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  1. RobbK

    Mary Wheeler on Parkway ???

    They must have been negotiating for the lease arrangement, and it fell through at the last minute.
  2. RobbK

    Mary Wheeler on Parkway ???

    I boght it new on Calla in 1967 or 1968. I've never seen it on Parkway. Calla was distributed by Cameo-Parkway at that time. I don't remember Cameo or Parkway leasing any Calla records to put out on one of their own labels.
  3. Yes. I never meant to imply that Northern Soul high prices fore rare records are in any way related to "a con job", or any kind of trickery or chicanery.
  4. During the 1960s through 1980s, the market for DooWop/Old R&B records rose steadily, as the youthful fans of that music became middle-aged, and prosperous in their work, and could afford to bid up the prices. But, during the early 2000s, as those fans died off, or became too old to care, or needed the money for health care costs, the market prices started a precipitous fall, that has excelerated with each passing year. Fairly rare records i saw priced in the thousands can now be bought for $100 or $200, and many that were in the several hundreds can be bought for less than $75, or even $50. That will also happen to Northern Soul records, eventually.
  5. RobbK


    6 million was JUST The Jews, alone (including half my extended family). Don't let those bigoted revisionists tell you it was only in the 10,000s. Add to that figure 60,000 Gypsies, 2,500,000 Poles, a few million Russians, and millions of other European civilians (including several thousand Dutch people in the cold winter of 1944, when The Germans took most of the food out of the country, to give to their own soldiers and people in Germany).
  6. RobbK

    Motown Unreleased 60 at 60

    Got it mixed up with the British film, "The Crying Game".
  7. RobbK

    Ronnie & Robyn

    Thus the spelling difference. Thanks for clearing that up.
  8. RobbK

    Ronnie & Robyn

    I have read that in several places, but have no direct first or second-hand knowledge on that question.
  9. RobbK

    Motown Unreleased 60 at 60

    Brenda Holloway's "Crying Game" listed above is VERY CLOSE to her unreleased Motown song, "Crying Time". Did she actually sing two songs with those titles, or is "Crying Game" an error?
  10. RobbK

    Ronnie & Robyn

    There was no Sidra 9001/9002. That number in the Sidra number series was used by Team Town #9001/9002 - Ronnie & Robin "Cradle of Love"/"Dreamin' ", just as W.I.G. Records shared Sidra's number series. I never saw any of those Team Town or W.I.G. Records show up on a Sidra pressing of those numbers. Here's Team Town 9001/9002:
  11. RobbK

    Sue Label variations

    The only regional variation should have been caused by some pressing plants having larger stock of the older 3 colour blank labels left over after the change, and using them until all used up. That period might have been 6 months to a little over a year.
  12. RobbK

    Clovers - Try My Lovin' On You (promo)

    Yes, that's a legit issue I saw during the 1960s. It is the styrene - looks like the Monarch pressing.
  13. RobbK

    The Servicemen

    I Wow!!! This song is a direct stealing of "My Heart Is Hurtin' " written by Billy Butler, and recorded by Billy Butler and The Enchanters, and released on Okeh Records in 1964. What a nerve! And Sylvester "Sly" Stewart produced this in L.A., and took half credit for writing it! No way these singers are Billy Butler and The Enchanters. Mellow Town was located in L.A. (or. at least pressed there). Stewart worked out of The San Francisco Bay Area and L.A. The singers sound like they could possibly be The Servicemen. I first saw the Patheway orange release at least a year later than the Chartmaker (1966), and the Wind Hit in the late '60s (1968 or 1969). The multi-coloured Patheway is a late '60s label (1968, 1969 or 1970?). So, I'm convinced it was a (legitimate) later pressing (re-issue). The dates for the Chartmaker, Mellow Town, and 2 Patheway releases should be traceable by their Delta press code numbers. Wind Hit was a Phoenix label, and I'm not sure what plant pressed it. The Roy & The Dew Drops looks like a Chicago pressing plant label style and font from 1969-73.
  14. RobbK

    Motown Unreleased 60 at 60

    How could you leave out The Monitors' "Crying In The Night", Carolyn Crawford's "Lover Boy" and "Until You Came Along", The Contours' "Baby Hit and Run", Tammi Terrell's "All I Do (Is Think of You)" and The Marvelettes' "I Should Have Known Better"? I'd have used Jimmy Ruffin's great vocal version of "On The Avenue". What about Shorty Long's great "A Woman Just Won't Do Right"?
  15. RobbK

    Don Heart (possibly Don Hart Detroit artist)

    That name is also on "Soul In The Back-Yard" on Mas-Ter Records, sung by Don. It stands to reason that he shortened his real name to the "catchy" name, "Heart" (and trying "Hart", as well), for his stage name, which is a lot more easy to remember and pronounce.


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