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    Worked on "From The Vaults" projects at Motown 1970s, Co-Owner Airwave/Airwave International Records 1979-1984. Contributor to oldies CD projects(Ace/Kent & Motown). R&B record collector since 1953. Artist/storywriter for animation and comic books 1984-present in Europe and North America.

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    Soul, R&B, Blues, Gospel, Jazz music, cartooning, ice hockey, back country skiing
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    Oude Niedorp,Netherlands;MuenchenD;L.A.USA
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    A Tear From A Woman's Eye-Temptations

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  1. robo

    ive recently brought joel christie since i found you its an audition record no im-66198 and its stamped it is not the same version as the ones on utube which there are several downloads my copy is slower and the vocals are different towards the end is it a genuine reissue hope you can help thanks robo

    1. Robbk


      Why do ask if it is a genuine RE-ISSUE, as opposed to "a genuine ORIGINAL"?  If it has stamped letters and numbers in the runout, it is likely to be a legitimate issue.  What is stamped and etched into the trailer will help me to tell if it is original, re-issue or a relatively recent bootleg.  Tell me everything that is in there.  Also, it would be helpful if I can see 300 GPI scans of the labels.  I hadn't heard of there being 2 different versions of the song issued.  But that doesn't mean it isn't a legitimate original issue or re-issue.

    2. robo

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