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  1. On 23/10/2022 at 07:12, Andybellwood said:

    When’s the next mini alldayer Martyn ? Great to see this one being played - a longtime fav which I must  dig out for play box & radio shows . 

    Arthur Prysock-House By The Side Of The Road



    Hi Andy

    Sorry for the late reply but don't come on here much these days.

    These are our dates for next year,hopefully the April date will be a mini dayer but we aren't organised enough to know for certain yet :D

    ***2023 Dates***2023 Dates***

    Saturday 25th February

    Saturday 29th April (May bank holiday.Possibly a mini dayer?)

    Saturday 2nd September

    Saturday 2nd December

    ***2023 Dates***2023 Dates***

    Arthur Prysock is a Banksy special and a big Mojo fave.

    Be great to see if you can make it some time.

    This is our Facebook page if you want to keep tabs on what we are up to......


    Take care


  2. This is a cross section of tunes played by all our great dj's at our September 2022 mini dayer.This is a perfect example of the sort of stuff we are trying to get played at our Mojo night's.
    So thanks to all our outstanding dj's.....Roger Banks,Hoss,Matt Sneath,Eddie Wainwright,Kristian Wealsby,Mark (Wally) Walsh,Jim Randall,Katy Carr,Dave Clark & Martyn Bird
    MOJO BABY!!!!

    Track listing....................

    Ronnie Forte-Whiskey Talkin,

    Johnny Nash- Love Ain't Nothing

    Chosen Few- Birth Of A Playboy

    Louis Jordan - What I Say

     Ronnie Love-Chills & Fever

    Little Jimmie Ballard-Guilty (Of Love In The 1st Degree)

    Rogers Collins-Working Girl

    Ricky Allen- Cut You Loose

    Tiny Topsy- Miss You So

    Lavern Baker- You'd Better Find Yourself Another Fool

    Tarheel Slim and Little Ann- Can't Stay Away From You

    James Duncan- Three Little Pigs

    The Triumphs- Burnt Biscuits

    Dorando Pulliam-How I Got Over (A Must Please Mate)

    Zodiacs -Don't Change On Me

    Mong Samtamaria- We Got Latin Soul

    Underground Express -I Never Found A Girl.

     The Just Us-There's A Man .

    Bobby Lee Fears  Exodus

    Clarence Coulter -Detroit City

    The Bit A Sweet - Is It On, Is It Of

    William Powell-Heartache Souvenirs

    Easy-Groovin' Along

    The Lo-Kals-Somewhere I've Got A Friend

    Johnnie Jackson feat Merle Spears-What You Gonna Do

    Bobby Blakeney - Yo Yo Honey

    Buddy Ace Screaming Please

    David Colman Drown My Heart

    Joe McLean Let's Talk About Love

    Vicki Britton Elias Stone

    Lonnie Lester You Can't Go

    Anne pebbles 99 lbs Of Soul

    Eddy G Giles-Eddy's Go-Go Train

    Chambers Brothers-I Can't Stand It

    Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger - Save Me

    Joe Swift's Internationals-Bell Bottoms

    Perry & The Harmonics

    Irma Routen – I Will Sacrifice

    Eddie Jasper Daye's Four Bars – Lean On Me (When Heartaches Get Rough)

    Don Hart Out Uh Sight

    Katie Briggs – Last Time Around

    The Sacred Four – Somebody Watching You

    E. Rodney Jones – Peace Of Mind

     Rudy Love-Suffering Wrath

    Ruby Johnson-Don't Start Nothing

    Ricky Allen-Soul Street

    Henry Moore -You Really Grab Me

    Lenny Johnson-Am I Still Your Fool

    Roger Washington-You're Too Much

    Joe Johnson-Gold Digging Man

    Tiny Watkins-Can't Take It With You

    Gladys Tyler-Mr Green,Mrs Green

    Etta James-I'm So Glad

    Bobby Bland - 36-22-36

    Johnny Guitar Watson - Big Bad Wolf

    Arthur Prysock-House By The Side Of The Road

    Tabby Thomas-Popeye Train

    Guerillas - Lawdy Rolla

    Anna Belle Caesar - Little Annie

    George Wydell - From Out Of Nowhere

  3. A selection of tunes from all our great dj's at our March night...Dave Clark,Ross Machon,Jake Kirkham,John Parker,Allan Swires & Martyn Bird



