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  1. The following isn't out yet, but it will be in a few months! This will be the official release of this Leroy Taylor monster, featuring both sides of the intended single. (one side had been previously bootlegged as Keni Lewis from another acetate).
  2. All -- some of you may already be aware that the full Ru-Jac Records compilation is coming late this year or early next. (I already completed/they released two break out portions for Winfield Parker and Gene & Eddie with Sir Joe, but this is the full deal). This is a very exciting release as it not only features quality 45 cuts, but also a boatload of unreleased tunes from master tapes. I've nearly completed the associated liner notes and I've got all the images needed. Right now there is only one thing which is still needed -- the label has or is preparing to finish transferring every Ru-
  3. Wanted: The following Ru-Jac label titles, preferably VG+ or better. Cash available. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated as I'm working hard to properly document all Ru-Jac artists and releases for a future compilation. We've already documented Winfield Parker and Gene and Eddie with Sir Joe (Quarterman). Here's the list: Charles Johnson – Dim The Lights Baby / Put A Light In The Window (1964) The Teardrops Band featuring Marie Allen – Crying Won’t Help You / All Over Again (1964) Winfield Parker – When I’m Alone / Rockin’ In The Barnyard (First version of “When I’m Al
  4. Baby Ray was a DC cab driver who recorded the Cap City single with local band "The Delusions". Label owner Foster Johnson is deceased, as are the arranger (Joe Tate who formed Dontee' Records) and the writer (Willie Lester of Mainline Productions). This was one of Willie's earliest writings.
  5. Ru-Jac release: 218 The Neltones – Come On Over / C’est La Vie (That’s Life) I know this one does exist, but I haven't been able to reach anyone who has one! Could anyone please help with the following if they have a copy? So close to complete with the info we need for the Ru-Jac project!! 1- All info in the run-out groove on each side. 2- Label scans of each side 3- The above are most important, but if you had time to record sound samples of each side, that would also be very vey helpful! This is information needed for a legit Ru-Jac release project which is being put together by the owner of
  6. Dazz, Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help. No bootleg here, I've worked on many releases related to the DC and MD area, and I'm very much in touch with all parties involved. I do not need hi-res recordings as their purpose is to be sent to the label so we can all use them as reference points while we go through the tapes. The main portion of tapes are Winfield's tapes. These are tapes that were left to him by the Mitchell family. I also own tapes, acetates, and photos that are being used. My primary purpose is to write liner notes and make sure any writers are paid properly. -Kevi
  7. Definitely reminds me of Funkadelic right off the bat. Cool stuff, wish I could help!
  8. If anyone here can help with this, it would be massively appreciated. I'm currently working in conjunction with Winfield Parker & others on a release project which documents the Ru-Jac label. I need your assistance with the following: 1- All information in the run-out/dead wax which was etched in the stamper, for each side. Some of this may be available online, places like discogs, but we need someone who actually owns the record to look and confirm, as well as check for anything not mentioned. 2- Any label scans you can provide of either or both sides. A high quality, well centered scan l
  9. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Luckily, I am already working with Winfield on this project. These are records from which I'll need high quality scans, and reference recordings. (The recordings do not have to be high quality). I'd love to do both the scanning and the recording myself.............and I'll need the records at some point anyways. These are the only ones I'm missing. Thanks again!
  10. Looking for the following records on the Ru-Jac label for a project. Can also use good quality label scans, and/or recordings as references. Please PM or email to blueimage@gmail.com ......Thanks for your help! 008 Charles Johnson - Put A Light In The Window / Dim The Lights Baby (1964) 008 Brenda Jones – Let’s Go Back To School / Can’t You See (1964) 009 Jolly Jax – Meadow Of Love / Monkey Cha Cha (1964) 010 The Teardrops Band featuring Marie Allen – All Over Again / Crying Won’t Help You (1964) 011 Brenda Jones – It Must Be Love / I’m So Afraid (1964) 0014 Harold Holt And His Band – Where Y
  11. I'm sure that both the group & label have been discussed here numerous times. That being said, I had a few thoughts, and wondered what you all could add to it. 1- The label name. I've not yet been told exactly why "HEM" was choosen, but I have a running theory. Herb Cohen was involved with many a label connection between DC and Atlantic/Atlantic distribution, which HEM had. Herco was his publishing, so he was clearly involved with this release. He was also personnel manager at Quality Music (later Waxies Maxies), operating as right hand to owner Max Silverman. Then in 1963, Max made
  12. Exactly, that's what the writer was going for, and the increased speed made it work.
  13. I just asked him about it, but he doesn't recall actually having one. He said he may have referenced an acetate as Rock Candy since it sounded a lot like them.

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