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    scooters {lambrettas} scooter rallys,,karate,,northern obviously,,,,,,and strangely enough punk
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    mello souls we can make it/young bros/diane lewis c/up and a mulitude of others

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  1. hudsoul

    Rarest of the rare allnighter 1994

    Here is the flyer for the first "Rarest of the Rare" although it has no year on it i am pretty sure it was 94
  2. hudsoul

    Athens Rogues

    remember from an old fanzine review from the late 80s ,a mention in an allnighter review [mansfield i think,carnt remember exactly,will try and dig it out] that butch was playing a vondells c/up was that the athen rouges????
  3. hudsoul

    Sweet Temptation

    Wasnt TOBI LARK what Butch had Martha Starr covered up as???????
  4. hudsoul

    Northern Soul's Fastest 45's

  5. hudsoul

    Track I.d Please

    Can anyone tell me the title or what the track is that Butch plays on this youtube vid from the 100 Club,, at about 3.20--3.50 mins ........after the Mello Souls??? thanks
  6. hudsoul

    Jackie Follett - I Am What I Am - Verve Forecast

    i think it was possibly KEB and it was covered up as JOYCE KENNEDY??memories a bit hazy but seem to remember a review in an old SHADES of SOUL ?? from the 80s ,,haven't dug it out but it may of mentioned Tim and Butch discovering it??
  7. hudsoul

    The Rock - Mel Williams Cover Version

    found it ,,here it is,droysden nighter 1992,butch, he plays it around 5.52 right after the Sherry's -world of happiness- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jidqTw_6Gs&feature=related
  8. hudsoul

    The Rock - Mel Williams Cover Version

    hi,,theres a clip somewhere on youtube carn't find it at the moment but its an audio recording of one of Butch's sets from droylsden nighter in the early/mid 90s and he plays it then,not sure if he played it covered up at the time though you dont get to hear him introduce it?
  9. hudsoul


    already mentioned but BUSTER JONES-baby boy,brill atmospheric northern and bobby williams -its all over,,the same...... also the old colin law WILLIE G AND THE MAGIC RHYTHM BAND cover up from the late 80s,TROY MARRS-rhythm message with inst on flip,top dancer..... quite partial to NORMA RUDD-hes mine ,nice northern RnB tinged dancer.
  10. Title: jay and the techniques - i want you so bad - smash lp Artist: jay and the techniques Track: i want you so bad Label: smash Record information: track from the-- love,lost and found lp--almost identical to the acetate track kenny burrells been playing for some years as billy arnell
  11. hudsoul

    [Rs] granat bros - diamond soul

    Title: granat bros - diamond soul Artist: granat bros Track: diamond soul Label: soul-tbc Record information: proberly the shortest soul track ever?????? an advertising record put out by granat bros jewellers.....
  12. Title: ron douglas - never you mind - smash Artist: ron douglas Track: never you mind Label: smash Record information:
  13. hudsoul

    Gary Rushbrooke Spins

    ued to have an old early stafford tape,,really bad quality ,dont know where i got it from ?. but it definatly had gary on it playing the fascinators-in other words covered up as the MAGNETICS. and he also played chico lamar on it ,


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