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    Most kinds of Music, Xbox, live standup comedy, reading, and my eight year old son. and 3 grown up girls!
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    George Tindley - Ain't Gonna Worry About You / Alexander Patten - A Lil lovin sometimes

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  1. Do links to other music/radio sites play OK? YouTube, SoundCloud, lastfm etc? It maybe you don't have the right audio codec/plugin? See if you can play this. https://www.mixcloud.com/60ssoulboy/brut-sweat-and-tears/
  2. Is your printer a bit faint? You may be entitled to ink opacity benefits.
  3. Just finished watching Season 3 of "Ripper Street", saw the last episode last night, i bloody love the series, the characters are all excellent, with their own stories and properly rounded out too. I really do think its been exceptional. It does look like season 3 is the last ever, but it would be possible for them to carry on, does anyone know if there's any plans for a fourth season? It has been on Amazon Prime this time, but is due to be shown on the BBC in March.
  4. Thoroughly enjoying "Stalker" on Sky Living at the moment, great stuff!
  5. I'm dreaming of a better future... where a chicken can cross the road and not have its motives questioned!
  6. Chris, try Orca, Crucial, or MrMemory - they're the 3 best places for quality compatible memory, at the right price. They all have some sort of memory finder on the site to tell you what you need for all branded PCs or Motherboards too.
  7. When abroad, James Bond is known as +44 07.
  8. Saw this on the sports news.... WTF was a professional footballer doing with his phone on the pitch while playing a match in the first place - bizarre. I hope the stewards rand on and told him off like they do at most premier league grounds if they catch you with your phone pointed at the pitch!
  9. Watched Gone Girl over the weekend, and agree it is very good. "The Guest" is very watchable too. Finally got round to watching "Guardians of the Galaxy" with the lad, and loved it! Watched "Earth to Echo" as a family too, and the wife and kids enjoyed that too.
  10. I went to see Noah, cinema was like a big semi circle - all the seats were in an arc......
  11. Watched "no good deed" with Idris Elba the other night, thoroughly enjoyed it..... that bloke is great at playing characters that are a bit .... unbalancedm shall we say ☺
  12. Dont know about Darby ... but I'm sure Joan wont be too pleased at being volunteered!!
  13. Kegsy, I know what you mean about artists/studios/producers etc - there's definite nominations for each of those. Ady and the stuff he releases on Kent etc is a virtual Soul hall of fame, and at least any artists due royalties from those releases get them, and I believe they get copies of the CDs too? Theres been so much too... the Pied Piper stuff from a while back is a proper highlight. It is a good idea, and to be fair, for a lot of the artists, the Northern/Rare/call it what you will Soul crowd are the only place that recognition ever comes from. As Soul-Source is the foremost Rare/Modern/etc Soul Scene Forum Fraternity in the UK (or the World?!!) I think it would be quite fitting. Lorraine, have you spoken to MIKE? Ultimately it would be him that had the final yes or no, or what would be acceptable and rules to be followed. Paul

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