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  1. Wythenshaw Good Neighbours Fundraiser Soul night with Harry Nightingale & friends at the Crown Inn, Ford Lane, Northenden M22 4WE
  2. MOTOWN & 60s, 70s SOUL NIGHT Upstairs @ the Moorfield, 131 Marshland road, Sale. Manchester Saturday 9th March 2019, 8pm till 12pm £3-50 on the door DJs Harry Nightingale, DJ Campbell & Roy Merron playing the very best Motown, 60s/70s Soul & Northern Soul,. Don't forget your dancing shoes !!!!
  3. SOUL & MOTOWN @ THE WINSTON CLUB, Hall Lane, Baguley M23 1AQ SATURDAY 25TH AUGUST 2018 8pm till late, £3 Admission Classic soul, Northern soul & Motown played for you by
  4. Due to the the Winston club double booking the room we have to cancel the soul & Motown night on Saturday 23rd June 2018, we are hoping to do one in July, we are very sorry for this
  5. Soul & Motown night, @ the Winston club,Hall lane, Baguley, Manchester M23 1AQ SATURDAY 23rd JUNE 2018,!!! DUE TO WINSTON CLUB DOUBLE BOOKING THE ROOM THE SOUL NIGHT HAS HAD TO BE CANCELLED !!!! VERY SORRY
  6. NORTHERN SOUL & MOTOWN at the Winston club, Hall Lane, Baguley Manchester M23 1AQ Saturday 24th February 2018 8pm til late, £3 admission All the very best Northern
  7. Northern Soul & Motown night @ the Winston club, Hall Lane Baguley M23 1AQ Saturday 2nd December 2017, 8pm till late, £3-50 admission DJs Harry Nightingale, Denis Campbell & Roy Merron
  8. Mancsoul


    SOULTIME Soul & Motown night @ THE QUADRANT PUB 67 Greatstone road, Stretford , Manchester M32 8GR Saturday 25th November 201
  9. Looking forward to doing a guest spot on Sunday
  10. Mancsoul


    SOULTIME SOUL & MOTOWN NIGHT @ THE ROBIN HOOD PUB 125 Barton Road, Stretford, Manchester, M32 9AF FRIDAY 10TH MARCH 2017
  11. Mancsoul


    SOULTIME Motown & Soul Night A THE ROBIN HOOD PUB 125Barton Road, Stretford, Manchester M3
  12. Mancsoul

    Soul time, Manchester

    Soultime @ the Robin Hood pub, Barton road, Stretford, Manchester, Sat 14th Jan 2017 Northern soul & Motown, 8pm till late only £3 admission, DJs Harry Nightingale & Denis Campbell + guest Roy Merron info, Harry 07546965293, h.nightingale@hotmail.co.uk
  13. Mancsoul


    Back after a long lay off, SOUL TIME at a new venue, the Robin hood pub, 125 Barton road, Stretford, Manchester M32 9AF, 8pm to late, £3 pay on the door
  14. Mancsoul

    Soul time, Manchester

    soultime Northern soul & Motown night. Friday 16th December 2016. @ the Robin Hood pub, 125 Barton Road, Stretford. Manchester M32 9AF 10 minutes Stretford Metro stop, Recently refurbished room,
  15. Mancsoul

    soul time is back !!

    Back after a long lay off, SOUL TIME at a new venue, the Robin hood pub, 125 Barton road, Stretford, Manchester M32 9AF, 8pm to late, £3 pay on the door

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