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    European City Travel, History, Collecting WW1 regimental cap badges, Cats.
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    The 7th Ring of Hell
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    This week I am mostly listening to ... Crossover

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  1. Capitols Dont day say maybe Karen m- slight dish nap £60 ON HOLD Jewel Aken My first lonely night Era much harder stock copy vg×+ £150 SOLD Paypal as gift or add 4% pp&p £2.50 Thanks for looking
  2. Leslie Uggams Dont you even care Atlantic m- in birth sleeve £40 SOLD Gino Washington Like my baby MALA demo m- £40 SOLD Robert John Raindrops Love etc A&M demo m- £30 SOLD Exsveyons I don't love you no more Smoke vg++ £40 SOLD Apollas Mr Creator WB vg+ £30 SOLD Carl Hall Babys so good Mercury demo vg++ £40 SOLD John Roberts I'll forget you Action uk small name on lable vg+ £30 SOLD Debonaires Hows you new love Golden World demo m- £20 SOLD Paypal as gift or add 4% p&p £2.50 Thanks for looking
  3. Lorraine Rudolph Keep coming back for more Jet Stream m- £60 SOLD Eskew Reeder Undivided love Instant m- £40 SOLD Errol Dixon The hoop Direct m- £40 SOLD The Showmen Wrong girl Minit vg+ £40 SOLD AC Reed My babys been cheating Cool vg++ close to m- £40 SOLD Paypal as gift or add 4% pp&p £2.50 Thanks for looking
  4. Yvonne Carroll Please don't go VJ demo vg++ date on lable £50 SOLD Larry Saunders On the real side Turbo vg++ £50 ON HOLD Ernestine Anderson Not the guy for me Sue m- £50 SOLD Peggy March If you loved me RCA demo in birth sleeve m- £30 Betty La Vette I feel good Calla m- £30 SOLD Johnny Bristol Love No Longer has a hold Handshake vg++ £25 SOLD Paypal as gift or add 4% pp&p 2.50 Thanks for looking
  5. Emanuel Laskey Dont Lead Me On Thelma vg lots of hairlines but plays perfectly £40 pp&p SOLD Hank Jacobs Elijah Rockin with Soul Call Me vg ++ £50 SOLD Alder Ray My Heart is in Danger MINIT £50 vinyl m- slight ring wear SOLD Patti Austin Someone's Gonna Cry Coral demo vg ++ £50 SOLD Lad Teens White Rice Cadillac vg ++ £50 SOLD La Reine La Mar Thats not the way to love Cloud vg £60 SOLD Virgil Henry You aint saying Tamla vg £40 SOLD Ray Pollard It's a sad thing UA vg + £50 SOLD Freddie Scott I'll be gone Shout vg++ £40 SOLD Betty La Vette What Condition etc Karen vg+ £70 SOLD Lee Andrews I've Had It Crimson demo vg £70 + wol SOLD The Pets I say yeah Carnival demo m- £60 SOLD All records play well with no jumps or sticking. £2.50 pp Paypal as gift or add 4% Thanks for looking.
  6. Impalas Speed Up Capitol demo VG++ £100 ON HOLD. Thelma Houston Baby Mine Capitol demo VG+ in birth sleeve £100 SOLD. Attractions You Don't know boy June Bug. ON HOLD. Vinyl is E+ but the record has a noticeable edge warp with has never effected play hence reduced price of £150. Full refund if not satisfied (this is how it was sold to me and I've owned it for several years.) PayPal as gift or add 4% plus p&p thanks for looking.
  7. Rode by the place UK Motown demo in birth sleeve E+ £30 pp&p Paypal as gift or add 4% Thanks for looking SOLD
  8. Liberation Street Singers — Sunshine of the morning/Love is in the air — Pentagram Records E+ £100 paypal as gift or add 4% pp&p £2.50 Thanks for looking
  9. Lee Rogers Sock some love power Premium E+ SOLD The Pets I say Yeah Carnival Demo E+ £100 Paypal as gift or add 4% pp&p £2.50 Thanks for looking
  10. Something Beautiful Planetary m- £400 Just As Much Top Dog m- £125 SOLD Someone's Gonna Cry Coral demo m- £80 Pay pal as gift or add 4% (postage 2.50 or 7.25 depending on insurance)
  11. Margaret Mandolph Something Beautiful Planetary £450 m- Adventures I caught you cheating wdj £150 m- SOLD Clydie King Soft And Gentle Ways IR demo £125 m-SOLD Jimmmy Beaumont I Never Loved Her Anyway Bang demo £80 m-SOLD Chi Chi If You're Gonna Love Me Kapp demo £50m-SOLD Tony Mathews My Wish Convoy £200 E on holdSOLD Carol Kay This Time Your Wrong Wright -Sound demo £50 m-SOLD paypal as gift or add 4% plus p&p Cheers Richie
  12. My Mama Told Me-Martha Carr- Chess Demo. £100 SOLD The Volcanos- Laws of Love- Arctic (single sided white demo) £100 SOLD George Jackson- I don't have the time to love you- Mercury stock copy in birth sleeve (bb) lovely copy £150 The Bobbettes- Having Fun- RCA demo in birth sleeve £50 SOLD Little Archie- All I have to do- Dial promo small wol £70. Chi Chi - If you're gonna love me - Kapp promo in birth sleeve £50 The Broardways- You just dont know- Mgm in birth sleeve £70 SOLD Evie Sands- Picture me gone- Cameo £60 SOLD Cynthia and the imaginations- Hey Boy (I love you) Blue Rock demo in birth sleeve £70 SOLD All the above VG++ at least most better paypal as gift or add 4% p&p £2.50
  13. A lovely copy of this classic double header both sides excellent a couple of slight hair lines on LRO but nothing that affects play at all. £1250 pp&p £8.50 for next day delivery and £1000 insurance. ON HOLD

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