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    hi all i got into northern soul at the age of 15/16 first youthclubs then in 1973/4 i was lucky enough to enter a little place in tunstall called THE TORCH about 5 times before it closed down, ill never forget the first record i heard there on making my way down to the dance floor to ask a dj who was a misrable git lol what it was called he mumbled something but i could not understand him  later i found out it was eddie parker,s love you baby lol thats what started it for me... tried wigan once then got married kids etc ,also tried mecca a few times not for me but as you get older the wigan/mecca stuff i got into and enjoyed it to this day lol ... since the late 70s got into djing local schools and youth clubs then i started to collect records which i still do all across the board not as much these days but my heart tells me its mainly old school for me not knocking later stuff but the shite thats about that costs thousands lol..come on its a joke lol...i love promoting djing listening to other djs and meeting up with the real genuine peeps on the scene 

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    music records n scooters
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    soul on trent
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    eddie parker, love you baby

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  1. VINCE S


    Hope you will joins us at this superb classy venue with one of the best dance floors around free car parking at rear .... Tickets still on sale or can pay on the door merry Xmas all and all the best for 2015 best vin x
  2. I would like to thank each and every dj YOU ALL PLAYED SUPERB SETS and especially those that turned up at COBRIDGE T/A sorry the numbers were down but all in all you all made it a great night.....thank you again ..... Merry Xmas and all the best for 2015 best vin x
  3. Ie...Paul Shirley It's not a mistake he was booked and agreed ..... I know he's not well as he told me 1 weeks before event he could not do it etc....but I hope he gets better soon ... I also wonder as to why someone above would want to put a like.... On the above comment.......Mmmmmmmm
  4. Will do Bert see Yer sat
  5. Looking forward to it mark thanks again m8 best vin
  6. site note a event flyer has been removed member given warning about use of site
  7. Hi Chris my name is vinny by the way not Winnie lol...the proud founder of the box Crewe and was former promoter who did all of the work and booked all the DJs etc and hardly made any money for all this shit not like you greedy big fookers.... Now then you have bought my name into this why I wonder....You talk of an ill campaign against you lol you need talk Chris know the truth why I left the box in the conversation we had at my cousins factory colin pulizzi the one who sells tickets for you .... 2 months ago etc as I told you to your face in front of him why I left the box it was regarding something personal... I hope soul stew Jez Jones,s son in law Paul dale ... Plus I also hope the other Djs I booked and the people / friends that know the TRUE score come on here and confirm I walked out due to my personal life by which I was totally humiliated by a certain few people the cheating the shite politics and backstabbing which has ruined this scene and made most of us fall out and now as for you to put on here that I got KICKED OUT of the box ! Chris is totally out of order ! as well as a total lie and for the record I was asked by the owner of the box Ray brucez to start another Sunday / event on my own with a new team etc 2 days after I WALKED OUT on the Sunday session 3months ago before you lol ...but I never even replied back to him ... As due to him ray the owner and jez Jones conspiring I would never walk back in the place again regarding issues on who I let in the venue and regarding my personal life as I said before etc ... I'm a believer that the promoter has the right to refuse admission! But moving on I'm sorry to say even though I will miss it and most of the great crowd that attended from all over the is a great unique authentic venue which I am proud of to have found and started....And as for Certain promoters who fookin think they are God and think there event is the greatest in the world way above others with some certain Djs who were no where 5 years ago lol should know better by trying to rubbish the box and another promoter/s venues etc ...well that one word comes to mind and speaks for itself?..but on the positive side lets just say from now on for me I dictate my own decisions and events on my own with no interference from no one.... With new future events to come I would also like to add for the record that these certain so called top Djs were wanting to do a spot at the box always and were raving over it always how good it was but were eventually nudged to stop djing for us by a certain top promoter as it was getting very popular but these so called top Djs will never be needed by me again there's loads better out there lol he can keep em and always remember what goes around will always come around ! merry Xmas to all and hopefully peace ..... By the way Chris did a certain Someone tell you about the floral hall in TUNSTALL too that I was going to book it for a Sunday session 7 mths ago before you lol mmmmmmmm I wonder ... Hope to see you at the cobridge t/a. s o t allnighter sat dec 20th with your flyers ... regards vince
  8. Matt Blackmore now added to the dj list.....looks like it's going to be busy busy we hope to see you there.....
  9. Ii won't lol .....
  10. Cheers guys thanks for the support glad you enjoyed .no worries mark and step toe next time m8... Soul bert I'll drop off if you want befor or either way dec I don't mind m8 let me know m8....once again cheers me dears best vin
  11. Wow £1850 ...I'm just getting my breath back lol ... So can We thank you all for your very kind donations support hard work and friendship ... the Blackpool girls jackie mills Linda Robinson Lesley Howard mal Heath prev Holmes xxxx then carol whittingham and dave xx all the Djs you were all superb the welsh crew was great to meet and see you all and the Wigan young guns too ... Fiona smith and James whitehead xx tony and Debbie boden and all at s o t scooter club not forgetting A star trophies burslem s o t... scootering .com the t/a staff paul grainger for flyer designe ...if I've forgotten anyone I'm so sorry let me know xx
  12. hi ada yes your right had a slight problem with a lead and stylus heavy handed dj lol but managed to sort it in the end apologies best vince
  13. hi soulbert if the jumper was black its in my van m8 i picked it up m8 its very nice and it fits

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