    Minnie Epperson ‎– Grab Your Clothes (And Get On Out)PEACOCK

    Billy Lee Riley ‎– St. James Infirmary GPN CRESCENDO

    Jimmy Mccracklin - ILL see it through IMPERIAL

    Lula Reed - you gotta have that green FEDERAL

    Rosco Gordon -Just a little bit VEEJAY

    Sir Guy - Funky Virginia D.P.G,

    Jimmy Robins - Shine it on 20thCENTURY

    Wess - Heart Breaker DURIUM

    Norma Jenkins - Can you imagine that DESERT MOON

    Jimmie Ballard - Guilty ABC

    Peppermint Harris - I cry for my baby (Alladin)
    Rocking Capris - Money (Confederate)
    Anita Tucker - I need love (54)
    Pat and the Neurotics - I like the way you do your thing (Crown)
    The Newport's - Dixie Woman (Kent)

    Betti Lou and Bobby Adams - Dr. Truelove (Tra-x)
    Ralph Graham- She just sits there (Upfront)

    Pneumonia - Joe Tex (King)

    Dr. Ross - Cat squirrel (Fortune)

    Hayes Cotton - Black wings have my angel (Resist)

    Ray Agee - I'm Not Looking Back (Celeste)

    Jo Ann Campbell - I Changed My Mind Jack (Jukebox Sweden)

    King Coleman - Down in the Basement (Togo)

    Jo Ann Henderson - Baby Please Don't Go (Phonograpgh)

    Tiny Topsy - Miss You So (Federal)

    Joe Bataan - Subway Joe (Fania)

    Ricky Dee - I'm Gonna Make Her Mine

    Benny Gordon - A Kiss to Build a Dream On

    Saxie Russell - El Monkey

    Bonny St Claire - I Surrender (Philips)

    Mike Pedicin Burnt Toast and Black Coffee Federel

    The Demons Going To The Dance Clover.

    Little Jimmy Ray You Need To Fall In Love Galliant.

    Ree Flores Fine Girl Chelan.

    Bobby Illinois Tucker You Aint Got No Soul Leoso.

    The Fads My Poor Heart Temp-O

    The Knights Those Things You Do Delta.

    Jimmy Raney You Drink Too Much Booze Jo-Dee.

    Jokers Soul Sounds Sko-Field.

    Eddie Jefferson Psychedelic Sally Prestige.

    Eddie Kirk-Monkey tonight

    Traci-Little evil

    Harold Jackson-Freedom riders

    Zu Zu Blues Band-Zu Zu man

    Young Holt Trio-Ain't there something that money can't buy.

    Little Joe Hinton-Let's start a romance

    Vernon Harrel-Slick chick

    Leo Price-Hey now baby

    Phillip Wolf-Little woman

    Booker t.and the MG's-Green onions.

    The Allergies -As We Do Our Thing Jalapeno

    Nina Simone-Save Me RCA

    The Guerillas-Lawdy Rolla King

    The Soul City-Cold Hearted Blues Goodtime

    The Webs-Give In Popside

    Johnny Mae Mathews-Two Sided Thing Big Hit

    Dickey & Gloria-Mr Clean Diamond

    Teri Thonton-Molly Marlene Mothers Records

    Bobby Baskerville-Gotcha Where I Wancha Dot

    Alex Hassilev-Young Man RCA

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  4. Here's a podcast of my spot at the 2nd Empty Bottles nighter at The Wardrobe in Leeds.............


    Roughly in order.......

    The Allergies -As We Do Our Thing Jalapeno

    Vernon Garrett-We People In The Ghetto Kapp

    Lee Dorsey-Gaitor Tail Polydor

    Gene Redding-I Got Soul Bell

    Gil Scott-Heron-Lady Day & John Coltrane Flying Dutchman

    James Kelly Duhon-Pusher Man Jude

    Marta Ren & The Groovelets-Don't Know Record Kicks LP

    Monguito Santamaria-Hey Sister Fania

    Black Sugar-Too Late Sono Radio

    Pete Rodriguez-I Like It Like That Alegre

    The Harlem Gospel Travelers-He's On Time Colmine

    Big Ella -The Queen Rush

    Etta James-Tighten Up Your Own Thing Cadet

    Johnny Sayles-Tell Me Soul City

    The Lamp Sisters-No Cure For The Blues Duke

    Gladys Tyler-A Little Bitty Girl Decca

    Curly Moore-You Don't Mean It Sansu

    Jimmy McCracklin-That's The Way (It Goes) Imperial

    The Kindly Shepherds - Lend Me Your Hand Checker

    H B Barnum-It Hurt Too Much To Cry RCA

    Sparkles-Try Love (Just One More Time) Old Town

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  5. Here's a sample of tunes I played in the R & B room at Bridlington Weekender.


