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  1. Love the description " a real growler" ....we did an extended edit of it many years ago !!! its definitely a "banger"....
  2. I will have to dig my copy out now...I agree that prices seem to have risen significantly over the last few years for all records ...however I don't see the market being maintained ....with possibly 5-10 years left before it collapses ...I see that all the big dealers are happy to auction records that they have stored & squirrelled away over the years... Now if I can get that 100 box I sold to Tim Brown in 89 I would be happy ...LOL....
  3. Hard one to find....I sold one about 8 years ago ...excellent condition too...
  4. Prices seem excessive to say the least ....Good luck !!
  5. Got a copy in excellent condition ----but need very good price to part with it.... iamottony@yahoo.co.uk or message me on here...
  6. Might be tempted to part company depending on your offer...
  7. Chasing Willie Tee -----Concentrate as a birthday present ....Let me know if you have one...condition & price must be exc condition Thanks
  8. Could have a spare available ....let me know if still looking ...either on here or direct to iamottony@yahoo.co.uk

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