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  1. Loved it. Xxxxxxxxx Top records.
  2. Thanks guys! X I still need the Foxy one!!
  3. I have two records going round my head ... I know the titles but not the artists: Hey foxy. Backstreet Sally. I know you guys and girls can help me ?
  4. elanor rigby remix - CLASSIC top night as always.
  5. happy birthday Mark see you at The Backstreet tonight !!
  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BACKSTREET!! i'm so sad to miss this one - especially as my plane touches down just 7 days later BOO! I just wanted to wish Mark all the best for this event. He really works hard to put on all these events and I think sometimes we, the punters, can forget just what hard work and stress it can be. so CHEERS TO MARK the Norwich soul scene wouldnt be half of what it is today if it wasnt for him. long may he continue all the very best, Helen xxx
  7. Well it's that most wonderful time of the year again, and no, I dont mean christmas HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sending hugs and kisses all the way from China, have a great day
  8. I was in a bar last night here in China, and this chinese guy walks in with a 'Billy' t-shirt on . . . that boys gonna be big !!
  9. Good luck to Billy behind the decks, I'm gutted I'll just miss this one (going back to China the weekend before - should've checked the events planner, DOH!!!). Billy just played me his new intro record for his set - it's a WONDERFUL record If you havent heard him play; he's got a top class collection of dance records, and I dont mean a box of 100-mile-an-hour tracks but really soulful, sexy, and beautiful records, mostly underplayed gems ;) all the best to all that are attending, especially the Norwich crew (I'll be seeing Mark at his Backstreet night tomorrow - yay!) over and out x
  10. great name. great team. great city. have a great xmas :-)

  11. xmas 2012, Tianjin, China.
  12. ah, the children of the night ! what music they make . . .

    1. good angel's profile photo

      good angel

      Ey up Hells bells,you coming too Rugby

    2. thenorwichdancer's profile photo


      Not all the way from China I'm not !!!

      Only came back for 4 weeks . . .

  13. you played a great spot Billy - some really nice unknown/underplayed stuff xxxx

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    2. soul elite's profile photo

      soul elite

      WELL DONE BILLY!!! x

    3. Billywhizz's profile photo


      Thanks miss elite

    4. soul elite's profile photo

      soul elite

      No probs Billykins, I'm sure it was a fantastic set! x

  14. Hi everybody, I've got a ticket to the filming (oh I've got a golden ticket!) and I wondered if anyone else going can give me a lift from manchester? Kind Regards. ps. they havent asked me to grow my hair
  15. Is this the "user names anonymous" thread ?? everyone is finally admitting who they really are . . . so hello, my name is helen and i'm from norwich and i am rather partial to a good ol' dance when i can get it i'm not telling you my surname as i find that too personal to reveal you've got to leave something to the imagination havent you??) i used to a bit embarassed by the norwich part of my name, as norwich is a slightly embarassing place to come from . . . i was very embarassed when they got relegated from the championship (would that be the 2nd or 3rd division these days?), then it got better when they went up again, now we're premiership i am proud to shout my name to anyone who cares to know it i'dprobably be embarassed if i ever broke my leg or my ankle, or when i finally get too old to dance . . .

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