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  1. I have a load of Motown promo LPs with a Chips-Chappy Terrell sticker on and have always wondered what that was all about. Maybe a promotional company.
  2. Another soul venue shuts. This time it is in Tenerife. Manhattans has closed its doors.
  3. wow this thread is still going strong. I found a photo from 1990 after returning from a trip to the US, sorting everything out was a buzz. Lets hope the upload works.
  4. The Panic Is On - Roy Hamilton, had it in my head for about two weeks now and just when you think it is gone it creeps up the back of my neck and into my head and off it goes again. I did like the track to begin with. Imagine going to the doctors and saying " I have a The Panic On in my head" As I am typing this it is spinning around. I would just like to say "Roy please fark off"
  5. January / February 2008 NEWSLETTER ================================================================================ =========== Dave, It is all on the link, third one down. This Newsletter is on there. Soul in the Sun - January / February 2008 Newsletter Can I start by wishing everyone a very Happy New Year, and I hope that 2008 brings you everything that you wish. This is a huge Newsletter that covers everything that I can think of for the moment, but no doubt as soon as I have pressed 'send' I'll think of something else. November 2008 - Lanzarote Many of you will be aware of the problems that I've had organizing next November's holiday, well at last it is all sorted and I am delighted to say that we are going back to The Sands Beach Luxury apartments, in Costa Teguise. Since we started Soul in the Sun back in 1998 it was always my intention to be under one roof so to speak. This year it's hard to believe that it's our 10th Anniversary, time flies doesn't it? From that very first holiday and subsequent years so many of us have made life long friends and I feel very privileged to be a part of it. My one concerns about us all going to the same complex were that there would be too much noise at nights, when people wanted to sleep, and that we would maybe feel on top of each other. I needn't have worried on either point, and over the fortnight I never had one complaint about the noise. As for being on top of each other I think that ever one knows that sometimes we all need our own space to do our own thing, and it was nice for Shirley and I just to disappear for a few hours by ourselves as I'm sure you all did at some time or another. The quality of the apartments are just fantastic, as is the whole complex with 7 swimming pools and 2 great rooms for our music. Sands Beach is at the moment re furbishing the beachfront apartments (I didn't think they needed it) and are fitting air con to them. Extracts from some of the letters that I received about sum it up .... "All I can say is it was one of the best experiences in my life" - "the holiday exceeded all our expectations" - "We had a fantastic time, music excellent, dancing wonderful and lots of new good friends" - "I have to say that was the best holiday I have had in my life. What fantastic people, music and resort." - "We didn't think Soul in the Sun could get any better, but the music, accommodation, people, DJ's were absolutely fantastic" - We thought it was BLOODY FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!! - Just wanted to say that I have just had the best week of my life. This was my first Soul in the Sun, but it certainly won't be the last" When it was all over I thought it was just going to be a formality, re booking the complex, how I was wrong. The General Manager wanted us back, his wife Carol the assistant manager wanted us back, and Paul the other assistant manager wanted us back. It seems reading between the lines that it was the director and accountant who were not keen. Anyway recently the director was sacked, the new one came in, looked at our proposals and said "what are we waiting for, get them back" The date is Thursday 6th November and second week Thursday 13th November I always promised that those who joined us last year would have first chance to book again for this year, we opened the bookings on Friday morning and up to date over people have already booked. Booking The first thing you must do is book your passes, you can obtain a booking form HERE. Once we have received your booking form, we will E mail or post you a confirmation letter with a booking reference, you will need this reference to book your holiday Flights One of our biggest problems is getting everyone to Lanzarote. There isn't enough flights to get everyone there without chartering our own planes. This causes a problem with empty seats. If you can imagine two planes going out on the Thursday full of Sunners. They drop us off, then have to fly back empty. At the end of week one it's no problem, a full plane comes out with week two'ers, and goes back with week one'ers. But at the end of the fortnight, two planes have to go out empty to bring everyone home. The only reason we can manage this is that Thomas Cook have agreed to sell those seats, as long as we buy the flights from other airports off them. If they didn't take these seats Soul in the Sun at Lanzarote simply would not happen. With this in mind if you cannot fly from Manchester, The Little Travel Shop will get you a flight somewhere else, but you must book it through them this year. There will be no accommodation only. Any other prices if there are 5 of you, children's prices or flights from other airports can be obtained from The Little Travel Shop - 01942 522888 BEACHFRONT Studio 1 person ONE WEEK £ 480.00 ONE BED ONE WEEK Studio 2 people ONE WEEK £ 368.00 2 people £ 460.00 3 people £ 410.00 ONE BED ONE WEEK 4 people £ 380.00 2 people £ 405.00 3 people £ 355.00 TWO BED ONE WEEK 4 people £ 326.00 3 people £ 450.00 4 people £ 430.00 TWO BED ONE WEEK 5 people £ 385.00 3 people £ 415.00 6 people £ 360.00 4 people £ 385.00 5 people £ 360.00 THREE BED ONE WEEK 6 people £ 340.00 6 people £ 420.00 Studio 1 person TWO WEEK £ 726.00 ONE BED TWO WEEK Studio 2 people TWO WEEK £ 497.00 2 people £ 585.00 3 people £ 540.00 ONE BED TWO WEEK 4 people £ 480.00 2 people £ 535.00 3 people £ 460.00 TWO BED TWO WEEK 4 people £ 420.00 3 people £ 600.00 4 people £ 515.00 TWO BED TWO WEEK 5 people £ 470.00 3 people £ 560.00 6 people £ 430.00 4 people £ 475.00 5 people £ 450.00 THREE BED TWO WEEK 6 people £ 420.00 6 people £ 500.00
  6. Bazza, Like you I was sharing my experience, no need to bring Matron in to it.
  7. Go here and then click on Soul In The Sun Link
  8. Go here and click on Soul In The Sun Link
  9. I have been going to the one in Tenerife for the past 6 years and all have been very well organized and in a good venue. There are a good variety of DJs who are well known on the Northern scene. There are day time sessions that are held in a semi-open-air club/restaurant so you can have have a few drinks sitting in the sun and look out over the ocean while listening to some good music. Soul In The Sun, does exactly what it says on the tin.
  10. I have 2 copies of the US release, both still sealed. One box has got a rough leather look and the other is a bit smaller and has a smooth box. Both same serial number. Is one of them (smooth) a reissue?
  11. This album was issued with a silver gatefold cover and given to attendees to the Sterling Ball for the Loucye Gordy Wakefield Scholarship Fund on October 4, 1969 at Gordy Manor. The record inside is the same as M-642 (In Loving Memory), but the label is white, green and black. Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Gladys Knight & Pips/His Eye Is On The Sparrow - Marvin Gaye/He - Diana Ross & Supremes/The Lord's Prayer - Temptations/Were You There - Martha Reeves & Vandellas/Swing Low Sweet Chariot - Stevie Wonder//How Great Thou Art - Gladys Knight & Pips/Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen - Four Tops/Rock Of Ages - Smokey Robinson & Miracles/Steal Away - Voices Of Tabernacle/Never Grow Old - Voices Of Tabernacle/What Do You Choose - Harvey Fuqua I have had this Lp now for nearly 15 years and have never found out how much it is worth. It was given to me by a Record Store owner in the US as present. I contacted the Motown Collectors Club years ago and they new about the Record but did not know how much it was worth.
  12. Have a listen here;ci_sku=1930547

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