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  1. WOW!!! That Sue record, with songs written by Detroit singer/songwriter, Jesse Greer, was sung by Bobby Sanders' L.A. group???? I never imagined anything like that. But, Detroiter, Mickey Stevenson, wrote songs in L.A. for Leon Rene's Class records, so, I guess sometimes weird-looking situations are just a matter of personal connections through family, networking, or simply meeting people when traveling and making a connection.
  2. These 2 ladies have different tones in their voices, even when they sing in the same key. Also, they have very different mannerisms. Betty Renay sings Bluesy, and uses a lot of tremelo, while Betty Renee sings a lot less emotionally, lighter material, a softer delivery, and doesn't use tremelo much, if at all. The first was from Philadelphia, and the latter from Michigan.
  3. I don't think Betty Renne is just singing in a much higher register. Their voices seem to have different tones, as well. So, I doubt they were the same person. Betty James' "I'm A Little Mixed Up" is in my Top 5 all-time female Blues recordings (along with greats Memphis Minnie, Ma Rainey, Victoria Spivey, and Bessie Smith).
  4. I've always wondered whether this Chandeliers group was a Detroit group, or the known New York group. Although Juggy Murray operated out of New York, he did lease at least one 45 production from Detroit (Freddie Brown's and Joe Hunter's "Toy Soldier" by Detroit's 1st Dramatics group. The songwriter was Detroit's Jesse Greer, who had been a member of Roger Craton's (Lee Rogers') Peppermints and Barons, and he wrote a lot of songs for Detroit singers and groups. I don't remember ever coming across any reference to a Detroit group by that name. The only New York Chandeliers I know of was the
  5. Yes. My old memory is failing me. And I'm away from my records.
  6. What about The Cavaliers that had a record out during 1963 on a Juggy Murray label that had songs written by Detroit songwriter/singer, Jesse Greer, who had been a member of a few well-known Detroit groups? Were they at all related to the RCA Cavaliers?
  7. Wow!!! You have quite a fast acting, logical mind, and general knowledge in a wide variety of areas, in addition to a good memory ........ not to mention the most important requisite...... a great knowledge of record labels. Hard to compete with all those strengths in combination! Very impressive. I'd just settle for my having a halfway decent memory (my memory of 50 years ago).
  8. In Yorkshire it WOULD be correct! "warn 'er brothers"
  9. 2. Communist Trainer - Ha! Ha! Redd Coach (was also Red Coach for a short while)

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