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  1. Looking for a nice copy of the above - please pm me if you have one available All the best Andrew
  2. Selling to fund other purchases... Cody Black - Mr Blue / You must be in love - D Town stock M- £325 Sandpipers - Lonely too long / I really love you - Giant stock M- £325 Chubby & the Turnpikes - Inside Story / I didn't try - Capitol demo M- (close to mint, probably never played) £300 Ray Scott & the Scottsmen - Right now / Feeling no pain - Decca stock M- £175 Sweet Three - That's the way it is / Big lovers - Decca demo Ex+ £150 Paypal and P&P included PM if interested and thanks for looking Andrew
  3. Great thread overall. I have to back Steve here regarding the UK / overseas split - I did a spot in Dresden a couple of weeks ago, and once the people got on the dance floor, they hardly got off it; yes, there was a lot of know stuff, but even throwing in cheap underplayed stuff kept them moving. There's a level of enthusiasm that I think comes from the lower average age and the fact that a lot of younger people getting into the scene really feel as if they're on a journey of discovery...
  4. Event Title: Upon My Soul 3 - Dresden Event Author: GFAS03 Calendar: Allnighter/Weekenders Event Date: Sat 29 May 2010 ------------------------------------------------- Upon My Soul - Rare Soul Allnighter Residents: Man Chain & Sir Vivor Guests: Barbara Grassi (IT), Andrew Thorne (UK) Should be a great night in a beautiful city! Visit this Event in Soul Source Events Guide for venue maps, street views,road and rail directions and more
  5. was just wondering about that yesterday - did we get enough responses to compile this list?
  6. Everything that needs to be said has already been said above, but I'd emphasize the recession and the "it'll be there next time I feel like going" mentality, that we're all guilty of when it comes to cornerstones of the scene like the 100 Club. So - volcano ash permitting, I'll be back from Switzerland for the May night, and I'll kick as many of my soulie mates up the backside to get down there too... And as for a future way forward - first see if you can weather the storm, and in the worst case go to a strict bi-monthly schedule that makes people treat it more as a special occasion. On a personal note, the 100 Club has been the background of my life as a London soulie; I worked round the corner in Berners Street when I left school, studied down in Exeter and blew large chunks of my grant (Christ, that shows my age) on the train fares up, and have had to follow work abroad on and off for years. Like the red buses and the black taxis, when I walk down the steps I know I'm back home. Sorry to get misty eyed - but KEEP IT GOING, ADY! All the best Andrew
  7. I never never knew. Honest...

  8. Still looking all - any other leads? Offering over the book price - I can't afford it, but this track is so under my skin it's not true...
  9. I know there's a copy in Germany - anyone help me track down another one? PM any leads.... Thanks Andrew
  10. Color him father did it for me everytime for about 3 years after my old man died.... other than that, like many others on here - any tune can catch you at the wrong (or right) moment....

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