very like Dennis' 1966-67 ...
  5. Most 'northern' Motown hit..

    I'm sure that The Underdogs' "Love's Gone Bad" didn't chart nationally in USA, and probably only got local sales in Detroit because they had a local following in Detroit's Garage Band scene. They played locally at The Hideout, and a few other venues, and wer...
  6. Most 'northern' Motown hit..

    I wouldn't call "Festival Time" a "Motown hit". It had no sales in North America on Ric Tic, and none on Gordy. Same for "6 By 6" on Soul. The OP asked for Motown hits. Maybe they would count as Motown hits if their Tamla-Motown releases were high on the ...
  7. The Dynamics Label out of Detroit

    So, was The Maxine Jenkins record before Dynamics' 1000 series, or after it? So, "A. Abney" was Armond Abney, Butler's other son.
  8. My First Egyptian 45

    No surprise that there were Soul records in The Philippines during the 1960s. It was a US territory with US military personnel stationed there. But why would RCA print The Lollipops' record in Egypt??? There were some Brits there, but I'll bet that song go...
  9. Canadian 'Right On!' label

    Could it be that Godin was selling franchises, and Martin Koppel got The Canadian one? Maybe there were Australian and New Zealand franchises, as well?
  10. Company sleeves - mythical and most desirable?

    Yes, Jubilee/Josie Group (distributor) covers came on the later Festival records. There was an earlier Festival sleeve when the earlier Festival output was out. There were no company sleeves for any of Johnnie Mae Matthews' labels.
  11. Company sleeves - mythical and most desirable?

    I concur. I don't believe Arc Records used Arc sleeves on Arc - distributed records. I never saw any indication of Arc Records having any subsidiaries or distrbuting records for smaller non-affiliated labels.
  12. Company sleeves - mythical and most desirable?

    Do you mean "La Louisienne"?
  13. Rodd Keith - Like The Lord Said

    Not nearly as good as The Merced Blue Notes' "Do The Pig", which was horrible, and probably their worst recording.
  14. Rodd Keith - Like The Lord Said

    Yes, Teri Thornton used an AKA as "Teri Summers". All the Teri and Terri artists on Preview and MSR were likely to have been Teri Thornton.
  15. Rodd Keith - Like The Lord Said

    She looks a little like Teri Thornton, when she was young.

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