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  1. 1 hour ago, SoulStu said:

    My copy arrived this morning - both sides are nice and clear sounding, love it! it's archetypal Popcorn (with a capital P). For the price of three pints you get some proper northern in your box!


    There dispatch department must have been busy as mine arrived this morning too :lol:



  2. Onto the last few pages & I've really enjoyed it,certainly brought a few memories back that I'd conveniently sifted out the memory banks.The ones mainly of how bloody frightening some kids that we shared many of our nights with & in some cases called mates were.I wonder how many of the new wave wannabe soulies would be so keen to join the fun if things were the same today :D Certainly reminded me of how bloody exciting it all was,brought back the memories of how devious & dodgy you had to be to get everything in place each week.............I wouldn't change a thing :lol:



    PS Seemed strange seeing a small piece & photo's of my older brother in.

  3. Mouse & Dave

    Such sad news about my favourite venue............ever.

    I've met so many great people at The Wilton with some of them becoming close personal friends.Not only has it introduced me to so many good people but my soul music education would not be the same without all the great sounds I've heard over the years coming from The Wilton dj's & all the info to go with those sounds from some of the most knowledgeable people on the scene.I sit here now with a heavy heart knowing it's going to leave a massive hole in my soul scene but hopefully in years to come it will get the acclaim it deserves & I count myself lucky that I've been part of The Wilton experience.

    So well done Mouse,Dave & all the other who have helped give the scene one of the best nighters.........ever.



  4. Just like to say well done to Sean & Karl for a top night.

    Can't remember the last time I saw a dancefloor as full for as long.Credit to all dj's for keeping em on there with such great variety,don't usually like single anyone out but just loved Joan's set.

    Only down side was having to leave early knowing I was missing so much............never mind be there til the end next time :hatsoff2:



  5. Well, Steve "Bullitt" L is revving the owd nicked beamer up as we Speakhatsoff2.gif

    With the Baby-faced assasin riding shotgun :)

    The owd codger (me) lording it in the backbiggrin.gif

    Should be an eventful journeyyes.gif

    See you about 11 :wicked:

    Only joking Willieyes.gif

    How many more sleeps Dannylaugh.gif

    See you nutters Saturday thumbsup.gif




    Will you be bringing the white suit to enter the dancing comp :wicked:

    How have you got the little fella to part with some money & come out to play..........I'm impressed :thumbsup:

    See you Saturday looks like it's gonna be a good un :lol:



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