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  1. Eddyw


  2. will meet you there ste , I went the charity do last week , you taking lou , Ed
  3. does anyone know a ball park price for selling this please , I cannot find any info on it at all , I have sold all the other euro releases before for 20/30 quid , but I aint got a clue what to sell this for , Thanks Eddy
  4. hi there , I have a mint minus black sample copy if your not sorted by now , Thanks Eddy
  5. hi does anyone out there have this issue veneice - stepchild / 18 days - hl 10372 dutch release the reason I ask is, I bought this this week , when it turned up in a nice Dutch pic/sleeve , it had the British release Hlu 10372 inside , maybe it was issued like this as I cannot find a copy that has sold before , Discogs says unknown , but it is the right sleeve for the Dutch release , I just find it strange , it was advertised as Dutch hl10372 , maybe it was a mistake somewhere , any info or ideas on this one please , also was the British one released with a pic/sleeve , best regards Eddy
  6. nice one mate , thanks for that , released in spain also , I will have a look for one of those , thanks Eddy
  7. I just got this yesterday , does any one have any info on this , as it is a different ending from the other releases I have had before , it also plays for just over 4mins long even though it says 2.45 on the label , the only thing I did find out about it was it was released 1st jan 1969 , also it does not appear to be have issued in france , the seller I got it from said it was rare and it was in the original sleeve , I wonder why it was not released and why the other releases was chopped to 2 .45 , has it been released on any other singles with the longer version , best regards Eddy
  8. Just the one , Chuck Jackson , Waiting In Vain - 8042 Emi America in Ex condition £55 Now sold Paypal only , Thanks
  9. chuck Jackson now reduced £60. thanks Ed
  10. hi , just the two for sale, Chuck Jackson - Waiting in vain / I wanna give you some love- Emi America 8042 - £80 this is in mint minus condition with the release date 4/29/80 lightly wrote on the I wanna side . Nina Simone - touching and caring - Bellaphon 100-07-461 - £30 - ON HOLD this is in mint minus condition with p/sleeve PayPal only please , I will pay the postage in Uk , Thanks Eddy
  11. hi , what is the current asking price on this please , Thanks Eddy
  12. yes paul , here is the sleeve it came in i must admit I am a sucker for the euro picture sleeve releases , its a bit battered , but record ok . Thanks Eddy
  13. hi there , thanks for the replies to my post , I noticed on discogs that the german promo is the only promo released , is this rare ? as I aint seen any about anywhere , Thanks Eddy
  14. hi does any one know the price for a copy of this please, Trammps - stop and think - Pir s 3363 - german white demo also on a old thread (2005) a member on here (gasher ) mentioned that he had at one time a Spanish release of this , does anyone know any info about it , as I have looked everywhere and I have not found out anything about it at all , Thanks atb , Eddy

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