    Allergies-As We Do Our Thing Jalapeno

    Karla Denning-I Bear Witness MD Records

    Lee Dorsey-Gaitor Tail Poloydor

    Pete Rodriguez-I Like It Like That Alegre

    Mongo Santamaria-We Got Latin Soul Columbia

    Rosco Gordon-You Got My Bait Jomada

    Geater Davis-My Love Is So Strong For You House Of Orange

    Etta James-Tighten Up Your Own Thing Cadet

    R.L Burnside-It's Bad You Know Fat Possum LP

    Roger & The Gypsies - Pass The Hatchet Seven B

    Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - Brown Sugar WB

    O.D. Williams - I'm Moving On Out Of Your Love Bar-Bare

    Sonny Rhodes- You Better Stop Galaxy

    Les McCann-Sad Little Girl Limelight LP

    Big Ella -The Queen Rush

    Dickey & Gloria - Mr Clean Diamond

    Joe And Ann - Runnin' And Foolin' Hermitage

    Anna Belle Caesar - I've Got My Man Glad-Hamp

    Varetta Dillard - That's Why I Cry RCA

    Neal Johnson - True To You Baby Specialty

    Vernon and Jewell - That's A Rockin Good Way Kent

    Tommy Tucker - Oh What A Feeling UK London

    Gwen Davis - My Man Don't Think I Know Sound Stage 7

    Roy Hamilton - You Shook Me Up RCA

    Diane Pane-What Side Your Bread Is Buttered Logo

    The Invitations - Watch Out Little Girl MGM

    Merle Spears- I Want To Know Atlantic

    Eddie Wilson-Toast To The Lady Tollie

    Nappy Brown - Coal Miner Savoy

    Curly Moore-You Don't Mean It Sansu

    H B Barnum-It Hurt Too Much To Cry RCA

  6. On 15/10/2018 at 21:26, Gilly said:

    55 Soul nights on this Saturday, it will crawl up its own arse before long. Its a lot of talc and handbags me thinks 

    But how many of them would you go to 😉

    Still finding night's to float my boat but becoming harder & harder.Stayed in for the last month,first time I've done that in years & probably only swerved one night in that time?

    Out this weekend tho'.......Wahoooooo!!!! 😂



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  7. On 04/10/2018 at 22:11, Bruv said:

     I had The Harvey Averne Dozen Album arrive today from America, this was the only way I could afford to obtain Never Learned To Dance hopefully my friends will enjoy hearing it played out when my next do comes round....:)  


    The only way for me to,had mine years & still love it.The other goodie on the LP that's had plays is "Central Park".



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  8. On 30/09/2018 at 14:40, Mick Sway said:

     Very to-day, as you say the intro of "we people" is very Lou Pride.

    Also came out on Watts USA

    Nice one


    PS still suffering, hope the one in doors is feeling better.




    Sorry to hear you're still suffering,a bit of medicinal whiskey needed 😉 She's a bit hit & miss,good & bad days.Just waiting for Docs to sort some meds out??



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  9. Look what landed today 😊

    Bought it for "We People In The Ghetto" but t'other sides half descent as well & was new to me.

    Anybody else hear a bit of Lou Pride "Com'un Home " in the first few bars of "We People In The Ghetto"?

    Any info on plays please,had plays over the past few years but has it had plays back in the day??

    Vernon Garrett - We People In The Ghetto Kapp


    Vernon Garrett - You Blew My Mind Kapp




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  10. A long time want has just come my way,this goes rather nicely with the other one I've got of hers & her better known one (Little Annie) on the same label.

    Another that won't be everyone's cuppa but I love it.

    Might as well post the other for those who don't know it (Little Annie)

    Anna Belle Caesar - I've Got My Man Glad Hamp


    Anna Belle Caesar - Little Annie Glad Hamp



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  11. On 06/08/2018 at 13:00, Mick Sway said:


    A nice demo arrived this morning, unfortunately the wife signed for it, so it didn't go down too well with her.

    Ah well, thanks for sharing Martyn, it's got legs no doubt about it.

    Here's another cheapo:

    Jackie Beavers Hold On , mines SS7 DJ,  but it also came out on Jaber:




    Sorry for getting you a bollocking,you aren't the first or probably the last I've got into trouble over the years 😂

    Jackey's a tune & a half,forgotten how good it is 👍



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