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    Ska, Reggae, Soul, Funk. Boxing, Football(Aston Villa), Old School Video Games, Dogs (especially my two Lhasa Apso pups), Cats, Spicy Food (hotter the better).
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    Barnsley, South Yorkshire
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    I Just Can't Speak - Jimmy Bo Horne
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  1. Big Gordy


    As the original poster said, took a punt on hundreds of great CDs, most for less than the cost of a pizza.
  2. Big Gordy


    Buying too many soul 45s as well as my beloved ska and rocksteady 45s would bankrupt me so CDs are a good way of hearing as much soul as possible without breaking the bank. Can't go wrong with 20 plus tracks for under a tenner if you know where to buy from. Most recent purchase - Complete Tri-Phi Singles Vols 1&2 for THREE quid each! Budget label (Hallmark) but surprisingly good sound quality.
  3. Big Gordy

    Record Store Day

    Out of the 15 singles featured, only five are what I'd call super rare. A great set for casual reggae/ska fans though. Some of the 45s were recently available from reggae dealers around the world for about 7 quid a pop, like the Cornell Campbell, Ken Boothe, Larry & Alvin. But they are drying up now as when I was in Jamaica a couple of months ago there were hardly any records to be found. I had better luck in New York on a la..
  4. Original vinyl is for DJing with. Boots and pressings are for listening to at home. (Then again, why even buy them for that when there are hundreds of great CDs on Kent, Outta Sight etc?). Simples.
  5. Big Gordy

    Linda Jones

    I've got the Complete Recordings CD on US Rhino from a couple of years ago, should I be getting this one too. What tracks are on the Kent set that aren't on that set? Cheers.
  6. Big Gordy

    Artists that sound like other artists

    You're right there! I kept asking people about this Jerry Butler 45 "Find Yourself Another" hahahaha. That was pre-internet days in the early 90s.
  7. Big Gordy

    Prince Buster

    Prince Buster's Fabulous Greatest Hits was the first album I ever bought as a 12 year old in 1980. It was my initial love of Jamaican ska and rock steady that eventually got me into soul music too. R.I.P.
  8. Big Gordy

    boring mark selby.....YAWN

    Snooker needs characters like Hurricane Higgins, Jimmy White, Tony Drago et al again. Ronnie O Sullivan's the only one who comes close and even he's boring these days. Then again we live in a world now where being a bit "lively" is frowned upon...
  9. Big Gordy

    Junction 36 Soul Club Charity Dayer Bluebell Wood

    Popped along today after the football for a few hours. Great music, great cause, respect to Mick and his team always. But there was a large table of folks next to us, including several young uns, who'd clearly been giving the drink some hammer and they kept banging chairs into our table, budging past folks without saying excuse me, very rude and they've put my missus off wanting to go out again. I've heard tales from friends of this happening around the country a bit too - younger ones going to soul events because it's "trendy" and been on telly etc, then getting pissed up. Keep an eye on it and don't let it spoil a wonderful venue. We can't be the only ones who noticed them surely?
  10. Big Gordy

    Low Rider Scene

    Can't make it now mate, sorry. Bills.....
  11. Big Gordy

    Low Rider Scene

    Going to try and get to the night at Todwick. Right up my (East LA) alley that is. If you're doing requests I'd love to hear the Lovations "I Keep Singing La La La Ooh" on Part III.
  12. Fantastic tune Eli, can't wait for the new album and UK tour. I used to chat to you sometimes on the old Yahoo Southern Soul group back in the early 2000s and have followed your career since more or less the start. I didn't know much about the music back then and to be honest a lot of guys on there sneered at a young-ish guy wanting to get into the music deeper, but you and a few others were really helpful. I recall that you were..
  13. Big Gordy

    Motown Soundalikes

    Tom & Jerrio (aka Jerry O) - Boogaloo on ABC Paramount. A moonlighting Funk Brothers on the backing.
  14. Big Gordy

    Low Rider Scene

    I recently did a podcast featuring mostly Low Rider sounds, you can hear it at this link: http://djgreedyg.podomatic.com/entry/2016-02-01T11_00_30-08_00 Playlist: 01 - I Dig Your Act - The Whatnauts (Stang) 02 - There He Is - Dream Team (Gregory) 03 - Your Love Is Everything - Sandy Golden (Masterpiece) 04 - Workin' On A Groovy Thing - Barbara Lewis (Atlantic) 05 - On Old Broadway - 107th Street Stickball T..
  15. Big Gordy

    Seen Any Good Films Recently

    Deadpool. Not usually a massive fan of superhero movies but this one was different. More adult orientated for a start, the fight and action scenes some of the best use of graphics I've seen in a movie of this type and Leslie Uggams of "Love Is A Good Foundation" and Broadway fame is in it.

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