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  1. Londoner in San An bay had northern on most nights last year, some Spanish scooter club had an event on there 2 year ago playing Northern etc.
  2. cant find them at that price come up at £99 bogof
  3. will be in Notts on Sunday Yocky can i boo you from the riverbank while you play The Driftwood sorry The Drifter, for your mate Sid, See you in a few weeks at Brid. All the best to you and your good lady Joy see you soon, S.
  4. is it a back shot or is it a bit of, Back slop - Baby earl and the Trini-dads
  5. Went to rhythm festival last year in Bedford in August, Mark was compare between bands played some great sounds went and asked him for a play list for the night, he says come back when iv'e done, he gave me all the cd's he had used on the night. fantastic guy & a lot of really great sounds, S.
  6. Had just phoned Joy @ 8.35pm because i could'nt get in touch with Yocky " im int studio he's on Radio Sheffield in a bit tune in ont computer", What a fantastic spot laughted, cried, loved the music but then again i love the people who were on a truely wonderfull couple, Sid & Mal.
  7. Hi Yocky its called turn back the hands of time and its on Bamboo came out 1970 dont know about price, Sid.
  8. came out on Checker 885, also Chess 9015 hope this helps, S.
  9. have u still got Bobbettes - Mr Johnny Q for sale

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