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  1. Hi , I only wanted to love you / VG++ or M- Pm with price & condition. Thanks
  2. Hi all , Somebody stole my love Pm with price and condition. Cash waiting...
  3. Cash waiting Frankie Zhivago Young on Ultra Somebody stole my love Pm with price & condition...thanks
  4. Hi , I'm still after a copy...please pm with price & condition ! Thanks
  5. Hi , If you love me on Gold Star Records Pm with price and condition ...
  6. Hi , This is a love affair on Ultimate Please pm with P & C . Cheers
  7. still looking....can't find a M- ! thanks you all for your messages.....
  8. Hi , Dean Parrish Determination on Boom original issue. Looking for a M- one. please pm if you have one for sale.
  9. Somebody stole my love on Ultra. Pm with price and condition. Thanks.
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Northern-Soul-45-KAREN-SMALL-To-Get-You-Back-Again-VENUS-1067-HEAR/283671375536?hash=item420c21aeb0:g:DvIAAOSwvW9dyItf
  11. Hi , 2 copies for sale . Everybody push & pull F/W Confidence Condition is M- 110 Euro each + Registered P&P Paypal as gift/friends Pm If interested..
  12. Little Anthony And The Imperials on Veep Gonna fix you good F/W You better take it easy baby 45 is M- ( rare in this condition ). £ 50 + P&P Paypal as gift or add the fees pm if interested...
  13. Somebody stole my love on Ultra. Pm with price and condition. Thanks.

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