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  1. franz


  2. franz

    El-Corals Band

    The Rouser mix is so much better
  3. franz

    Hip City Soul Club Sept 09Th & 10Th

    Here's a couple I've played, neither complete nor in the order played, as usual Jesse Lord - I Wanna Be Your Shadow - Bell Four Tempos - This Is The Way I Feel - Rampart Joe Cato - I'm So Glad - Chess Larry Reynolds - Take Away the Big Hurt - Tri-Spin Toronados - Why Don't You Tell Me So - Winley Mr. Percolator - I Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love) - Wax-Wel Lee Mitchell - Love of My Baby - HL&M Gene Middle..
  4. franz

    C L Blast

    'Fools Love' for me. 'What can I do" and "Two times one is two" also up there.
  5. Just back in from vacation, here's a portion of what I spun, just to revive the thread . Not sure about the others… Four Tempos - This Is The Way I Feel - Rampart Joe Cato - I'm So Glad - Chess Mr Percolator - I Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love) - Wax-Wel Sugar - Dynamite - Carousel Andrew Jeffries - Not Like Just Any Girl - Queen Brothers Of Love - You Changed Me - Blue Roc..
  6. Not yet halfway recovered from what was easily the best Hip City I've ever had. The blood, the sweat and the tears, we've had them all. Totally agree with with Lars (who happened to play a blinder of a set), anyone who thinks rare soul material is drying up should really get out more (I'd recommend the Hip City, but then again I'm positively biased ) - Butch's set was the best I've ever heard him play, now there's a standard. A..
  7. While we're at it, here's mine: Spoilers - Hey Little Girl come on be my girl - Tobin Brenda Jones - It must be Love - Ru-Jac Robbie Lee - Stop Me Baby - Excel Roy Wright - Heartbreak (Awful Day) - Crash Sugar'n'Spice - Lucky We - Lira Frank & Jack & the Monulanes - Count On Me - Emblem Dee and Flo and the Dee-ettes - This Or That - Dee Wolf Mr. Percolator - I Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love) - Wax-Wel Leg..
  8. franz

    2010-09-25: Hip City Soul Club

    Here's my playlist for the night, not complete and absolutely not in the order played: Duke & Leonard - Just Do The best You Can - Stomp Town Barons - As Sure As You're Born - Shagg Demon Brothers - Uh Huh - Quinvy Sugar - Dynamite - Carousel Roy Wright - Something Is Wrong - Crash Larry Reynolds - Take Away The Big Hurt - Tri-Spin Mr. Percolator - I Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love) - Wax-Wel Legends - Deep Insi..
  9. To get things started, here's my playlists for the night (not that I'd consider them the most relevant, would love to see Butch's! Should be a rather long one…) Zircons - Was it Meant To Be That Way - Heigh-Ho Decrescendos - One Of The Crowd - Prism Splendors - Please Don't Go - Karate Marvin Gaye - When I had Your Love - Tamla Sugar'n'Spice - Lucky We - Lira Webs - Can't Let You Go - Dynamic Clemon Smith - The Thr..
  10. Hi Ollie, here's the dates for the rest of 2010: May 15, 2010 Hip City Soul Club (with Kitch and Dean Anderson) July 10, 2010 20th Anniversary (with bUTCH!) September 18, 2010 Hip City Soul Club (with Lazy) November 13, 2010 Hip City Soul Club (tba) best, Franz
  11. Hi Karen, good to hear from, great you enjoyed it in our cosy little b(l)ack room! Don't wait too long for a re-visit Franz
  12. Event Title: HIP CITY SOULCLUB BERLIN 15.05.2010 Event Author: franz Calendar: Allnighter/Weekenders Event Date: Sat 15 May 2010 ------------------------------------------------- HIP CITY SOUL CLUB very proudly presents VERY SPECIAL GUEST DJ`s KITCH & DEAN ANDERSON (a true legend, for the very first time deejaying in Germany!) plus Marc Forrest and Franz "GET HIP GET DOWN GET WI..
  13. Glaube, da wird's voll, da í…¾auf Station"...
  14. I play pressings exclusively, just for the record.
  15. Yes, great night, great sets by our guests!!! Slightly belated, here's a bit of what I played: Duke & Leonard - Just Do The Best You Can - Stomptown Robert & Ron - I Ain't Finish Yet - Unisfere Barons - As Sure As You're Born - Shagg Cheers - Two Loves - Nation Blue Soul - Sock' some Lovin' to me - Westwood Webs - Can't Let You Go - Dynamic Herbie Thompson - Let Your Love (Grow Stronger) - Big Hit Larry R..