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  1. Is this the "user names anonymous" thread ?? :lol: everyone is finally admitting who they really are . . .

    so hello, my name is helen and i'm from norwich and i am rather partial to a good ol' dance when i can get it :hatsoff2: i'm not telling you my surname as i find that too personal to reveal you've got to leave something to the imagination havent you??)

    i used to a bit embarassed by the norwich part of my name, as norwich is a slightly embarassing place to come from . . . i was very embarassed when they got relegated from the championship (would that be the 2nd or 3rd division these days?), then it got better when they went up again, now we're premiership i am proud to shout my name to anyone who cares to know it :thumbup:

    i'dprobably be embarassed if i ever broke my leg or my ankle, or when i finally get too old to dance . . . :(

  2. we both had a brilliant night, top marks to sian and the other organisers :thumbsup:

    time just flew by so quickly, probably because we were dancing so much! we're paying for it now though :yes: great to catch up with friends - u know who u are!

    the latin sounds coming from the freestyle room were BRILLIANT :thumbup: we want to hear more!

    big thanks goes out to Billy Whizz for escorting us to and from, you did a fine job on the dance floor as usual :ohmy:

    helen & graham xxx

  3. graham and i had a wonderful night! thumbsup.gif

    we didnt know what to expect as we had not been before and had only been handed the flyer that morning - fate huh? great little venue, easy to get to (and park), lovely friendly crowd - great to see Marcus wink.gif and meet Maxine for the first time.

    we will definately be back for the next one!

  4. thankyou Imberboy for this threadthumbup.gif ,

    Billy Whizz deserves all the praise he gets - and he doesnt get nearly as much as he should in my opinion.

    it was Mr Whizz who took me to my first proper nighter a few years ago - it was Middleton and it blew my mind!

    he then took me out to different nighters nearly every weekend for the next 2 years laugh.gif

    he has a pure love and enjoyment for the music and the dancing which really inspired me, and still does. i dont know where he gets his energy from, i can only hope i have half his energy when i'm his age (36shhh.gif ).

    he never gets involved in the crappy gossip and bitching which unfortunately goes on sometimes. he has never told me what to do, who to like, who not to like, or what style of soul music i should like. Billy and Karen, who also deserves a big mention on this thread, have introduced me to some wonderful people on the soul scene and i miss our long car journeys very much thumbsup.gif

  5. this was our first visit to Move On and it was well worth the 4 hour round trip :ohmy: the music was FANTASTIC! seriously people, if you like Bidds etc get your arses over to this venue :lol: .

    i think you are right in maybe down-sizing the venue for the moment, which is a shame considering how great the dancefloor is, but it may create a better vibe in a smaller do.

    we were a bit shocked when the bar closed with no warning at 12ish :thumbsup: . but it was lovely to meet the people there, and once again the music was TOP QUALITY! we would definately travel up again and support the night, but maybe a smaller, more personal venue is the way forward?

    helen & graham

  6. as we'd never heard Ian Levine or Keb Darge DJ we were very excited to see what they had to offer; we were sadly disappointed.

    there was no build-up musically to work the crowd and get the excitement going, and talking OVER the records? come on....

    saying that we had a lovely time socially, great to see so many good friends who dont venture up north too often wink.gif .

  7. looking forward to trying this night out for the first time after hearing the CD which was handed to us at the last Six Hills nighter - BLINDING MUSIC!!! :D right up our preverbial streets!

    we'll be getting there early doors as we're travelling up from essex and if the music is like that on the CD we wont be leaving dancefloor until the bitter end :thumbsup: .

    helen & graham

  8. Graham and i had a great night at Rugby, a venue which always has such a nice warm vibe. Fab to catch up with so many people we havent seen for a while; steve and lydia, stevie T, Tabs, Kylie and all the rest :yes:

    i have to say that the music coming out of the Freestyle room was (as always) refreshingly wonderful.

    it's this room, with it's quality music and eclectic mix of DJs that really makes Rugby that little bit special :thumbsup:

    until we meet again........!

  9. have to say it was so great to see so many familiar faces and catch up with those who we havent seen for some time :huh: especially Stevie T. glad to see Billy still standing at the end of the night after his projectile vomiting episode laugh.gif thank god no-one got in the way!

    graham just asks that next time the hand stamp ink isnt quite so wet so he doesnt end up transfering it all over his clothes and body :thumbup: he says he will have to take the organisers to court if the situation is not rectified......

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