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    Scooters, Northern Soul n Football! I am a woman, Honest!!!
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    Southend on Sea
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    Dena Barnes - if you ever walk out of my life

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  1. outonthefloor


  2. outonthefloor

    Sounds Of Soul - Hemel Hempstead - Saturday 26Th March

    Think we are going to try and make this. Be good to see Chris and Lou and all the usual suspects. Seems like ages since we were last there. Always a good night in great company Helen xx
  3. outonthefloor

    Talk Of The South - Sat 26 Feb 2011

    We're coming got no tickets but we will do the washing up! xxx See you there
  4. outonthefloor

    Boogaloo Club

    Hmm, suppose that will have to do for now
  5. outonthefloor

    Boogaloo Club

    Lol xx would do but need glasses and spell check first xx
  6. outonthefloor

    Boogaloo Club

    Bearsy, you should have Dj'd then they really would have had summit to complain about..... :hatsoff2: (couldnt find the tumble weed emoticon!!!!) xxxxxxxx Love you xxxxxxx
  7. outonthefloor

    Boogaloo Club

    Oh Nearly forgot.......RnB Martin, Where were you??? I missed my hug!!!!! H xx
  8. outonthefloor

    Boogaloo Club

    Blimey, cant believe all this....anyone would think it was a meeting to solve world poverty rather than a local soul nit in lil 'ol London town!!!!! My opinion for what it's worth...... 1. Yes, it would have been nice to know that Warren was away and it did feel a bit strange without him and Karen there but you cant knock Ian and Steve for that and Cira made me feel very welcome and always greets everyone as they come in. She sat by the door all night or danced right by the enterance. You'll go a long way to find a nicer person on the door...maybe Kev Such wins the prize but not by much x 2. I think the venue has a lot to do with the atmosphere. I used to call the old place 'the best northern soul social club around' It had that underground 'we've got a secret' kinda feel like the 100 club has ( not comparing the two just likening the feel of the venues) The lighting was 'odd' that kind of half light which gives the place a srtange feel. Personally I think Northern suits the big dance hall venue or the small dark 'smokey...not any more but you know what I mean...kinda cellar bars...Like SHS I suppose which has a great atmosphere. This is the first time I have been to this venue and it wasnt my favourite i must admit. then again its hard to find affordable, suitable places, especially in London. 3. The music was not all to my taste but then when there is only one room you would expect that. Its no secret that I prefer to go older than newer and if my memory serves thre was about as much RnB as there was 70's played with the 60's stuff sandwiched in the middle.....Now this is where it gets tricky.........The Dj's couldnt win IMO. The vast majority of the crowd most of whom I knew like a more popular tune, they go out to dance to what they know have a drink and a good time. Nothing wrong with that, they dont wanna be educated they want to be entertained plus i dont think they really care whether its ovo or not...again Im not judging just commenting. When the boys double decked at the end with good old standards like Ruby Andrews, Nolan poter, et al the dancefloor was rammed........Me, I did have a bit of the, 'Where's the Bride?' moment! Herein lies the arguement...I often complain on here when people say give the paying punter what they want....I whole heartedly disagree....Set your stall out and stick to your guns thats what successful nights do imo. Don't wanna keep comparing this venue to SHS but Dave never deviates from his policy and he gets the punters in. Steve and Ian were prsented with a dilema, they had people complaining about the music so they gave them what they wanted at the end of the night, the floor was rammed but the music was strictly, 'compliation CD' Even the guys would admit that. Ive heard Steve and Ian play blinding sets so Im not knocking either of them believe me. Both Steve and Ian are involvd in the scooter scene too and thats why they knew how to 'save the night' for the majority of the punters! In answer to the original question, this was not a typical Boogaloo night in my experience but also it was not a terrible night, certainly not the worst northern night ive been to.....clearly whoever said that has not been out in Southend recently lol.....Ive been to a few local nights where I would have considered hacking my arm off with a pen knike to escape after 127 minutes 'f**k 127 hours!!! Anyway I digress........... 4 The DJ's, When I arrived Little Ian was on but to be honest I didnt really notice what was playing because I was chatting and saying hello to everyone. Think Big Ian was next, He played some great RnB and I danced to most of it plus some 60's northern nothing that stands out so obviously not too offensive! Chad was next up and he played a mixed bag. Maybe if im being critical it was the flow rather than the individual tunes which made it feel a bit disjointed. but I did dance to most of his set. Its no secret the 70's stuff doesnt do it for me but thats just me lol. Think Kev came on after Chad. He also played a mixed bag plus one excellent RnB tune which I didnt catch the name of. Towards the end of his set he said he'd been asked to play som oldies as requests and duely obliged. Ian and Steve double decked after that and Ive alrady commented on the last hour. The Middle of the road northern lobby is very powerful and in the end people power won, Trouble is the people who want something different werent sated at the end and the popular oldies brigade didnt enjoy the beginig of the night...like I say, 'no win situation' Well thats about it really, would just like to say thank you to Steve and Ian (and Cira of course) for holdin the fort. Great to see loads of friends there, thank you for all your compliments, See you all out on the floor somewhere soon Helen
  9. outonthefloor

    Boogaloosoul Sat 8Th January

    Hey Warren, I've still got that Latin CD I bought for ya xx See you there, age since we've been up Greenwich way, Looking forward to it Happy New Year to you and Karen xxxxx H xx
  10. outonthefloor

    Wellingborough All-Dayer - 21St Aug 2010

    Think we will be bringing a few from Essex to this. Ted Massey was amazing at Solid Hits this month, so really excited to hear what he will be spinning on Sat. Looking forward to hearing the gorgeous Sean Chapman, Dave Rimmer and all the usual favs too, plus all me great mates of course xxx See you there Helen xxxx
  11. outonthefloor

    2010-06-25: Bridlington Spa Northern Weekender #4

    Just a tad excited now..........
  12. outonthefloor

    2010-06-11: Cleethorpes

    Errrr 'Kylie' and 'Shy' in the same sentence......come on girl you need to keep the fire burning....No Denise then I will miss her . Im just trying to think of summit now....any suggestions? lol xxx See you there girlie xxxxxxx
  13. outonthefloor

    2010-06-11: Cleethorpes

    Thats it Im officially excited.......just the fancy dress to sort out! ....... ..... ??????? See you all there xxx Helen
  14. outonthefloor

    Talk Of The South-9Th Anniversary

    Hope your mum is on the mend matey.......you certainly missed a quality night but family comes first xx Did you get the chocolate torte though? Cant wait to see you both at Cleggy xxx
  15. outonthefloor

    Solid Hit Soul

    Sorry we missed it Dave, Sounds like you had a great night We will be back for the next one for sure Helen xxxx


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