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  1. Probably a victim of its own success. I can think of far worse records. but only 2 people can really play this at venues seeing as jack white is unlikely to ever DJ at one.
  2. That was the 3rd copy the test press there was a large thread on here when it was found. maybe found is the wrong word. When the owners decided they wanted to sell is more like it. And made the collecting world aware they had it.
  3. Dancing wasnt the best. No backdrop, fast spin or high kick. all in time but very ordinary. according to my wife......
  4. Yes Mal here’s another and then small labels like forte and tuska have recycled backing tracks for various releases. lee Harris and marva Whitney both providing fantastic uptempo hard soul over the same backing of forte.
  5. It’s probably worth more than some of the houses in scunny. is that who bought it from manship or has it changed hands ?
  6. I can see the appeal of the track it’s very obvious and immediate I just don’t think it warrants grail status. i actually really like “I’m so happy” so it’s not the style of the 45 just the quality for me is missing.
  7. Got to agree its pretty average I’d hardly want to file this alongside flowers or natural impulse.
  8. So he’s been ripping people off for at least 13 years !!! unbelievable he’s got some front.
  9. That’s a really tough one to find. Great deep soul. i notice a few on popsike relatively cheap certainly a lot less than the price I paid.
  10. I would imagine it’s what the photos are that could raise a few eye brows. nothing to do with revealing any info
  11. So I have an item in my watch list and in the list it tells me it’s 75gbp buy it now. but when I open the link to the item the price is 100gbp. anybody else had this problem or know what could be causing it? 75gbp was tempting but 100gbp means I won’t be buying.
  12. Taken from the current modern soul CD playing in the car

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