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    Tape swappers fav
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    Scooters, Northern Soul n Football! I am a woman, Honest!!!
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    Southend on Sea
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    Dena Barnes - if you ever walk out of my life
  1. outonthefloor

  2. Sounds Of Soul - Hemel Hempstead - Saturday 26Th March

    Think we are going to try and make this. Be good to see Chris and Lou and all the usual suspects. Seems like ages since we were last there. Always a good night in great company Helen xx
  3. Talk Of The South - Sat 26 Feb 2011

    We're coming got no tickets but we will do the washing up! xxx See you there
  4. Boogaloo Club

    Hmm, suppose that will have to do for now
  5. Boogaloo Club

    Lol xx would do but need glasses and spell check first xx
  6. Boogaloo Club

    Bearsy, you should have Dj'd then they really would have had summit to complain about..... :hatsoff2: (couldnt find the tumble weed emoticon!!!!) xxxxxxxx Love you xxxxxxx
  7. Boogaloo Club

    Oh Nearly forgot.......RnB Martin, Where were you??? I missed my hug!!!!! H xx
  8. Boogaloo Club

    Blimey, cant believe all this....anyone would think it was a meeting to solve world poverty rather than a local soul nit in lil 'ol London town!!!!! My opinion for what it's worth...... 1. Yes, it would have been nice to know that Warren was away an...
  9. Boogaloosoul Sat 8Th January

    Hey Warren, I've still got that Latin CD I bought for ya xx See you there, age since we've been up Greenwich way, Looking forward to it Happy New Year to you and Karen xxxxx H xx
  10. Wellingborough All-Dayer - 21St Aug 2010

    Think we will be bringing a few from Essex to this. Ted Massey was amazing at Solid Hits this month, so really excited to hear what he will be spinning on Sat. Looking forward to hearing the gorgeous Sean Chapman, Dave Rimmer and all the usual favs too, ...
  11. 2010-06-25: Bridlington Spa Northern Weekender #4

    Just a tad excited now..........
  12. 2010-06-11: Cleethorpes

    Errrr 'Kylie' and 'Shy' in the same sentence......come on girl you need to keep the fire burning....No Denise then I will miss her . Im just trying to think of summit now....any suggestions? lol xxx See you there girlie xxxxxxx
  13. 2010-06-11: Cleethorpes

    Thats it Im officially excited.......just the fancy dress to sort out! ....... ..... ??????? See you all there xxx Helen
  14. Talk Of The South-9Th Anniversary

    Hope your mum is on the mend matey.......you certainly missed a quality night but family comes first xx Did you get the chocolate torte though? Cant wait to see you both at Cleggy xxx
  15. Solid Hit Soul

    Sorry we missed it Dave, Sounds like you had a great night We will be back for the next one for sure Helen xxxx

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