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  1. I've not experienced that in supermarkets John, though I do agree that shop staff do seem to consider that any rules on social distancing don't apply to them. Is it any coincidence too that the few people that don't wear masks for, whatever reason, also seem to be the ones that want to get close and brush past almost as though they have a point to prove? As far as my mother is concerned, please don't concern yourself. Her care, safety and well being are paramount to us and the actions we have agreed upon are borne of necessity. It's not a subject for debate. - Kev
  2. Too right I would. My kids and their partners are front line NHS staff. The least rise in the spread of Covid is a direct threat to their well being. My brother is still recovering from open heart surgery last November. His chest wound refuses to heal and he is extremely vulnerable to infection. He is usually my dear old Mum's carer as she is 90 and suffers from dementia. She is therefore now in a care home. I'm driving up to Northampton to visit her on Thursday. It's the first time it's been allowed. Maybe the last if people refuse to adhere to the guidelines and the 'R' rate rises.
  3. Really? Because some people decide to throw caution to the wind and disregard the guidelines, the rest of us should stay in?! I think not.
  4. Good question. There's no way I'm scrolling through that list again without some prices to grab my interest. - Kev
  5. An interesting and enjoyable Part 1. Well put together and I've set a reminder for the rest of the series despite it clashing with one of my regular views. Random thoughts: Martha Reeves nearly burst into song during her tour of the Snakepit, phew. Mavis Staples is a very nice lady. The Four Hi's...Heartbreak River was an old gospel tune. There's nothing to do in Muscle Shoals except mess about with music. Looking forward to parts 2 and 3. - Kev
  6. Easy one for me, it has to be Betty. Unlike others I don't like both versions. The Sharon Jones is a messy arrangement and for my money would be left to languish in the 10cents bin. - Kev
  7. I don't get it. Are they for sticking needles in? - Kev
  8. So what sort of prices were you expecting on these? - Kev
  9. Steve, can you hold the Toilet Brush for me, but only if there's no marks or ring wear. Thanks, Kev.
  10. Titles and artists might help. There could be an awful lot of people that are unaware of the numbers. I certainly am not and there's no way I'm trawling through my boxes to check. On the other hand I would know instantly if I had such and such by so and so. Just a thought. - Kev
  11. Thanks for reading Ady. Yep tickets is a good idea and I don't know why I didn't think of it until I'd already posted and then read Jayne's post above. Good luck with whatever decisions you have to make, I don't envy you! - Kev
  12. Happy Birthday Dave! Best wishes from Pam and myself. Let's hope we meet up soon. - Kev
  13. Yeah, I could really do with another day off.
  14. "Really good for the scene..."? Not in my opinion. People with an original are likely to start dropping it from their playlists as the wannabes start playing it at their little nights. Same goes for hell of a lot of good tunes lately. Save up for an original or travel to hear someone who plays it. That's what's good for the scene. - Kev

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